Peace Between the Sheets: Healing with Sexual Relationships

Frog Books, 2003 - 282 Seiten
Peace Between the Sheets offers a simple but revolutionary analysis: modern relationships often founder because of dysfunctional sexual habits. But when couples shift away from "heat-centered" toward "heart-centered" sexual interactions, they gain a mutual satisfaction that transcends physical gratification. Robinson advocates teaching the body a different response to sexual arousal that is driven by love over biology. The benefits include reducing stress, rejuvenating the body, helping overcome addictions, and developing a positive outlook. Over two parts, "Why" and "How," the book devotes twelve chapters to topics like "Why do We Fall Out of Love?," "Outwitting Biology," "Want to Try It?," and "The Ecstatic Exchanges." Peace Between the Sheets tackles a delicate issue with sound reasoning, solid research, and a healthy dose of humor.

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Über den Autor (2003)

Marnia Robinson earned her B.A. in History at Brown University and her law degree from Yale University. She practiced law for ten years, most recently as Director of Legal Services-Europe at Campbell's Soup. Currently she writes and speaks on relationships and lives in Ashland, Oregon with her husband, Gary Wilson. She invites the reader to contribute insights and experiences on her website,

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