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the noise and riot of the multitude, who, HISTORICAL AFFAIRS. from ignorance of what is for their own good, have at all times opporod exporrarion, and ENGLAND. [675.] called out for importation, puffed that fa. On the 25th of April last was argued mous act, so much admired in every other before the court of common pleas, by country in the world, by which a bounty Serjeant Adair, and other counsel, the was given on corn exported." Ad enquiry into the nature of the corn ment, and the secretary of state's refusing

illegality of Mr Sayer's (294.} commitlaws; with a view to the new corn-bill pro to admit him to bail [xxxviii

. 285.]. pored for Scotland. By James Anderson, The determination was put off-till

next Monkfill. Balfour, &c.

From a book publisted some months ago term.---This caufe was resumed on Tuero by Mr Anderton, we gave an extract, rela- day, Nov. 25. The queftion was upon, ting to our corn-laws (198); - we give a the adonisibility of certain evidence of fummary of the chief heads of the present fered by the plaintiff on the trial, and, if trad in the author's words, viz.

admitted, its fublequent confequences “ From what has been suggested above, upon the merits. Serjeant Glynn conI ain in hopes that the candid reader will be tended, that the offer of bail made by disposed to allow, that the follo:ving parti- Mr Reynolds, and rejected by the secreculars are clearly demonstrated, viz. tary of state in his capacity as magistrate,

That the rate at which importacion of fo: made him a trespasser ab initio, as Mr reign grain is permitted in any country,


Sayer was committed for a bailable of. placed very high, will not of itself tend to in- fence. Serj. Davy overturned the reafure permanent high prices, nor benefit either soning of his learned brother, and de. the proprietor or farmer, but rather the reverse.

fended the commitment. Then the Lord That the importation-rate, if placed very Chief Justice De Grey delivered his opilow, will out of it self necessarily insure cheape nion. His Lordship stated the pleadings. ness of grain, but rather the reverte.

That the importation-tate of oats or oat. He laid, that a question of fast and law meal, in a nation ro hruated as Scotland, unless arose ; and that until the first was estait is placed extremely low, cannot materially bliMed, the other could not be entered affect the price of that article in our market. upon : he defined the nature of special

That the price of grain can only be effec- pleading, and what could and could not tually regulated by means of a bouncy grant be brought in illue: he took nogice of ed upon the exportation of it, justly propor. what came from the bar respecting magitioned to the exigency of the case, afilted, ftrates, and was clearly of opinion, that in a barren counuy, by an equitable impor- a magistrate, acting by virtue of his autation-rate. That an invariable bounty on exportation, not to be confidered as a trefpaffer ab ini

thority, but mistaking its extent, was whatever be its amount, and in whatever tio, but only from his departure from manner the importation-rate is fixed, is nei: legal authority: he then returned to the ther filled effectually to prevent the prices first question, took a view of the replicafrom falling unreasonably low in times of great plenty, nor from rising to too great a tion, and declared it as his opinion, that height in times of scarcity ; but that such a

no new matter could be introduced, or bounty muft rather in some cases tend to in given in evidence, by the plaintiff Sayer, crease this last inconvenience. And, without a flagrant violation of the rules

That all the beneficial effects that may be of law that govern special pleading. His produced by a bounty on exportation can Lordship was followed by the other three only be fully experienced, when the impor judges, giving their opinions coincident tation-rate is fixed at a proper medium, pro- with his, giving their reasons, and quoportioned to the particular case in question, ting precedents, unanimously agreeing, and when the bounty is made to vary in pro- that the evidence being extraneous to the portion to the selling price of grain in the matter upon record, was inadmiffible, home market ; the amouot of which bounty and its efficiency

or inefficiency therefore must be proportioned to the nature of the out of the question. The Lord Chief the markets to which it can be carried : but justice directed the verdict to be recordthat, by, a duc attention to all these particu- ed in favour of the defendant. Jars, and by that alone, the price of grain

On the 16th of April the recognisances may be kepí at all times nearly as one sales for the good behaviour of the said John

of John Wilkes, Eiq; and two others, fobject to very little variation, and that as low as the nature of things can admit. This Wilkes, entered into in the year 1770, therefore is the only proper mode of bestow. [xxxii. 280,), were discharged. (xxx iog a bounty on the exportation of grain.” 374.] VOL. XXXIX.


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London, Dec. 29. Mr Deputy Pi. by the late Rev. Dr Bradely, aftronomer.

Mo per bas lest a legacy of 2001. to‘Ald. royal. Upon these undeniable evidences Wilkes."

of the accuracy of the tables, Mr Malon On the 3d of July was tried at Guild- claims the reward of sooyl. offered by an hall, before Sir William De Grey, and act of parliament 14° Geo. III. for tables a special jury, an action for damages that shall shew the distance of the moosen brought by Stephan, an Armenian mer- from the fun or ftars, to 15 seconds of a chant, against Gov. Verelft, for false im- degree.” prisonment, and other injuries. After a ** London, Dec. 16. We are inform. trial of three hours, the jury gave a ver- ed by a correspondent, that Mr Peter dict for the plaintiff, with 2500 l. dama- Allason of Cotherston, in the parih of ges. [xxxviii. 154.1

Romaldkirk, hath finished an elegant og At Cambridge affizes, in July last, and curious Orrery, contained in three Judge Arhurst gave the charge to the feet diameter, of a fingular conftru&ics: grand jury; in the course of which he fewing the various motions, magninoticed the good effects of the present tudes, distances, &c. of the planete

, toe mode of punishing convicts by hard la- Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and bour upon the Thames ! 344.], the fe- Saturn; the diurnal parallelism and allons in general dreading that punishment nual motion of the earth; the different the much more than transportation. His length of days and nights; the viciffiLordihip informed the grand jury, as it tudes of seasons, distinguished by repeatwas inconvenient, and indeed impracti, ed strokes on different bells; the synods

. It cable, to find accommodations and la- cal motion of the moon, its age and dif bour upon the Thames for all the con- ferent phases; the retrograde motion of victs in the kingdom, a bill had been in the nodes of the moon's orbit, and ai agitation, and would probably be brought the folar and lunar eclipses, &c. Mr into parliament the next fessions, for Allafon was never bred to any mechank houles of labour and confinement to be art, and barely knows the first four rules erected in every county, in which it was of vulgar arithmetic." propofid to employ the felons in the Port L'Orient, Nov. 16. I think i hardest works, such as treading in a my duty to make known, as far as kis wheel, fawing wood or stone, rasping in my power, the generosity of Ld Mul. logwood, or such other severe labour as grave, commander of the English mai the justices shall judge most advantageous of war the Ardent; who being op s to their respective counties ; the felons cruise off Finisterre, was chafing two to be divided into three clasies; the first vessels, when he perceived a fhip without extreme hard labour; the second not quite any mafts in great distress : he immedifo severe; and the third still easier than the ately gave up the chace to aflift the velle, second; to that those convicts who be. which proved to be a ship from Bour haved well, and thewed a due sense of deaux, called the Huron, Capt. Boret, their crimes, night, under the direction As soon as the Ardent was dear enough, of the justices, be removed from the fe- his Lordship sent off his boat with twe avere to the eatier classes, and such as be- ty men to the French fhip, to pump ont haved ill into the fevereft. His Lordship the water, and to bring the crew of the ty observed, that he mentioned this matter French vessel on board his ship to retrefa qui thus publicly, that gentlemen might turn them. Ld Mulgrave then offered Capa their thoughts to the subject, and give Boret any affiítance he wanted to reft such hints as they may think neceffary to his vessel. His Lordship daily sent twer forward to falutary a plan.

ty fresh men on board to relieve those The state lottery ended drawing on that he sent before, and assured the Cip the 30th of December. [620.]

tain, that he was very much affected at « London, Nov. 28. On Saturday left his distressed situation, and that he would *was laid before the commissioners of not leave him till he was out of danger longitude folar and lunar tables, by Mr The Ardent carried a light in her fiera Charles Mason, of Sapperton, in Glou. every night, that Capt. Boret might oat cefterlhire. These tables give the place lose light of her; and delired him, if he of the sun and moon, both in longitude wanted any particular affistance in the and latitude, within 15 seconds, as ap- night, to hoift two lights, and he would pears by comparing them with a regular immediately fend off to him. This pr. ferics of above 1000 observations made nerous behaviour was contioned by W




Mulgrave from the gift of October to the Paris about 823,276 and increafing oth of this month, when he conducted Madrid

340,000 ditto him fafe into port. This action is of too London

930,000 decreasing xalted a nature not to be made public. Amsterdam

360,000 increasing Edinburgh, Dec. 29. A correspon- Lisbon

200,000 ditto lent informs us, that on Thursday the Constantinople 700,000 decreasing ith inft. the floop Katy, of Stirling, Venice

160,000 ditto bound to Alemouth, to take in a load- Dantzick

240,000 dinto ng of corn, was driven on thore (the


350,000 increasing wind blowing strong at north-eaft) be- Koninsberg

300,000 ditto

Copenhagen ween Izelfton and Bambrough castle.

100,000 ditto

S:ockholm In the usual alarm being given from the

95,000 ditto aftle, (which is firing a nine-pounder Pekin in China


230,000 decreasing hrice, as is specified at large in the print- Rome

900,ooo ditto d fignals), the people in the neighbour. Moscow

700,000 ditto

400,000 increasing food immediately attended, to afford all

Babylon he aflistance in their power to the un.

540,000 decreasing Alexandria

670,000 ditto ortunate veffel and her crew: and though hey found all the men aboard reduced List of vessels seized as prizes, and of recaptures o the greatest distress by a long series of made, by the American Squadron, between atigues, and almost perished with cold;

May 27. and Off. 24. 1777 (356.], according et getting them athore, and conveyed

to the returns received by Vice-Adm. Ld Vijc.

Howς. . o the castle, they were, by the prudent aanagement of those to whom that duty [In the London gazette of Dcc. 6. we vas entrusted, foon recovered, and made have an account of the names of the ships xperimentally sensible of the great use and masters, whence come, whither bound ulness of that branch of charity, (among and sent, with what loaded, and date of the he many others established at Bambrough capture; -we insert only the number of vcfaftle), which relates to the relief of sels.] hipwrecked failors.” – Our correspon

PRI 2 E s. .ent also adds, that another veffel, load

Taken by the Brune

6 n chiefly with sugar, from London to

-- by the Daphne cotland, came ashore near the same place

- by the Haerlem

3 aft week; but by the timely assistance - by the Raisonable f the tenants of Lord Crew's trustees, - by the Roebuck and tenders who are obliged to attend on all such - by the Emerald nelancholy occasions), and the help of — by the Perseus arge ihip-screws, kept at Bambrough by the Senegal aitle for that purpose, she was, in a - by the Milford hort time, raised, and so well repaired by the Unicorn s to proceed on her voyage, and gain

- by the Chatham's tender jer intended port.”

- by the Syren Sir William Meredith, on a motion

- by the Ambuscade

- by the Solebay y Mr Charles Fox, Dec. 2. for an in

– by the Sphyos fuiry into the state of the nation, divi

- by the Amazon led with the minority, and soon after

- by the Orpheus etigned his white wand, as comptroller - by the Flora >f the King's Household.

by the Raiobow On Tuesday, Dec. 23. a patent passed – by the Cerberus he great feal of a grant to Sir Sidney

- by the Lizard Stafford Smythe, of a penlion of 24001. --- by the Apollo Jer ann. payable at the exchequer, to -- by the Diamond commence from the date of his refigna.

RECAPTUR E s. zion. [624, 79.]

A treatise has lately been published in Retaken by the Brune France, in which a calculation is made - by the Daphne of the population of the most renarkable - by the Mermaid cities in the world, the inhabitants of

- by the Judo which the author computes to be as fol

- by the Amazon

- by the Flora luws.

4 Y 2 Valfels

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to the lecturer, a small fee, in mazzo Vessels feized, destroyed, or retaken, before the medicine-money, would, it was faze

2736 of May 1711, not included in the return chearfully paid by every student atte: of that date (356.), no account get them being ing the lectures. At the commences then received.

of the winter-sedivo 1776-7, Dr Dua PRIZES,

began a course of clipical leđures ia z Taken by the Solehray

manner above proposed ; and be coici - by the Roebuck and tenders

ed, as medicine-money, above altyd by the Haerlem ,

neas. This delign bas taken place. - by the Greyhound and Diamond - by the Scarborough - by the Albany by the Lask

Sum of the quantity and value of Lime for – by the Mermaid

for sale in Scotland. [xixviii. 919) RECAPTUR s.

From Nov. 1. 1776, 19 Nov. 1. 1713 Retaken by the Daphne

? Quantity 14,793,888 , half yards. by the Mermaid

Value L. 710,633 :18:7:14ib.

Medium Price 1!,2 4ths d.
Total number of prizes 7352


More this year ihan ihe preceeding : Recaptures

Quantity 1,221,940 yards. Additions to the list of sips of war now in com.

Value L. 71,700 :8:11 : 1 4th. miffion (624)

The zamber of patients in the royal by Ships. Guns.


ry, Edinturgh, ix 1777. (IXXVü. 919 Ruhy 64 Capt. Jofeph Deane Romulus

Geo. Gayton

In the hospital, san. I. 1777 Montreal

Stair Douglas

Adınitted that year.
Sam. Warren

Particulars of the alove fun.

Rd Rodney Bligh

Ordinary patients Weazel

Charles Hope


Ja Rd Dacies
Ifaac Prescot

James Orrock

Of whom,

Hugh Blair

Cured in the year 1777 Wolf

Tho. Gaborian

Relieved, though not fully cured 151 Ariel [624] for 32 guns, read 20

Dismissed by defire

Dismifsed for irregularities
SCOTLAND. [621.] Difmified as incurable
An act of the town-council of Edin. Died
burgh, dated April 9,1777, for keeping Ordinary patients

In the hospital, Jan. 1.1778. = clean the streets, and preventing nuisan

Supernumeraries ces, was duly published soon after its

Servants date. As it was found, that the profe. Soldiers cuting of fervants had not answered the intention of former ( xxxii. 712.) regula- The number of patients in the Aberdeen ist tions, the procurator fiscal is by the last my in 1777. (xxxvii. 719.) act injoined to cite the masters or mi. Patients in the hofpital Jan. 3.1775 76 ftreffes of the families; and in questions Admitted from Jan. 1. 1977, to between.maflers and forvants, the fer Jan. 1. 1778 vants having tranfgretted this act is to be Of whom, held a fufficient ground for dismission.

Perfectly cured In March laft, proposals were publish: Incurable, after a long trial ed, by Dr Andrew Duncan, physician Recovered, so as to follow their

ufual butiness in Edinburgh, for establishing, in that city, a public difpenfary, for the relief Improper, ditmiffed at their own

detirc, and deserted of the poor, when subjected to chronical

Died or tedious diseases. It was proposed, to conjoin with the practice of medicine Remaining in the hospitał Jan. 5. 1978 wbich this charity would afford, lectures Belides the above number received to on the cases of the patients who should the hospital, 2197 have had the bencfi reap the benefit of it. Belides a gratuity advice and medicines as out-paticas

16 16


Content } th: 20

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Che LONDON General Bill of Christenings and Burials, from December 10, 1770, to De-

cember 16. 1777; with the diseases and casualties, Go (xxxviii. 735.]

Males 9338



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94 Burnt

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Age. No. Age. No. Age. No. Age. No,
2 8989
20 and 30 1540
60 and 70 1360

2 and 5 2609 30 and 40 1894 70 and 80 1090
s and 10 98240-and 50 1993

80 and 20

10 and 20 823 50 and 60 111990 and 100




145 Cafualties.
Fever, ditto maligo

Miscarriage 2 Bit by a mad dog, o
1bort. and Stillb. 530
nant, scarlet, spot Mortification

202 | Bruired

1340 ted, and purples 2760' Palsy,
2 Fistula
s Pleurify
39 Drowned

Apoplery and Sud. 230 Flux

10 Quinfy

Excellive Drinking .
Ithma and Tillck310 French Pox

2 Executed
0 Gout

69 Rheumatifin 4 Found Dead
14 Gravel, Stone, and Rickets

4 Frighted
Bloody Flux


O Frozen
Bursten and Rupture14) Grief

3 Scurvy

3 | Killed by Falls, and
70 Headach

o Small Pox 2567 feveral other Acci-
31 Headmouldsh. Hor Sore Throat

43 dents

1hoehead, and Wa Sores and Ulcers 30 Killed themselves 37
Cholic, Gripes, Twist ter in the Head 41 St Anthony's Fire o Murdered
ing of the Guts 39 Jaundice 130 Stoppage in Stom. 12 Overlaid
7 Imposthume 4 Surfeit

Consumption 4900 Inflammation 123 Swelling

2 calded

1 Teeth

906 Starved
Cough, and Hoop Leprosy

1 Thrush

60) Juffocared
529 Lethargy

6 Tympany
2 Livergrown

1 Vomit. and Loosness o
Dropsy 1006] Lunatic

60 Worms




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General Bill of Mortality for 1777, in EDINBURGH, and West-KIRX parisha
Buried in the city. In the West-kirk-yard.

Males. , Femal., In all. Males. Femal. In all. Total.

Under 2 years
39 44 83
16 16 32

1 2 &


s & 10
34 39 73 13


10 & 20


68 13 16 29

20 & 30

24 33 57 13 14 27


47 13

40 & so


17 54

50 & 60

6 II 17

60 & 70




70 & 80



November 16 20 30


90 & 100

34 64



(100 & 105

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r Aged 128 Chincough


Yellow fever
Gravel 2 Scurvy

Apoplexy tion 263 Inflammation i Small pox 113
Anhma 15 Cramp in the Jaundice s Soillborn
Bowelhive 34

ftomachi 2 Leprosy Suddenly

54 Teething
Childbed 5 Fever 147 Mortiácation Water in head :

The burials in the Canongate and Calton burial-places are not included.
GASGOW Dealbs: 548 males, szó females, is 2134. Decreased 37.



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