The Evolution of Whist: A Study of the Progressive Changes which the Game Has Passed Through from Its Origin to the Present Time

Longmans, Green, 1894 - 269 Seiten

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Seite 253 - ... they are touched for the purpose of gathering them together, may demand that the cards be placed before their respective players.
Seite 248 - At the end of the hand or when the deal is lost, the deal passes to the player next to the dealer on his left, and so on to each in turn. 14. There must be a new deal by the same dealer : — I. If any card except the last is faced in the pack. II. If, during the deal or during the play of the hand, the pack is proved incorrect or imperfect ; but any prior score made with that pack shall stand. 15. If, during the deal, a card is exposed, the side not in fault may demand a new deal, provided neither...
Seite 21 - Some Squire, perhaps, you take delight to rack; Whose game is Whisk, whose treat a toast in sack...
Seite 15 - Then further we must say to ourselves, ' What requireth Christ of a Christian man ? ' Now turn up your trump, your heart, (hearts is trump, as I said before,) and cast your trump, your heart, on this card...
Seite 154 - The value of the game is determined by deducting the losers' score from seven. FORMING THE TABLE. 2. Those first in the room have the preference. If, by reason of two or more arriving at the same time, more than four assemble, the preference among the last comers is determined by cutting, a lower cut giving the preference over all cutting higher. A complete table consists of...
Seite 253 - At the end of a hand the claimants of a revoke may search all the tricks. If the cards have been mixed, the claim may be urged and proved if possible ; but no proof is necessary and the claim is established if, after it has been made, the accused player or his partner mix the cards before they have been sufficiently examined by the adversaries.
Seite 50 - Whist," 1864), the alteration took place under the following circumstances : " Some sixty or seventy years back, Lord Peterborough E 2 having one night lost a large sum of money, the friends with whom he was playing proposed to make the game five points instead of ten, in order to give the loser a chance, at a quicker game, of recovering his loss.
Seite 14 - The game that we will play at shall be the Triumph, which, if it be well played at, he that dealeth shall win ; the players shall likewise win, and the standers and lookers upon shall do the same ; insomuch that there is no man that is willing to play at this Triumph with these cards, but they shall be all winners, and no losers.
Seite 248 - ... where the pack was separated, there must be a new cut. 12. If the dealer reshuffles the pack after it has been properly cut, he loses his deal. DEALING. 13. When the pack has been properly cut and reunited, the dealer must distribute the cards, one at a time to each player in regular rotation, beginning at his left. The last, which is the trump card, must be turned up before the dealer.
Seite 18 - The first known appearance of the word in print is in the " Motto " of Taylor, the Water Poet (1621). Taylor spells the word whisk. Speaking of the prodigal, he says : —

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