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land 1 os. Gen. Washington orders all friends to Britain to retire within Gen. Howe's lines

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The day of the week on which every month of 1777 began : A help to find the date of any article expressed as falling on a certain week-day before or after a date mentioned.

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References made by letters and figures, when no book is named, point to this colle&tion; the letters directing to the volumes, and the figures to the pages : ex. gr. Scots Magazine, vol. xxxvii. [or Mag. 1775.] p. 146. is thus referred to [xxxvii. 146.] in this volume, p. 686. col. 1. lin. 2. —Vol. i. answers to the year 1739, vol. ii. to 1740, and so on, a volume every year. — Figures without letters, point to pages of the volume in which the reference is made.

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UT off the blue covers, and place this quarter of a sheet, containing the General Title-page, the Chronological Series of Events, &c. before the Magazine for January. - Place the Elevation of the West Front of the intended New High School at Edinburgh, so as to front p. 334. — and The map of Hudson's river, from its source, illustrating all the marches of the armies, so as to front p. 664.—N. B. This map not having been got done in time will be given with the January Marazine. . . * A specimen of the Music of the fouthern tropic is in p. 489.

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