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( Andrew Johnson,
William T. Senter,
Julius W. Blackwell,
Alvan Cullom,
George W. Jones,
Aaron V. Brown,
Joseph H. Peyton,
Cave Johnson,
Milton Brown.
f Alexander Duncan,
John B. Weller,
Robert C. Schenck,
Joseph Vance,
Emery D. Potter,
Henry St. John,
Joseph J. McDowell,
John I. Vanmeter,
Elias Florence,
Heman Allen Moore,
Jacob Brinkerhoff,
Alexander Harper,
Perley B. Johnson,
Samuel F. Vinton,
Joseph Morris,
James Mathews,
William C. McCauslen,

Ezra Dean,
| Daniel R. Tilden,

Joshua R. Giddings,
| Henry R. Brinkerhoff-
(John Slidell,

Alcee Labranche,
(Peter E. Bossier.
(Robert Dale Owen,

Thomas J. Henley,
Thomas Smith,
William J. Brown,
John W. Davis,
Joseph A. Wright,
John Pettit,
Samuel C. Sample,
| Andrew Kennedy.

Jacob Thompson.
(Robert Smith,

John A. McClernand,
Orlando B. Ficklin,
John Wentworth,
Stephen A. Douglass,
Joseph P. Hoge,
John J. Hardin.

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From the State of

[ James Dellet,
James E. Belser,
Dixon H. Lewis,
William W. Payne,
( Felix G. McConnell.

John Jameson,

Gustavus M. Bower, MISSOURI

James B. Bowlin,

James H. Relfe,

(James M. Hughes. ARKANSAS . . . Edward Cross.

Robert McClelland,

James B. Hunt.
Delegates from Territories

David Levy.

• Henry Dodge. lovi

Augustus C. Dodge.

One hundred and ninety-three members having answered to their names,

A quorum, consisting of a majority of the whole number of members composing the House of Representatives, was present.

Mr. Barnard offered, in his place, to read a paper, signed by himself and forty-nine other members of the House; but objection was made: when a motion was submitted that Mr. Barnard have leave to read the paper, that question was put by the Clerk to the House; which, on a division, decided against granting the leave.*

A motion was made by Mr. Weller, that the House do proceed to the election of a Speaker, viva voce.

And the question being put by the Clerk that the House do agree to this motion, It passed in the affirmative.

The House proceeded, viva voce, to the election of a Speaker; the result of which vote was as follows:

The following named members voted for John W. Jones, one of the Representatives from the State of Virginia, viz:

Joseph H. Anderson, Archibald H. Arrington, Archibald Atkinson, Samuel Beardsley, James E. Belser, Charles S. Benton, Benjamin A. Bidtack, James Black, James A. Black, Julius W. Blackwell, Peter E. Bossier, Gastavus M. Bower, James B. Bowlin, Linn Boyd, Jacob Brinkerhoff, Richard Brodhead, jr., Aaron V. Brown, William J. Brown, Edmund Burke, George A. Caldwell, John Campbell, Jeremiah E. Cary, George 8. Catlin, Augustus A. Chapman, James G. Clinton, Howell Cobb, Walter Coles, Edward Cross, Alvan Cullom, Amasa Dana, Richard D. Davis, John W. Davis, Ezra Dean, Paul Dillingham, jr., Stephen A. Douglass, George C. Dromgoole, Alexander Duncan, Robert P. Dunlap, Chesselden Ellis, Lucius Q. Ć. Elmer, Isaac G. Farlee, Orlando B. Ficklin, Henry D. Foster, Richard French, Thomas W. Gilmer, Byram Green, John P. Hale, Hannibal Hamlin, Hugh A. Haralson, Samuel

laserted by order of the House. See Journal of Monday, 11th December, post.

Hays, Thomas J. Henley, Joshua Herrick, Isaac E. Holmes, Joseph P. Hoge, George W. Hopkins, Edmund W. Hubard, William S. Hubbell, James M. Hughes, Orville Hungerford, James B. Hunt, Charles J. Ingersoll, John Jameson, Cave Johnson, Andrew Johnson, George W. Jones, Andrew Kennedy, Preston King, Littleton Kirkpatrick, Alcee Labranche, Moses G. Leonard, Dixon H. Lewis, William Lucas, William C. McCauslen, William B. Maclay, Robert McClellan, John A. McClernand, Felix G. McConnell, Joseph J. McDowell, James J. McKay, James Mathews, Heman Allen Moore, Joseph Morris, Henry C. Murphy, Moses Norris, jr., Robert Dale Owen, William Parmenter, William W. Payne, John Pettit, Emery D. Potter, Zadock Pratt, Smith M. Purdy, George Rathbun, Almon H. Read, David S. Reid, John R. Reding, James /. Relfe, R. Barnwell Rhett, John Ritter, Orville Robinson, Jeremiah Russell, Henry St. John, Romulus M. Saunders, Thomas H. Seymour, David L. Sey. mour, Samuel Simons, Richard F. Simpson, John Slidell, John T. Smith, Thomas Smith, Robert Smith, Lewis Steenrod, Lemuel Stetson, John Stewart, James Stone, Selah B. Strong, George Sykes, William Taylor, Jacob Thompson, John W. Tibbatts, John B. Weller, John Wentworth, Horace Wheaton, Henry Williams, William Wilkins, Henry A. Wise, Joseph A. Woodward, Joseph A. Wright, and Jacob S. Yost.

The following named members voted for JOHN WHITE, one of the Representatives from the State of Kentucky, viz:

John Quincy Adams, Daniel M. Barringer, Daniel D. Barnard, Milton Brown, Joseph Buffington, Charles H. Carroll, Absalom H. Chappell, Samuel Chilton, Thomas L. Clingman, Jacob Collamer, Henry Y. Cran: ston, Garrett Davis, Edmund Deberry, James Dellet, John Dickey, Hamilton Fish, Elias Florence, Solomon Foot, Henry Frick, Joshua R. Giddings, Willis Green, Joseph Grinnell, Henry Grider, John J. Hardin, Alexander Harper, Charles Hudson, Washington Hunt, Joseph R. Ingersoll, Jaines Irvin, Michael H. Jenks, Perley B. Johnson, Daniel P. King, Abraham R. McIlvaine, George P. Marsh, Edward J. Morris, William A. Moseley, Willoughby Newton, Thomas J. Patterson, Joseph H. Peyton, J. Phillips Phænix, Elisha R. Potter, Alexander Ranısey, Kenneth Rayner, Charles M. Read, George B. Rodney, Charles Rogers, Samuel Ć. Sample, Robert C. Schenck, William T. Senter, Luther Severance, Albert Smith, William P. Thomasson, Daniel R. Tilden, Asher Tyler, Joseph Vance, John J. Vanmeter, Samuel F. Vinton, Robert C. Winthrop, and William Wright.

Henry Nes voted for William WILKINS, of Pennsylvania.

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Necessary to a choice

. 95 JOHN W. JONES, one of the Representatives from the State of Virginia, having received a majority of the whole number of votes given in. was declared to be duly elected Speaker of the House.

Mr. Jones was then conducted to the chair by Walter Coles, of Virginia, and John Quincy Adams, of Massachusetts, where the oath to support the Constitution of the United States, as prescribed by the Constitution, and by the act of June 1, 1789, entitled “An act to regulate the time and manner of administering certain oaths," was administered to the Speaker by Dixon H. Lewis, one of the Representatives from Alabama.

The same oath (or affirmation) was then administered by the Speaker to all the other members of the House, who answered to their names, as per list herein before recited.

Delegates from Territories then appeared, were sworn to support the Constitution of the United States, and took their seats, viz:

From the Territory of Florida-David Levy.
From the Territory of Wisconsin-Henry Dodge.
From the Territory of Iowa—Augustus U. Dodge.
A message from the Senate, by Mr. Dickins, their Secretary:

Mr. Speaker: I am directed to inform the House of Representatives that a quorum of the Senate is assembled, and that the Senate is ready to proceed to business. And the Secretary withdrew.

On motion of Mr. Dromgoole, it was Ordered, That a message be sent to the Senate to inform that body that a quorum of the House of Representatives has assembled, and that John W. Jones, one of the Representatives from the State of Virginia, has been chosen Speaker; and that the House is now ready to proceed to business; and that the Clerk do go with said message.

On motion of Mr. Charles J. Ingersoll, Resolved, That a committee be appointed, on the part of this House, to join such committee as may be appointed on the part of the Senate, to wait on the President of the United States, and inform him that a quorum of the two Houses is assembled, and that Congress is ready to receive any communication he may be pleased to make.

Mr. Charles J. Ingersoll, Mr. Wise, and Mr. William P. Thomasson, were appointed of the committee on the part of this House.

Mr. Dromgoole moved the following resolution:

Resolved, That the Standing Rules and Orders of the last House of Representatives be adopted as the rules and orders of proceeding of this House.

A motion was made by Mr. Duncan to amend the resolution, by add. ing, "except the rule limiting a speech to one hour.”

This was accepted by Mr. Dromgoole, who made the same a part of his resolution.

A motion was made by Mr. John Quincy Adams to amend the said resolution, by adding thereto the following: "and except the rule generally known as the 21st rule of the House, in the words following: "No petition, memorial, resolution, or other paper, praying the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia, or any State or Territory, or the slave trade between the States or Territories of the United States, in which it now exists, shall be received by this House, or entertained in any way whatever.""

A motion was made by Mr. Cave Johnson to amend the resolution, by striking out these words: “except the rule limiting a speech to one hour," being the addition moved by Mr. Duncan, and accepted by Mr. Dromgoole.


It passed in the affirmative,

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And on the question to agree to the amendment moved by Mr. Cave Johnson, It passed in the affirmative. Yeas, · · · · · · · · · · · 97

: . . . . . 91 The yeas and nays being desired' by one fifth of the members present,

Those who voted in affirmative are-
Mr. Daniel M. Barringer Mr. Henry Frick

Mr. Zadock Prall
Benjamin A. Bidlack
Joshua R. Giddings

Alexander Ramsay
James Black
Thomas W. Gilmer

Kenneth Rayner
Julius W. Blackwell
Willis Green

Charles M. Read
Peler E Bossier
Joseph Grinnell

Orville Robinson
Jacob Brinkerhoff
Henry Grider

George B. Rodney
Richard Brodhead
Hugh A. Haralson

Charles Rogers
Aaron V. Brown
John J. Hardin

Jeremiah Russell
Milton Brown
Alexander Harper

Samuel C. Sample
William J. Brown
Samuel Hays

Robert C. Schenck
Jeremiah Brown
Isaac E. Holmes

William T. Senter
Joseph Buffington
George W. Hopkins

David L. Seymour
George A. Caldwell
William S. Hubbell

Samuel Simons
Jeremiah E. Cary
Washington Hunt

John Slidell
Charles H. Carroll
Jaines B. Hunt

Albert Smith
Augustus A. Chapman Joseph R. Ingersoll

Lemuel Sielson
Samuel Chilton
James Irvin

William P. Thomasson
Thomas L. Clingman
Michael H. Jenks

Jacob Thompson
Walier Coles
Cave Johnson

Daniel R. Tilden
Jacob Collamer
Perley B Johnson

Asher Tyler
Henry Y. Cranston
Preston King

Joseph Vance
Edward Cross
Daniel P. King

Job I. Van meler
Alvan Cullom
Alcee Labranche

Samuel F. Viuion
Amasa Dana
Muses G. Leonard

John B. Weller
Garrett Davis

Abraham R. Mcllvaine Horace Wheaton
Edmund Deberry
George P. Marsh

John White
James Dellet
Edward J. Morris

William Wilkins
John Dickey
Henry Nes

Robert C. Winthrop
Chesselden Ellis
Willoughby Newton

Joseph A. Woodward
Isaac G. Farlee
Thomas J. Patterson

William Wright
Hamilton Fish
Joseph H. Peyton

Joseph A. Wright
Elias Florence
J. Philips Phenix

Jacob S. Yost.
Solomon Foot

Those who voted in the negative are-
Mr. John Quincy Adams Mr. Orlando B. Ficklin Mr. James Mathews
Joseph H. Anderson
Henry D. Foster

Heman Allen Moore
Archibald H. Arrington Richard French

Joseph Morris
Archibald Atkinson
John P. Hale

William A. Moseley
Daniel D. Barnard
Hannibal Hamlin

Henry C. Murphy
Samuel Beardsley
Thomas J. Henley

Moses Norris, jr.
James E. Belser
Joshua Herrick

Robert Dale Owen
Charles S. Benton
Joseph P. Hoge

William Parmenter
James A. Black
Edmund W. Hubard

William W. Payne
Gustavas M. Bower
Charles Hudson

John Pettit
James B. Bowlin
James M. Hughes

Elisha R. Potter
Linn Boyd
Orville Hungerford

Emery D. Polter
Edmund Burke
Charles J. Ingersoll

Smith M. Purdy
John Campbell
John Jameson

George Rathbiin
George S. Catlin
Andrew Johnson

Almon H. Read
Absalom H. Chappell George W. Jones

David S. Reid
James G. Clinton
Andrew Kennedy

John R. Reding
Howell Cobby
Littleton Kirkpatrick

James H. Relte
Richard D. Davis
Dixon H. Lewis

R. Barnwell Rhett
John W. Davis
William Lucas

John Riller
Ezra Dean

William C. McCauslen Henry St. John
Paul Dillingham
William B. Maclay

Romulus M. Saunders
Stephen A. Douglass
Robert McClelland

Thomas H. Seymour
George C. Dronoole
John A McClerpand

Richard F. Simpson
Alexander Duncan
Felix G. McConnell

John T. Smith
Robert P. Dunlap
Joseph J. McDowell

Thomas Smith
Lucius Q. C. Elmer
James J, McKay

Robert Smih

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