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robed the race of the Geloni--the countless tribes of the long-haired Comata, the Sauromate, the Getæ, the Gymnai, the Cecryphae.— The ferocious and dangerous races of people, who dwell in the land around the lake Mæotis.-Yet still the gods set before us mighty toil and anguish-after we past, in the region of these pedple, the last waters of this abyss. There the water is confined with narrow banks, and inundates that savage and inhospitable land, with mighty noise-it swells, and the adjacent wood, trackless and vast, rebellows to the sound. At length, it disembogues itself in the ocean, and the boun. daries of the north.—Thither the vessel past, hurried through the narrow strait. Through nine incessant nights and days our coil we ply. On either hand, we leave behind us uncounted tribes of savage men. The Pacti, the Arctii, the cruel Lelii, the Scythians, quivered all, the trusty servants of Mars. The Tauri, homicide race, who perform direful sacrifice to Artemis, and fill the consecrated chalice with human.gore. We leave behind the Hyperborei, the Nomades, and the Caspian race. But when the tenth morn, enlightener of mortal man, appeared; we touched on the hollow vales between the Riphean hills. There, on the instant, Argo sushed forth, dancing and bounding over the stream, and sprang into the ocean.-The Chronian sea, called by men the Hyperborean deep, or the Dead Sea. There vanished all our hopes of escaping the most dreadful doom; and too fully had our fears been realised; but Anceus, relying on the polished rudder, guided the ship, that rushed with mighty force, impelled, and compelled her to seek the-right-hand shore. Forward she leaped, constrained by the great exertions of the rowers. When now our arms were fatigued, by long and painful efforts at the oars, and our hands could no longer grasp them. With sinking hearts we ręsted on our elbows, and sup

ported ported our heavy heads that dropt with briny dew. The pangs of hunger aggravated the sufferings of weariness. But Ancaus sprang forward, and roused and animated all the other heroes with his exhortations, ad. dressing them io soothing terms.- Then, because of the tenacious mud, the heroes descended with well-twisted ropes, over the sides of the ship, let themselves down lightly into the sea, and two of them, Ancaus and Argus, supported us. They by ropes made fast an halser from the poop, and gave the ends of it to the grasp of the other heroes. They instantly hurried along the beach, hauled the rope with all their might, and the ship, formed to pass the seas, followed where they drew, cutting her liquid path through the waves, over the smooth pebbles of the beach. ---No longer did the howling air, with blasts of roaring wind, excite the loud. seammin silence I left the deep, where the last wave of Tethys, and the northern bear, lies spread. · When the sixth morn arose, enlightener of man, we came, with short interval, to a race rejoicing in wealth and affluence, the Macrobians they are called they live for many years--twelve chiliads of months of a hundred years of the full moon, without any of the troublesome concomitants of age. But, when at last they have reached the month, appointed by fate, they sink in a sweet and tranquil slumber, and find the boundaries of life. Nor thoughts of food, nor other cares and toils, thạt molest the generality of men, breed in them the least solicitude. On sweet and fragrant herbs they feed, amid the ver. dant and grassy pastures, and drink ambrosial dew, divine potation. All resplendent alike, in coeval youth, a placid serenity for ever smiles on their brows, and lightens in their eyes, the consequence of a just temperament of mind and disposition, both in parents and in sons, perpetually disposing them to act what is

just, just, and speak what is prudent. Through the populous region of these we past by land, and reached another shore-then, still dragging along our light-sailing vessel, we arrived at the region of the Cimmerians, who alone are unconscious of the splendour of the sun, that glows with flame; for the Riphean mountain, and the ridge of Calpis, intercept from them the radiance of the orient dawn, and enormous Pblegra projecting, darkens the noontide air, and the peaked Alps extended, a ridge immense, conceal from these people the departing rays

of the evening sun; and darkness for ever broods over 'the region inhabited by them.-Thence departing, with

unwearied feet, we arrived at a bluff and pointed pro- montory, and a harbour defended from the winds there Acheron, whose currents wash down gold, laves a gelid region, and pours along his waters, clear and bright as silver-with blackening expanse, a deep and gloomy lake receives him. Along the banks of the river resound the murňur of whispering and luxuriant trees, that night and day are loaded with perennial fruit.--All around, Ceres, protectress of the fruitful earth, abundant source of food to man, fills the stately walls, and well-built streets, with plenteousness-within those mansions abide a race of men, of transcendent integrity and justice. One bark suffices to waft them, when life · is past--for instantly the parted shades are transferred, : from that pleasant arm of the sea, to Acheron. For near them are set the dwelling and eternal gates of Hades; and near them the shadowy tribes, the realm of phantoms. ^;, ..

This city too we past, and these tribes of people; still pressing forward, to fulfil our woful and calamitous dessiny. Then Ancaus advanced from the ship; and instantly directed all his companions, weary as they were,

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to embark in 'a throng. And thus he addrest'them, is mild and soothing words... 16 Endure, my friends, this labour also; for after this 6. I trust, ye will not encounter any more severe. I “ feel the eastern wind blow strong, and curl the sur« face of the deep. I find an indication of the rising • wind, in the roaring of the waves over the sand; they “ never roar in vain. Quickly, then, upraise the mast, Sunfurl your sails, expand them from the shrouds, and * trim your vessel for the voyage." .

The crew exerted themselves to execute his orders. Then sudden, from the hollow womb of the vessel, was heard a tremendous voice. In thundering human tone the prophetic beech resounded, which Pallas had included within the timbers of the ship.--Thus it spoke, and consternation came on the spirits of all. " Oh, “ wretched I!-better had 'I perished in the Euxine '" waves, dashed to pieces, and scattered on the surface “ of the deep, by the Cyanean rocks. I should not, “ degraded and obscure, have borne reproach and “ shame, throngh the ignorance of kings. For now so the fury, vengeful of kindred blood, follows in the "rear, claiming her debt of punishment for slain Absyr. tus---disaster on disaster presses down your heads. “ Soon as I more nearly approach the vengeful sisters, "'I shall 'openly accuse you of the recent and deadly “crime--unless turning me, witk my consecrated head " and stern, you guide me within the embayed recesses, 66 where land surrounds the unproductive sea. That I “ may pass out over the Atlantic waves." in

- Thus having spoke, the sacred wood was mute. The souls of the Minye stood appalled. They saw, that a direful fate impended, through the disastrous passion of

fason. And much they, revolved, within their secret thoughts, whether it would not be expedient to kill the



ill-fated ”Medea, their unlucky companion, and thus avert the wrathful pursuit of the furies. . This purpose

they had executed; and thrown-her-overboard, to feed · the fishes of the deep; but“ touched with compassion,

the renowned son of Æson observed them instantly, and frustrated their design; and with supplications interposed, to prevent its completion; and with entreaties appeased the mind of each of his companions...?

After they had thus heard the prophetic voice of

Argo;" the heroes, without delay, "såte Uown on the , benches of rowers, and grasped their oars; and Anceus,

with skill, managed the helm. They past the islaod of · Hibernia, in their course. With impetuous vibration and attendant darkness, the wind arose in their wake, and filled their swelling sails--the ship ran swiftly over the heaving billows-then not one of the heroes hoped any longer to escape destruction. For now the twelfth môła arose; and none of the crew could imagine or divine, · within his mind, where we were." 'Lynceus, at length,

discovered the bounds of the calmly flowing and trah.. · quil ocean; for he descried, in the remote horizon, a

certain island clad with pines, where are the spacious - mansions of Ceres, queen among the gods.' Around, it was enveloped, in thick clouds, and walls of mist.--

Concerning the story of all these, O intelligent Mustus, 'you have already heard my historic songŁhow her - kinsmen deceived Persephone, cropping the tender blos

soms through the vast extended mead; and afterwards, how Pluto having yoked to the car his sable steeds, assailed the virgin with the permission of Ftipiter, atd bore her away by force, through the unproductive waves,

Then, I refused to sail to the shore, and splendid mansions of that isle, where, never mortal had touched • as yet, with adventurous prow. For it possesses not any, harbour, which might receive the manageable slip. But

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