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Pray note the fop-half powder and half

laceNice, as a bandbox were his dwelling-place : He's the gilt-paper, which apart you store, And lock from vulgar hands in the 'scrutoire.

Mechanics, servants, farmers, and so forth, Are copy-paper, of inferior worth ; Less priz’d, more useful, for your desk decreed, Free to all pens, and prompt at ev'ry need.

· The wretch whom av'rice bids to pinch and

spare, Starve, cheat, and pilfer, to enrich an heir, Is coarse brown-paper ; such as pedlars choose To wrap up wares, which better men will use.

Take next the miser's contrast, who destroys Health, fame, and fortune, in a round of joys. Will any paper match him ? Yes, throughout, He's a true finking-paper, past all doubt.

The retail politician's anxious thought Deems this fide always right, and that stark nought ;


He foams with censure, with applause he

raves . A dupe to rumours, and a tool of knaves ; He'll want no type his weakness to proclaim, While such a thing as fools-cap has a name. .

il rinnal.. The hafty gentleman, whose blood runs high, Who picks a quarrel, if you step awry, Who can't a jest, or hint, or look endure: What's he? What ? Touch-paper to be sure.

What are our poets, take them as they fall, Good, bad, rich, poor, much read, not read at

all ?

Them and their works in the same class you'll Whose thoughts, whose deeds, whose maxims

are his own,
Form’d on the feelings of his heart alone :
True genuine royal-paper is his breast;
Of all the kinds most precious, purest, best.

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In answer to fome enquiries of M. Dubourg* on

the subject.

I AM apprehensive that I shall not be able to find leisure for making all the disquisitions and are would ,

The diving bell is accurately described in our Transactions.

When I was a boy, I made two oval pallets, each about ten inches long, and fix broad, with a hole for the thumb, in order to retain it fast in the palm of my hand. They much resemble a painter's pallets. In swimming I pushed the edges of these forward, and I struck the water with their flat surfaces as I drew

,' I reinember I swam fafter m wendo wa mama hut they fa the

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