Forest Life, Band 1

C. S. Francis & Company, 252 Broadway, 1842 - 484 Seiten

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Seite 47 - On Tuesday last A falcon towering in her pride of place Was by a mousing owl hawked at and killed.
Seite 191 - But me, not destined such delights to share, My prime of life in wandering spent and care ; Impell'd, with steps unceasing, to pursue Some fleeting good, that mocks me with the view ; That, like the circle bounding earth and skies, Allures from far, yet, as I follow, flies ; My fortune leads to traverse realms alone, And find no spot of all the world my own.
Seite 65 - What dire necessities on every hand Our art, our strength, our fortitude require ! Of foes intestine what a numerous band Against this little throb of life conspire! Yet science can elude their fatal ire Awhile, and turn aside death's levell'd dart, Sooth the sharp pang, allay the fever's fire, And brace the nerves once more, and cheer the heart, And yet a few soft nights and balmy days impart.
Seite 90 - I see a stick chimney ! and there is a drenched cow crowding in beneath a strawy barrack, and some forlorn fowls huddled under an old cart. We approach the habitations of men, and we may not doubt a good fire and a kind welcome, — so forward, good steeds ! The log-house proved a small one, and, though its neat corn-crib and chicken-coop of slender poles bespoke a careful gudeman, we found no gate in front, but in its stead great awkward bars which were to be taken down or climbed over; and either...
Seite 81 - He travels, and I too. I tread his deck, Ascend his topmast, through his peering eyes Discover countries, with a kindred heart Suffer his woes, and share in his escapes ; While fancy, like the finger of a clock, Runs the great circuit, and is still at home.
Seite 43 - Americain," said the keenwitted Talleyrand ; " le bucheron Americain ne s'interesse a rien; toute idee sensible est loin de lui. Ces branches si elegamment jetees par la Nature — un beau feuillage — une couleur vive qui anime une partie du bois, un vert plus fort qui en assombroit une autre, — tout cela n'est rien ; il n'a de souvenir a placer nulle part ; c'est la quantite de coups de hache qu'il faut qu'il donne pour abattre une arbre, qui est son unique idee.
Seite 218 - To cheer the gloom. There studious let me sit, And hold high converse with the mighty Dead ; Sages of ancient time, as gods revered, As gods beneficent, who blessed mankind With arts, with arms, and humanized a world. 435 Roused at th...
Seite 231 - This is not the liberty which we can hope,— that no grievance should ever arise in the commonwealth ;—that let no man in this world expect: but when complaints are freely heard, deeply considered, and speedily reformed, then is the utmost bound of civil...
Seite 114 - Well ! one comfort is," said Mr Butts, consolingly, " that there a'n't many folks to see how bad you look, here in the woods ! We a'n't used to seein' folks look dreadful .slick nother — so it don't matter." Double-distilled scorn curled Miss Margold's lip, and she maintained an indignant silence, as the only shield against the impertinence of the driver, who found consolation in an unceasing whistle. They had picked up this youth at a neighbouring 'village, supposing, from his pleasant countenance...
Seite 34 - ... the expectorant, — all the unneat, — all the unhandsome, — have emigrated to Iowa, Wiskonsan, or Texas, or some other far distant land, to this deponent unknown; and that there is...

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