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fural 365

rical 439

Cademy of arts to be --Cadwallader, Col. released (wer, and reasons for big!
established in England 12

50. Royal, discourse - Campbell, Brig. Gen. his o. - Danbury, magazine ad
to the students on the distri- perations in Staten iBand 637 stroyed 284.

bution of the prizes of 322 - Campbell, Col. his account couni 286 Account by Ge
Acts passed 161. 265.327.671 of his cruel treatment by the Washington 288. Aubera
Abstracts of 337. 339
Americans 249. Answers to

account 353
Addresses on the success of his chis account, with replies - Duché, Rev. Ms, to Go!
Majesty's arms in America 250. Enlarged 288

Washington 692
47. 103. 269

- Canada, account of its in Erikine, Sir W. his berns
Administratioas, on our differ- vasion by the provincials Ty 353. Letter to him )
ent ones 632
457. $21

the cruel usage of the pa
Advertisement, a curious one - Çapiain, a provincial one

vincial prisoners 363. E
for a doctor, &c. 151 tried for stealing a blanket answer 364
Agriculture, board for the im- 477

Executions by the pris
provement of, proposed by --Captures on both fides 356

cials 422
Lord Kames 31

Carolina : abjuration oath - Franklin, Dr, letter te
Air, experiment of its ability 360. History of the province Lord Howe to him,
to support a human body scz for 1776 577

his answer 150. His ad
Allegiance, Dr Campbell on 32 - Cedars, provincial account Deane's letter to Ldv
Almanack, preliminary address of the affair at 85. English mont, complaining of the
co Poor Richard's 21. Nau- officers account of 87

cruel treatment of the pr

- Clinton, Gen. his force by vincial prisoners 501.09
America. — Adams, Mr Sa- sea and land 85. His com- -Franklin, Mr, tried for te
muel, reproved by Dr Wi. pliments to several officers murder of Gov. Youeg 4
therspoon 116

594 His operations against – Freach officers is the per
Armies, British and Pro- the rebels 635. His letter vincial service 12. Ships dat
vincial, account of 145 to Gen. Burgoyne, how dif- for America ib. Noblesa
Arms, ammunition, &c. covered oss.

enter into their service : 16
supplies of arrive for the pro Clinton and Montgomery –Geary, Cornet, killed i
vincials 248. 357
forts taken 638

Germancowa, province
Blankets, how the provin. - Confederation, articles of defeated at 642
cial army is fupplied with 82

- Granby tort creded by the
-Congress enlift malefactors provincials 12
Boston, licentiouraels of 13. Borrow five millious of -- Guadalupe, English reici
the people at 518

dollars ib. Low rate of their released at 13
- Brown and Lincoln, Gene. paper dollars at New York Hellians, provincial espa
rals, their operations oss ib. Their proclamation a. Nulation with
— Burgoyne, Gen. his army gainst monopolies, and ad. Hocham, Comm. his hoe
and destinacion 300. Pro- dress to the people ib.

Re- cess 641
clamations by him 368. 517. duced in number, and retire -Howe, Lord and Geo. tire
Takes Ticonderoga 409,-

to Baltimore 81. Their ac- proclamation of pardoa >
415. List of killed, wound- count of the taking of Gen. Different proclamatioes it
cd, and stores at 414.

His Lee 141. Order an inquiry 248. 288. 595. 645. TL
progress 477. His first pro- into the reasons for evacua: places the General was per
clamation answered by Gen. ting Ticonderoga 517, 94. lessed of in New Jersey d.
Washiogton 479. Circum. and into Sullivan's conduct In danger of being taket
stances retarding his march at Staten island 594. Remove 248. His account of agi
513. His account of his to 605. Order mith 408. Letters to the
operations 518. His instruc- the interest on loan office ministry 756. 139. 355. fet,
tions to Col. Baume 591. certificates to be paid in con 9. 595, 6, 8. 604, 533
Letters between him and Gen. tinental bills of credit, or in - Independence, declarat
Gates for the exchange of bills of exchange on the A. of, antwered 65. 131.?""
prisoners 648. His opera- merican commiflioness at Pa- 233. 289 In what retject
tions, and his capitulation ris ib.

it would be advantage 1
with the provinciais 052. - - Continental fleet at Rhode Britain 16
058. The terms of his capi- isand, lift of 11. List of - Jam zica, Gor. Keith'slipeech
tularion 658.-061. Minutes the whole 357

10 the alien.bly of 47 E
of his council of war ib. Corp wallis, Lord, his fuc- tended infurre&tion of the
His case not fingular 665. cels 75. Thanked by his negroes at 449
His civil treatment by the Majesty 355. His demand - James town, address cí
provincials 664. Provincial of an exchange of prisoneri inhabitacls of to Lard Ferry
account of his affair 065 364: Gen. Walingioa's 20. 187


them 595


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Re: 477

His camp


ters to 377

- Lady, hardfhips suffered – Percy, Earl, address from —'Rose, Capt. with a compa.
by one taken by the provia: the inhabitants of Rhode i. ny of men, taken by the pro-
cials 189

Nand to 307. Greatly belo vincials 359
:-Lee, Gen. taken prisoner ved by the army 450

– Skirmishes 139, 41. 289.
75. 80. 141. Gen. Howe Philadelphia city described 354.593, 4
refuses to release bim ib.

15. Mortality in the rebel - Soldiers, British, subscrip-
- Letters to the High and army at 248.

Inhabitants rions for their widows sos
Mighty States of 377 of in great distress 359. Pre- - Spanish feet, list of 358
- Long island, twelve British parations for the defence of Si Catharine's isand taken
vefsels laden with provifions 595. Britisha fleet forces its by the Spaniards 382
destroyed at 407

way to it 6os. Account of St Clair, Gen. his vindica-
• Maryland, Governor of,' Gen. Howe's operations be- tion of himself for abandon-
commands all those who are fore 633. Provincial pro- ing Ticonderoga 473. Com-
well affected to government clamation, prelling the de- plaints against him 475. Aa-
o depart that province 188. fence of in the most earnest other apology 470
Lord Howe lands in 590. terms 644. Martial law de: -St Eustatia, Gov. of recall.
Provincial proclamation for clared within thirty miles ed 447
raising forces in 597

round 645. Oppressions by Sc Gcorge fort abandoned
- Mafsachuset's. bay address the provincials at 646.
te the army, persuading them monftrances of the oppressed St Leger, Col. obliged to
200 to leave the service


Order for imprisoning abandon his attempt on Fort
To the people 148

certain suspeded persons 695. Stanwix $20.
- Mawhood, Col. his brave. Their address 709

plundered by his Indian ala
'y 76. Thanked by L. Howe - Philips, Mayor, killed by lics 648.-050

the provincials 364 - St Sacrament taken by the
- MʻRae, Miss, her unhappy · - Prescott, Gen. his cruel Spaniards 555
fate 648.

Gen. Burgoyne's treatment by the provincials - States, United, articles of
excuse for it 649

Accounts of his capture their confederacion 82. Let-
- Mexico, illicit commerce 409, 19, 72.

Offered in ex-
with, carried on by the Eng. change for Gen. Lee 473 Stockden, Major, taken
lith 216

Privateers and other pro- prisoner 248
- Milford, &c. defeat some vincial vessels taken 49. 268, Suffolk county submits to
provincial vessels 696 88. 420. Private instructions Gov. Tryon 9
- Musgrave, Col. his bravery 10 421

- Ticonderoga strongly garri-

- Provincials lose 25,000 men soned by the provincials 360.
- New Jersey evacuated by in the campaign 1776 80. Gen. Schuyler's account of
he King's troops 418. Pro- Their miserable licuation 144. its evacuation 415. Skirmish-
viacial accounts of its eva Their cruelty, 145:

Their es near that place 416. See
cuation 471

Tips protected by the French Burgoyne. Mafsachuset's-bay
- New York, Gen. Roberto 358. Commanded by foreign on the loss of $16. Resolves
fon's proclamation for the officers ib. Instructions to of the coogress concerning
afety of 80.

Instance of a their privateers 421.
foreigner being deceived by gagements with their priva: - Transport, an English one

eing naturalized there 121. teers 555. History of their taken 427
Loyalty of the people at armies and confederacies for --Tienion, Hesians taken by

Address of the 1776 578 Order for pref- the provincials at 76. Pro-
lergy, to Lord Howe 361. sing men into their service vincial accounts 78, 9
subscription by the Quakers 647

- Tryon, Gov, his success in
for the relief of their bre. Randal and Comes, two bringing back the people of
ihren 478

active rebels, taken 143 Suffolk and Queen's coun-
- Nova Scotia, invasion of — Rebel prisoners, their case ties to their duty 77. Lord
prevented by Sir George Col. truly lated 422. Letters be- George Germaine's letter to
ier 592

tween Gen' Howe and Wa- him, expressing his Majesty's
- Paper-currency, provincial, ning on concerning them 424 satisfaction with his conduct
difficulty of supporting it Rhode illand, taken by 362
146. Copy of one of their Gen. Clinton 10. Bad ftale - Vaughan, Gen. his success
bills ib. Prodigious under- of its fortifications 12 Loyal. 640, 42
value of 478

ty of the inhabitants of and Virginia, history of for 1176
- Parker, Sir Peter, list of of Connecticut 359

vefels taken by him 74 -Robeideau, Gen. his speech - Washington, Gen. his speech
- Pearson, Isaac, Esq; mur. to his soldiers before the to his iroops before tbe at-
Hered by the provincials 80 capture of the Hellians 189

tack at Trenton 141.

- Peek's kill, magazines at Rogers, Col. reward offer. bids lois foldiers to p!under
Bestroyed 145

ed by the provincials for ap. ib. Cholen dictator of the
prehending him 358


En- 517

140. 188.

Oa 436.

American states 140, 6. His Bonn, electoral palace of burnt – Robertson's history of A
proclamation, commanding 45

merica 302.901
such as are well affe&ed to Books :

The trial of J. Horde 434
government to put themselves

Religion, &c.

- A history of literature 493
under Gen. Howe's protec - Beactie on truth 30

tinn 147
His refons for · Hurd's sermons 36

Fast-fermons 32, 9. 99.754
refusing an exchange of pri Theosebes on the worship - Price's additional observa
foners 365.
Acknowledges of Christ 37

tions 98
a defeat by Gen. Howe 597.

Blair's fermons 42. 197

Efsays on the interests of G.
642. Letter to his lady 689 Scors Preacher 42

Britain and her dependca-
-Welt-India islands fupplied Bp Pearce's Commentary 97 cies 98
by the Dutch and French Chandler on the Galatians, — Montcalm's letters 206
with provisions 358
&c. ib.

Burke's letter, antwer, &c.
- Weymouth packet-boat ta On the generation of Jesus 312, 14, 20, 708
ken by the provincials 503

· Walhington's letters zao
Witherspoon's sermon 93. · Stri&ures on Jenyn's inter: Natural History, tr
His address to his country. nal evidence ib.

Gelleri's metallurgick chy:
men 113

- On materialism, &c. ib.

mistry 40
- Young, Gov. killed in a - Sandeman on the honour Gentleman Farmer 30
duel by John Franklyn, Elg; of marriage 98

Born, Baron, his travel time

Antidote againn Deism 152 Italy 40. His letters to Pro-
Abingdon, E. his Thoughts On education 152. 316

fesor Ferber 207
on Mr Burke's letter 708

Carr's sermons 193 Borthwick, Mr, his clain a
"America, the defolation of 715 Tucker's sermons 204

peerage rejected 92
American war, Lord North's -- Fordyce's addrefles to young Bowyer, Mr, confolator
excellent conduct with re men 255

ter to him on the loss of:.
gard 10 49.

Co Ganganelli's letters 256 printing-houle 668. His tri
Jonies, their vaft improve. Objcctions to Lindsay's in- 623
ment, to what owing 115. terpretations ib.

Brewing, theoretic hints oa a
Veffels taken, Cockney's 0. Lardner on the Trinity ib.' improved pradice of 541
pinion of their value 672 Maclaine to Jeons 317

Britain and her dependencia
Americans, on the power of - Holmes on the resurrection effays on the interests of su
parliament to tax them 33. 375

Henry's history of 613
Abfurdity of their proposals Abp of York's fermon 429 British Aect, fift of, is a
35. The folly of their re Dodd's thoughts in prison parts of the world 341
fiftance 49

Burke, Mf, his letter of the
Anecdote of the Duchess of Fleming's ingratitude of in. American Mabeas-corpul
Marlborough 89.' Of the fidelity 497


Answered 314
Emperor of Germany 242. — Worthington on the gospel- Twers from the people
Of Mr Foote and his mother demoniacs 545

Bristol to him 377. Hist:

- Priestley's harmony of the ter to them 619. E. Abs
Annuities, fupplement to cal. Evangeliits 706

don's Thoughts on his esz
culations on the value of 155 History, &c.

Assembly, general. See Scol - Watfon's history of Philip II. Campbell, Dr, on allegian :

of Spain 37
Buctions, aet for taxing them - Wesley's hist. of England ib. Cambray, Archbishop of,

Sullivan on the conftitu. fended against Lord Cucis
Aurora (hip, her cargo con- tion 38
demned 268. frigate, remains – Henry's history of G. Bri- Cales, medical, chirurgia
of her crew fuppofed to be cain 02.012

and anatomical 259
feen 449.

These people -- Ld Kames's Elucidations 06 Cafpipina's tercers, wit
brought away, and the ini. - Life of D. Hume 153. 318 life of William Pengad
lake discovered 450

- Smith's state of gaois 153. Castration, a acw methade
Bagdad taken by the Persians 483

proposed 700
Turkish governor of Anderson on the corn-laws Caterpillars in Hay.flack
beheaded 313


Chesterfield, Lord, ante
Baogor, Bifhop of, his fermon Miscellaneous works of the against his works 152

Earl of Chesterfield 205 racters by him 186 HAE
Bees, curious account of 428 -Cook's voyage 252.305 487. cellaneous works 205.
Beatley on the epiftles of Pha: 539

proof of a Deity :36.

The history of the Flagel- pbyfical and moral er:
Biographia literaria 498

Children, on their diseases.
Blood, descriprion of the red -- A code of Gentoo laws 258. Christ, on the worship at
particles of 378

Inquiry into opinies



field 36


laris 41

Janis 257

"titles 317

fwered 573

on 26.

in 546

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cerning him 97. On some of parliament 569. Glasgow friends. Cruger and Burke
his remarkable games and memorial against 570. An- 619

--Copernicus, his picture pre
Christian memoirs 204. Reli. Corn-laws of Scotland, on 198 sented to the royal society
gion, philosophical differta- Curates, on their grievances 557
tions on 257. Compared with 258

- alt-India court.-Dalrym.
other religions 545

Danes, their treachery with ple's account of Lord Pigoi's
Christianity, history of the c. regard to the Americans 216 conduct 218 Debate op leto
Itablishment of 375

Dark Monday, account of 251 ting him at liberiy ib Com-
Chronic weakness, on 378 Death, confolatory reflections plaint of the court of direc-
Circuit. See Scotland

Presentiment of 29 tors concerning their treate
Colours, experimental inqui- Demoniacs, impartial inquiry ment in two pamphlets 219.
ries into the cause of changes into their case 545

Advertisement by ihe Nabob
D'Eon, Chev actions concern- of Arcoi's Agen in defence
Cole, W. on light and comets ing the sex of 451 Disco- of the pamphlets 220. Ar-

vered to be a woman ib. count of Lo d Pigou's impri-
Commons on the supply 15. Leaves England 454. Anec- fonment ib: His bad con-
Og the pacific declaración 16. dore concerning ib. Has a duct set forth 221. Debates,
On the American Habeas.cor- penfion settled on her soz. resolutions, &c. concerning
pus bill 90. 134. Petition of Confined 017!

his restoration: 265 Extrict
the city of London agaiolt Devonshire, letters to the Du. of a letter from him in his
134. Mr Wilkes's speech a chess of ov her conduct 256 own vindication 267. Orie
gainst the bill 136. On the Dialogues moral and enier- gin and progress of the disa
augmentation of the civil lift taining 545

putes in 437
191. 297, 8. Contest between Dignam, David Brown, his Exportation of gunpowder,
Mr Rigby and the Speaker, sentence for fraud 270. Pre- &c. prohibited 384 451
on account of his speech to tends a plot agaioft the King -foot-guards, their new me.
the King 298, Speech of the ib.

thod of firing 557
Speaker on presenting the Divine, dialogue berween one - King's-bench, a gentleman
money-bills to the King 329. in the shades, and a Welch in, keeps his coflin by him so
On the ways and means 345. member of parliament 441

- Laws and constitution un
On the rum.contract 347, Dodd, Rev. Dr, apprehended 38
50. On the hopes of an end for forgery 105. His crial - Letters of marque, &c.
to the American war 348. 107. Found guilty 110. His granted 268
Their address in lef 1777-8 invitation to his triends 329. London, freedom of the ci-
607. Debate on it 027 De. Receives 'sentence of death ty given 10 Sir Fiercher
bate on capital punidhments 330.

Petitions in his favour Norton 329
697. Sir W. Meredith's 331, 85. Memoirs of 369 - Mancheiter, Earthquake at
fpeech on ib.

Account of his works 371. 557
Compliment, a well- turned His speech before his fen: -Mercer prize loop, proper-
one 612

teoce 384. Sentence pro ty of determined 672
Conchology, elements of rol nounced 385. His behaviour - Plact, Ebenezer, impr 102-
Convict's (Dr Dodd's) address after sentence 386 Execu. ed for corresponding with the

to his unhappy brethren 316 ted 387. His last prayer congress 208 Argumea in
Convicts, their new employ- 463. On imprisonment 492
mear on the Thames 3.44 Dog discovers a thiet 139

- Portsmouin, discovery of
Cook, Capt. means used by Drowned persons, account of the perion who fet the duck:
him for preserving the healin the society for their recovery yard on fine 48 hc is fei-
of his seamco 57. His letter 322

zed, -ried, cindemned, and
to Sir John Pringle $8. Sir Duff, John, recovers afier executed 161.

His accunt
John's discourse on his me hanging half an hour 559 of himself 103. Helians in
ihod of preserving the health Edinburgh. Sec Scotland

rive at 384
of feamen 58. 129. Fatal ef. Education, letrer on 152

- Privareers forted out soz
fects of other fea - voyages England. - American prison. –Welley's history of 37
compared with his 60. For- ers, places for keeping them Englishman's toninighi in Piris
fter's account of his voyage appointed 209. Examined 435
252, 306. 487. His own ace 451. Their complaints of Engraving, etching, and Mez-
count of it s39

their cruel treaiment 673. zotinco, invention of 481
orn-laws, considerations on Subscriprion for their relief Essays on various tubjects 497.

674. 'Prizes how difpofed Evangelists harmony of 706
Corn, rates of its exportation of 451

Falstaff, Sir John, eslay on
and importation in Scotland —Bristol, ships attempted to the character of 261

be fet on are at 48. An an- Fast, Sermons og the general
ørn-bill, proceedings oz is in niversary meeting of the one 99. 154



his favour 435


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4 2

Feyjoo, four discourses of his Gout, receipt for the cure of Jerusalem, account of the as
translated 441

cient city of 301
Fires, Hoffman's method of Grace divine, and buman co- Joha the Painter, taken op
extinguishing 02
operation, on 193

for wilful fire-raising 48. Hi
Fits, remarkable cure of 151. Gravitation, thoughts on 378 trial, execution, contefia,
Fixed air a solvent for the stone Gunnery, true principles of &c. 161.-166. Justificatice
1322. 483
explained 260

of his conduct 158. Account
Flagellants, history of 257 Hay, receipt for preserving of his trial ib
Fordyce, Dr, his addresses to 369. Cootradicted 461 Kames, Lord, his dedication
young men 255

Heiress, one carried off 559 to the Lord Advocate 26
Forgery 100 feverely punished Heariade, memoirs of the au- Keeling, Mr, his profecurica
in Britain 470
thor of 38

concerning lands in Barbie
Forster, Mr, See Cook Henry, Dr, dedication of his does 674
France. Americans not suf- history 92. Account of the Kelly, Hugh, Esq; his cha
fered to put into the ports of history 612

racter 380
448. 502

Hoffman, his method of ex- Keppicort, Dr, his defeace el
Boulogne, Commiffary of tinguishing fires 92

his collations 316
the marine there fires on two Horne, Mr John, bis trial for King, account of his expences
English cruisers 617

a libel 393. 435. 405. Found for one year 192
-Deane and Franklin Mefl. guilty 470

Leake op ihe chronic disease
Ld Sormont's memorial con- Howard's state of the prisons of women 208
cerning 210

Libellers, method of puoith.
Dunkirk, Princess of Orange Horror, effects of 576. Hu« ing them in Russia 398
packet-boat brought into by man understanding, theolo- Light, Cole, on 710
an American privateer 447. gical survey of 152 Lighining, ships struck by se
Ordered to be restored ib. Hume, David, Esq; his life Linnæus, Ds, his system it
Owner of the privateer com. written by himself 1. 153. lustrated by Dr Miller 159
mitted to the Bastile 448 Smith's account of his death Lords, House of, on the H-
Ile of, new pallage from to s. Apology for his life 497 beas-corpus bill 135. LA 4

the coast of Coromandel 61, Hyman, Hraacs, executed for bingdon's protest again it i
-King displeased at letting forgery 105

On the civil lift 2:7.
the American privateers re- Hysteric and hypochondriac Protest 296
main in his ports 16
diseases on 548

- Pacific motion by Lord Chat
-L'Epee, Abbe, bis extraor. Ice, water, wholesomeness of ham 401. Debated 405 01

dinary ability in teaching 132. from Salt water, cou 528. Rejected 33. Address
dumb people 46
tains no Salt 155

in Seff. 1777.8. 606. Piete
-Newfoundland fishery stop- Infidelity, ingratitude of 497 against 607. Debate cu

ped by order of the King 617 Infant, life of one preserved
Paris, Dr Franklin's grand- 026

Lottery, different plans te
fon arrives at 615. Genuine Ireland. - American vefsels getting money by 527
letter from the Doctor and with Lord Howe's pass arrive Lyne river dries up so
Mr Deane to Ld Stormont at 559

Lynx, one presented to the

--Dublin, Earl of Bucking- King of France 447
- Protestants in murdered 46 hamshire arrives at 50. Free- Mad dog, receipt for the bic
- French language, expedi. dom of the city presented to of 245
rious method of learning 322 John Lees, Elq; ib Madrass, case of the prelder
Game-laws, considerations on - Embargoes, legality of tricd and council of 437

Magna Charta, Dr Heary's &
Gao's in London and Weft: --Government, expences of count of the inander in which
minster, State of 153
debated 676

it was obtained 225
Gillercs Metallurgi chymisry - Lord Lieutenant's speech to Man, treatise on 497

the parliament 557

Marriage, honour of, oppet.:]
General assembly. See Scoto - Lucas, Dr, monument to to all impurities 98
his memory 559

Materialism, letters on 91
Gentleman Farmer 30 --Revenue in 1776, estimate Mary, Rev. Mr, his resía
Gentoo laws, Code of 258.304 of 30

for separating from the chea
Germany - Vienoa, wonder. Italy, Baron Born's travels of England 681
ful.cures at by the Loadstone through 40. Earthquakes in Mesmer, Dr, his cures by the
449. 617. Ducal palace at

Joadstone 113
Gikie, Mr, a writer in Edin. Genoa burnt 671. Discove- Midwifery, dew operatica e
burgh imprisoned 506 ry at Pompeii ib

Glanders, cure for 464 Jenyos, Mr Soame, letters on Minds, union of 576
Gloucester, Duke of, bis bad "his evidence of christianity Montague, Edward Werke
ffate of health $57

his character, and anciácia




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