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Ne quid falsi dicere audeat, ne quid veri non audeat.

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To cacb'article is annexed tbe number of the page of this volume in which it is to be yound.

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dag. Lord Pigot arrested in India 220.

08.4 Articles of confederation figned by the American congress 82. Nov 29. Some people found on Sable island in the East Indies 450.

30. A general pardon offered to all the Americans upon their submillion 9. Dec 6. An ahjuration-oath established in South Carolina 361.

8. Rhode island taken possession of by Gen. Clinton 10. 10. The Congress address the people of America 13. 13. Gen. Lee taken prisoner by Le-Col. Harcourt 75. 141. 25. Heffians surprised - Trenton 76. 78. 79. 1777 Jan. 3. Governor of Virginia orders all British subjects to depart that commonwealth 188.

One called John the Painter taken up for wilfully setting fire to Portsmouth

dock-yard 161.tried March 6.561. and executed March 10. 163. rs: Ships in Bristol quay wilfully set on fire 48. 15. The palace at Boon destroyed by fire 45. 25. The Earl of Buckinghamshire, the new Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, arrives at

Dublia so. 25. Bristol addresses the King on the late success of his troops 47. 28. Alexander Kincaid, Esq; Lord Provost of Edinburgh, buried with great funeral

pomp 52. Feb. 3. Hyam Ilaacs executed at Olend, for utrering forged notes of the Bank of Eng

Gen. Washington orders all friends to Britain to retire within Gen. Howe's lines

147 9. Rev. Dr William Dodd committed for forgery 105.- Tried, Feb. 22. and found

guilty; a question of law, however, being referred to the cwelve judges 107. 10. 17. Lt-Gov. Young of Tobago killed in a duel 383. 21. Complaint made by the British ambassador at the Hague, of M. Van Graaf, go

vernor of St Eustatia 114. :- An answer delivered into the King's own hand, March 26. by the Dutch minister at London 215. A return by the Britisha

Secretary of State April 10. 447. 23. Dr Franklin and Mc Deane, American deputics, write to Lord Stormont 616.

24. King of Portugal dies 166.

25. Spanish troops drive the Portuguese off the iland St Catharine's 382. March 3. A suspension of the Habeas-corpus act paffed with regard to America 161.

IS. A pardon offered by Gen. Howe to all rebels bearing arms 187.
23. Provincial stores and provisions destroyed at Peck's-kill 245. 247.

23. An illand in the White fea splits joto several parts 265. April 9. A Royal message to parliament, to enable the King to discharge the debt of the

civil lift 191.-An act pafled for this purpose, May 7. 265. 18. Dr Dodd's trial found legal by the judges 330.

21. Gen. Howe offers certain quantities of land to all Americans who 'will join him Ma 4. A motion made by Lord Chatham to put a stop to hoßilities in America 403. - 16. Ad address to the King on the revolt of the colonies agreed upon by the general

afsembly of the church of Scotland, and afterwards presented 27i. Fare 2. Earl Percy arrives in England from America 450.

St Sacrament surrenders to the Spaniards $55. 6. Acts passed taxing male servants and auctions 328. 337, 39. 24. The Foundation-stone of a new high school laid at Edinburgh 332. 27. Dr Dodd executed 386. 19. Gen. Burgoyne publishes a proclamation, enjoining the country people to remain

peaceably in their habitations 368.517.
30. Jerfey evacuated by the British army 409, 18.
July 1. The Chev. D'Eon judicially found to be a woman 453.

4. Mr John Horae found guilty of publilhing a libel 393. 470.
6. Ticonderoga evacuated by the provincials 409, 16.
10. Maj.-Gen Prescot taken prisoner 409, 20.

19. Gen. Washington publishes a manifesto in answer to Gen. Burgoyne's proclamaAvg. 15. L: Col. Baume defcated by the provincials sale

248, 88.

rion 479.

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