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L I T E R A T U R E,
For the YEAR 1796.

To which Is PREF IxED,

in Great BRITAIN, during the Commonwealth, and the Usurpation o

of Cromwell.

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As no alteration has taken place in the condućt of the New Annual Register; and as the little cavils which have been raised against it by interested persons, have been completely filenced by time and experience, which have sančtioned our opinions, there is little to be said in presenting to our-readers a new volume.

Our Domestic History will be found to be chiefly occupied, this year, by the very interesting debates of parliament on the celebrated bills which produced so material an alteration in our system of law concerning treason and sedition,-on the condućt of the war, and on the finances of the nation. In this department of the work, we have:pursued. our: usual mode, that of bringing together all the debates on every particular topic, in order to present to the reader the most complete and satisfactory view.of the ārgūments on every subjećt.

The slightest inspection of our Foreign History will convince our readers that it is not compiled from newspapers, or from any common sources of intelligence. It will, therefore, in many respects, be found to differ from the accounts now generally received. We can, how

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