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Mulgrave from the 31st of October to the Paris about 823,276 and increasing 4th of this month, when he conducted Madrid

340,000 ditto him fafe into port. This action is of too London

930,000 decreasing exalted a nature not to be made public. Amsterdam

360,000 increasing " Edinburgh, Dec. 29. A correspon- Lisbon

200,000 ditto dent informs us, that on Thursday the Constantinople 700,00o decreasing 4th inst. the floop Katy, of Stirling, Venice

160,000 ditto bound to Alemouth, to take in a load. Lantzick

240,000 disco ing of corn, was driven on shore (the


350,000 increasing wind blowing strong at north-east) be Koninsberg

300,000 ditto tween Izelíton and Bambrough caltle. Copenhagen 100,000 ditto

S:ockholm On the usual alarm being given from the

95,000 ditto castle, (which is firing a nine-pounder Pekin in China


230,000 decreafing thrice, as is specified at large in the print- Rome

900,oco ditto

700,000 ditto ed signals), the people in the neighbourMoscow hood immediately attended, to afford all Babylon

400,000 increasing

540,000 decreahing the assistance in their power to the un Alexandria

670,000 ditto fortunate vessel and her crew: and though they found all the men aboard reduced List of vesels seized as prizes, and of recaptures to the greatest distress by a long series of made, on the American Squadron, between fatigues, and almost perished with cold ;

May 27. and 08. 24: 1777 (350 ], according yet getting them alhore, and conveyed

to the returns received by Vice-Adm. Ld Visco

Howe. to the castle, they were, by the prudent management of those to whom that duty [In the London gazette of Dec. 6. We was entrusted, soon recovered, and made have an account of the names of the ships experimentally senlible of the great use and masters, whence come, whither bound fulness of that branch of charity, (among and sent, with what loaded, and date of the the many others established at Bambrough capture; --we insert only the number of vefcastle), which relates to the relief of fels.] Shipwrecked failors.” – Our correspon

PRI 2 E S. dent also adds, that another vessel, load. Taken by the Brune en chiefly with sugar, from London to

-- by the Daphne Scotland, came ashore near the same place

· by the Haerlem last week; but by the timely assistance - by the Raifonabla

of the tenants of Lord Crew's trustees, - by the Roeback and tenders - (who are obliged to attend on all fuch .by the Emerald

melancholy occasions), and the help of · by the Perfeus Targe ihip-screws, kept at Bambrough - by the Senegal castle for that purpose, he was, in a - by the Milford

10 * fhort time, raised, and so well repaired

by the Unicorn

9 as to proceed on her voyage, and gain

.by the Chatham's tender

3 her intended port.”

by the Syren Sir William Meredith, on a motion

by the Ambuscade by Mr Charles Fox, Dec. 2. for an in.

- by the Solebay

- by the Sphynx quiry into the state of the nation, divi

- by the Amazon ded with the minority, and foon after

- by the Orpheus religned his white wand, as comptroller

- by the Fiora of the King's Household.

- by the Rainbow On Tuesday, Dec.-23. a patent paffed - by the Cerberus the great feal of a grant to Sir Sidney - by the Lizard Stafford Smythe, of a pension of 24001. - by the Apollo per anı, payable at the exchequer, to - by the Diamond commence from the date of his refigna. tion. [624, 79.]

REC A PTURE 8. A treatise has Tately been publised in Retaken by the Brune France, in which a calculation is made - by the Daphne of the population of the most remarkable - by the Mermaid cities in the world, the inbabitants of

- by the funo which the author computes to be as fol. – by the Amazon lows,

by the Flora

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to the lecturer, a small fee, in na : Velels seized, destroyed, or releken, before the medicine-money, would, it was said

27th of May 1777, not included in the return of that date (356.), no account of them being ing the lectures. At the commentic

chearfully paid by every ftudent ane. tben received

of the winter-seflion 1776-7, D: D: PRI 2 E s.

began a course of clinical lectores is. Taken by the Solebay

manner above proposed; and he car - by the Roebuck and tenders

ed, as medicine-money, abovę fifty - by the Haerlem

neas. This design has taken place. - by the Greyhound and Diamond

- by the Scarborough - by the Albany - by the Lark

Sum of the quantity and value of Lises & - by the Mermaid

for sale in Scotland. (xxxviii. 713.) RECAPTUR E S.

From Nov. 1. 1770, 80 Nov. 1. 177. Retaken by the Daphne

Quantity 14,793,888 , half yards. - by the Mermaid

Value L. 710,633:18:7:14th.

Medium Price 11, 2 4ths d.
Total number of prizes 115 More this year than the preceeding :


Quantity 1,221,940 yards. Additions to the list of ships of war now in com.

Value L. 71,700 :8:11:1 4th. mision (624.).

The number of patients in the royal it-> Slips. Guns.


ry, Edinburgh, in 1777. (xxxviii. 719) Ruby 64 Capt. Joseph Deane Romulus

In the hospital, Jan. 1. 1777
Geo. Gaylon

1351 Montreal

Stair Douglas
Admitted that year

1595) Hind Sam. Warren

Particulars of the above fum. Camel

Rd Rodney Bligh

Ordinary patients

Charles Hope


Ja. Rd Dacres

196 Content Ar. 22 Ifaa: Prescot


348) Leith } th. 20 James Orrock

Of whom,

Hugh Blair
Cured in the year 1777

11601 Wolf

Tho. Gaborian

Relieved, though not fully cured 151 Ariel (624 ) for 32 guns, read 20

Dismissed by defire
Dismified for irregularities

13 SCOTLAND. [621.] Dismified as incurable

Died An act of the town-council of Edin.

In the hospital, Jax. 1.1778. burgh, dated April 9. 1777, for keeping

Ordinary patients clean the streets, and preventing nuisan

Supernumeraries ces, was duly published foon after its

Servants date. As it was found, that the prore. Soldiers

28) "cuting of servants had not answered the intention of former ( xxxii.712.) regula- The number of patients in the Aberdeen in tions, the procurator-fiscal is by the last ry in 1777. [xxxviii.719.) act injoined to cite the masters or mi. Patients in the hospital Jan. 1. 1777. 781 stresses of the families; and in questions Admitted from Jan. 1. 1777, to $1034 between masters and servants, the fer. Jan. 1. 1978

958) vants having transgrefled this act is to be of whom, held a sufficient ground for dismission. Perfectly cured

684 In March last, proposals were publish. Incurable, after a long trial ed, byDr Andrew Duncan, physician Recovered, so as to follow their

usual business in Edinburgh, for establishing, in that

148 944

Improper, dismissed at their own city, a public difpenfary, for the relief

defire, and deserted of the poor, when subjected to chronical


35 or tedious diseases. It was propofed, to conjoin with the practice of medicine Remaining in the hospital Jan. 5. 1978. Do which this charity would afford, lectures Besides the above number received into on the cases of the patients who should the hofpital, 2297 have had the benefit of reap the benefit of it. Belides a gratuity advice and medicines as out-paticats.


16 16

8 8



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Christened {Mehelle...} 18300 | Buried

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94 Burnt

The LONDON General Bill of Christenings and Burials, from December 10. 1976, to De-

cember 16. 1777; with the diseases and casualties, Gr. (xxxviii. 735.)
Males 9338)

{ Males. e. 11788}

Increased in the bu.

Tiads this year 4286.
Age. No. Age. No.

Age. No.

Age. No.

Age. No.
Under 8889 20 and 30 1540

60 and 70 1360
2 and 5 2609' 30 and 40 1894 70 and 80 1096

s and 10 982 40 and so

80 and 90

10 and 20

so and 60 1719 go and 100



145 Casualties.
Fever, ditto maligo Miscarriage 2 Bit by a mad doga
Abort, and Stillb. 530 nant, fcarlet, sposa Mortification

202 Bruised
1340 ted, and purples 2700 Palfy
2 Fistula
5 Pleurisy
39 Drowned

Apoplexy and Sud. 236

10 Quinfy

11 Excelhive Drinking
Asthma and Tillick310 French Pox

2 Executed
6 Gout
67/ Rheumatism

4 Found Dead
14 Gravel, Stone, and Rickets

4 Frighted
Bloody Flux

43 Scald-head

o Frozen
Bursten and Rupture 14 Grief

3 Scurvy

3 Killed by Falls, and
70 Headach

o Small Pox 2567 several other Acci-

Headmouldsh. Hor Sore Throat

43 dents

shoehead, and Wa Sores and Ulcers 10 Killed themselves 37
Cholic, Gripes, Twist ter in the Head

41 St Anthony's Fire o Murdered
ing of the Guts
39 Jaundice

130 Stoppage in Stom. 12 Overlaid
7 Imposthume 4 Surfeit

I Poisoned
4900 Inflammation 123 Swelling

2 Scalded

1 Teeth

900 Starved
Cough, and Hoop Leprosy

Il Thrush

66 Suffocated
ing-Cough 529 Lethargy

| Туmраnу.

2 Livergrown 1 Vomit. and Loofnefs o
1000 Lunatic

60 Worms

71 Rath

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General Bill of Mortality for 1977, in EDINBURGH, and WEST-KIRK parich.
Buried in the city. In the West-kirk-yard,


Males. , Femal., In all. Males. ¡Femal. In all. Total.

January 39 44
83 16 16 32 MIS

February 28 46


5 &
34 39 73

34 107

10 & 2.0

16 29


20 & 30
24 33 57 13 14 27

30 & 40 54


40 & 50 69

17 54

50 & 60 66


60 &

September 23


16 05

70 & 80


80 & 90

November 16


90 & 100

34 64
IS 26, go

(100 & 105

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Aged 128Chincough

Rupture 3, Yellow fever

Consump: Gravel 1 Scurvy 1 Accidents

tion 263. Inflammation Small pox 113

15 Crampin the Jaundice s Scillborn


ftomach 2 Leprosy Suddenly 17
1 Dropsy

4 Measles

54 Teething 65

Mortification 1 Water is head i
The burials in the Canongate and Calton burial-places are not included.
GLASGOW Deaths : 548 males, 576 females, is 1124. Decreased 37.

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fusal 365

cials 422.

tical 439

Cademy of arts to be -Cadwallader, Col. released swer, and reasons for his
established in England 12

50. Royal, discourse - Campbell, Brig.-Gen. his o. - - Danbury, magazine at de-
to the students on the distri• perations in Staten iland 637 stroyed 284.

Provincial aço
bution of the prizes of 312 --Campbell, Col. his account count 286. Account by Gen.
Ads passed 101. 205. 327.071 of his cruel treaiment by the Washington 288. Authentic
Abstracts of 337. 339

Americans 249.

Answers to account 353
Addresses on the success of his this account, with replies -Duché, Rév. Mr, to Gen.
Majesty's arms in America 250. Enlarged 288

Washington 692
47. 103. 269

Canada, account of its in - Erskine, Sir W. his brave-
Administrations, on our differ, valion by the provincials ry 353. Letter to him on
ent ones 632
457. 521

the cțuel usage of the pro.
Advertisement, a curious one --- Captain, a provincial onę vincial prisoners 363. His

for a doctor, &c. 151 tried for ftealing a blanket answer 364
Agriculture, board for the im- 477*

Executions by the provin-
provement of, proposed by --Captures on both sides 356
Lord Kames 31

- Carolina : abjuration oath Franklin, Dr, letter from
Air, experiment of its ability 360. History of the province Lord Howe to him, with
to support a human body 502 for 1770 577

his answer 150. His and Mr
Allegiance, Dr Campbell on 32 – Cedars, provincial account Deane's letter to Ld Stor.
Almanack, preliminary address of the affair at 85. 'English mont, complaining of the
to Poor Richard's 21. Nau- officers account of 87

cruel treatment of the pro.

Clinton, Gen. his force by vincial prisoners 501.695
America. Adams, Mr Sa- sea and land &r. His com: Franklin, Mr, tried for the
muel, reproved by Dr Wic pliments 10 feveral officers murder of Gov. Young 449
therspoon 116
594 His operations against

French officers in the pro-
Armies, British and Pro- the rebels 635. His letter vincial service 12. Ships fail
vincial, account of 145 to Gen Burgoyne, how dif- for America ib. Noblemen
Arins, ammunition, &c. covered 651.

enter into their service 216
supplies of arrive for the pro - Clinton and Montgomery'-Geary, Cornet, killed 80
vincials 248. 357
forts taken 638

Germaniowa, provincials
Blankets, how the provine Confederation, articles of defeated at 042
army is supplied with 82

Granby fort erected by the
-Congress enlist malefactors provincials 12
Boston, licentiousness of 13. Borrow five millious of Guadalupe, Englith vessels
the people at 518

dollars ib. Low rate of their released at 13
-Brown and Lincoln, Gene. paper dollars at New York Hellians, provincial expo-
Tals, their operations 651 ib. Their proclamation a. stulation with 470

Burgoyne, Gen. his army gainst monopolies, and ad Hocham, Comm. his fuc-
and destination 360. Pro- dress to the people ib. Re: 'ceis 641
clamations by him 368. 517. duced in number, and retire +Howe, Lord and Gen. their
Takes Ticonderoga 409. -

to Baltimore 81. Their ac- proclamation of pardon lo
415. List of killed, wound- count of the taking of Gen. Different proclamations 187.
ed, and stores at 414. His Lee 145. Order an inquiry 248. 288.505.045. What
progrefs 477. His first pro- into the reasons for evacua- places the General was pos.
clamation answered by Gen. ting Ticonderoga 517, 94. lessed of in New Jersey 81.
Washington 479. Circum- and into Sullivan's conduct In danger of being taken
Stances retarding his' march at Staten island 594 Remove 248. His account of a skir-
513 His account of his to Yoik-lown cos. Order mifh 408. Letters to the
operations $18. His inftruco the interest on loan -'office ministry 756. 139. 355.408,
tions to Col. Baume 591. certificates to be paid in con 9. 595, 6, 8. 604, 5, 33
Letters between him and Gen. inental bills of credit, or in - Independence, declaration
Gates for the exchange of pills of exchange on the A- of, answered os. 121. 177.
prisoners 648. His opera- merican commiflioners at Pa- 233. 282. In what respects
tions, and his capitulation ris ib.

it would be advantageous to
with the provincials 652.-

Continental fleet at Rbodę Britain 116
658. The terms of his capi- ifand, lift of 11. List of -- Jamaica, Gov. Keith's speech
tulation 658.661. Minutes the whole 357

to the allembly of 47.

of his council of war ib. Cornwallis, Lord, his suc- tended insurrection of the
His cafe not fingular 665. cess 15. Thanked by his . negroes at 449
His civil treatment by the Majesty 355. His demand - James-town, address of the
provincials 064. Provincial of an exchange of prisoners inhabitants of to Lord Percy
account of his affair 665
364. Gen. Walhington's an-


- Lady

them 595

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Re- 477


ters to 377

F, Che

Lady, hardships suffered --Percy, Earl, address from — Rose, Capt. with a compa-
by one taken by the provin. the inhabitants of Rhode i ny of men, taken by the pro-
cials 189

fland to 367. Greatly belo- vincials 359
-Lee, Gen. taken prisoner ved by the army, 450

Skirmishes 139, 41. 289.
75. 8o. 141

Gen. Howe Philadelphia city described 354.593, 4
refuses to release him ib.

IS Mortality in the rebel - Soldiers, British, fubscrip-
Letters to the High and army at 248. Inhabitants tions for their widows 105
Mighty States of 377 of in great distress 359. Preo - Spanith fleet, list of 358
- Long island, twelve British parations for the defence of St Catharine's island taken
vessels laden with provisions 595. British fleet forces its by the Spaniards 382
destroyed at 407

way to it 605. Account of St Clair, Gen. his vindica.
Maryland, Governor of, Gen. Howe's operations be- tion of himself for abandon-
commands all those who are fore 633. Provincial pro- ing Ticonderoga 473. Com-
well affected to government clamation, pressing the de- plaints against him 475. Ad-
to depart that province 188. fence of in the most earnest other apology 476
Lord Howe lands in 596. terms 844. Martial law de. --St Eustatia, Gov. of recall-
Provincial proclamation for clared within thirty miles ed 447
raising forces in 597

round 645

Opptellions by - Sc Gcorge fort abandoned
- Massachuset's • bay address the provincials at 646.
to the army, persuading them monstrances of the oppressed St Leger, Col. obliged to
not to leave the service


ib. Order for imprisoning abandon his attempt on Fort
To the people 148
certain suspected persons 695. Stan wix 520.


Mawhood, Col. his brave. Their address 700

plundered by his Indian al-
ry 76. Thanked by L. Howe Philips, Mayor, killed by lies 648-650
the provincials 364

- St Sacrament taken by the
M'Rae, Mifs, her unhappy – Prescott, Gen. his cruel Spaniards 555
fate 648.

Gen. Burgoyne's treament by the provincials - States, United, articles of
excuse for it 649

Accounts of his capture their confederation 82. Let-
- Mexico, , illicit commerce 409, 19, 92.

Offered in ex-
with, carried on by the Eng. change for Gen. Lee 473 Stockden, Major, takea
lilh 215

- Privateers and other pro• prisoner 248
Milford, &c, defeat some vincial vefels taken 49. 268, Suffolk county submits to
provincial vessels 696 88. 420. Private instructions Gov. Tryon 9
Musgrave, Col. his bravery to 421

- Ticonderoga strongly garrie

Provincials lose 15,000 men Toned by the provincials 360.
New Jersey evacuated by in the campaign 1770 80. Gen. Schuyler's account of
the King's troops 418. Pro- Their miserable lituation 144. its evacuation 415. Skirmish-
vincial accounts of its eva. Their cruelty 145. Their es near that place 416. See
cuation 471

Thips protected by the French Burgoyne. Massachuset's-bay
New York, Gen. Robert. : 358. Commanded by forcign on the loss of 516. Resolves
son's proclamation for the officers ib. Instructions to of the congress concerning
safety of 80.

Instance of a their privateers 421.
foreigner being deceived by gagements with their priva. – Transport, an English one
being naturalized there 121. teers 555. History of their taken 421
Loyalty of the people ac armies and confederacies for --Trenton, Hellians taken by
140. 188.

Address of the 1776 578. Order for press the provincials at 76. Pro-
clergy to Lord Howe 361. fing mca into their service vincial accounts 78, 9
Subscription by the Quakers 047

Tryon, Gov. his fu cers in
for the relief of their bre. - Randal and Comes, two bringing back the people of
thren 478

active rebels, taken 143 Suffolk and Queen's coun-
Nova Scotia, invasion of — Rebel-prisoners, their case ties to their dury 77. Lord
prevented by Sir George Col. truly stated 422. Letters be- George Germaine's letter to

tween Gen' Howe and Wa- him, expresling his Majesty's
Paper-currency, provincial, shington concerning them 424 satisfaction with his conduct
difficulty of Tupporting it

Rhode island, taken by 362
146. Copy of one of their Gen. Cinton 1o. Bad ftate Vaughan, Gen. his success
bills ib. Prodigious under- of its fortifications 12. Loyal. .040, 42
value of 478

ty of the inhabitants of and -Virginia, history of for 1776
Parker, Sir Peter, lift of of Connecticut 359
vesseis taken by him 74 -Roberdeau, Gen. his speech - Washington, Gen. his speech

Pearson, Ifaac, Esq; mur. to his soldiers before the to his troops before the at-
dered by the provincials 80 cap:ure of the Heilians 188 tack at Trenton 141. For

Peek's kill, nagazincs ár - Rogers, Col. reward offer. bids his foldiers to plunder
dest:oyed 248

ed by the provincials for apo ib. Chofea dictator of it's
pocheading him 358


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En- 517

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