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HALE'S STEAM PRESS. No. 6 Suffolk Buildings, Congress Street, Boston.

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M. Dubourg to B. Franklin Paris, September
8th, 1777, - - - - - - -

Requesting a. letter of recommendation for M. Ge-

rard, who wishes to settle in America.

To Richard Peters. Passy, September 12th, 1777,

· Recommending M. Gerard.

Remarks on a Loan for the United States, - -

America a safer debtor than Britain, from her general

industry, frugality, prudence, abilty, and virtue.

To David Hartley, member of Parliament. Passy,

October 14th, 1777, - - - - -

The conduct of Great Britain has rendered submission

impossible –Cruel treatment of the American pris-

oners in England.—Propositions for their relief.

To James Lovell. Paris, December 21st, 1777,

Mr Deane's recommendations of officers.—Numerous

and vexatious applications, with high recommenda- .


To James Hutton. Passy, February 1st, 1778,

Means ofereconciling America.

To David Hartley. Passy, February 12th, 1778,

Alienation of America from Great Britain.-Kindness

and cordiality of France.—Change of Ministry ne-

cessary for conciliation.–Subscriptions in England

for the relief of American prisoners.—Mr Hutton.

To David Hartley. Passy, February 26th, 1778,

Lord North’s conciliatory bills.-Advice to the Eng-

lish whigs.

To James Hutton. Passy, March 24th, 1778, -

· The Commissioners are ready to treat.

Note from William Pultney to B. Franklin. March

29th, 1778, - - - - - -

Desires an interview with Dr Franklin.

To William Pultney. Passy, March 30th, 1778,

America cannot treat on any terms short of indepen-

dence-will not treat at all in case of a war against


To Dr Bancroft. Passy, April 16th, 1778, ..

British Commissioners cannot succeed in America on

their terms.

David Hartley to B. Franklin. Paris, April 23d,

1778, - - - - - - -

Advises him to take care of his own safety.

To Count de Vergennes. Passy, April 24th, 1778,

Giving an account of his conversations with Mr Hart-

ley; of the visit of Mr Chapman, an agent of Lord

Shelburne.—The Quebec fleet,

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Count de Vergennes to B. Franklin. Versailles,

April 25th, 1778, - - - - -

* Policy of the English to excite divisions and distrust.

James Lovell to B. Franklin. Yorktown, June 20th,

1778, - - - - - - -

Answer to a letter from Brussels. Passy, July 1st,


- -

Reply to insinuations against the faith of France.-

Future prospects of America. -Acknowledgment of

the independency of little consequence to America.

-The King's political studies.- Peace is to be ob-

tained only on equal terms.-Ridicules the offers

of rewards.

To James Lovell. Passy, July 22d, 1778, -

Proceedings relative to Mr Deane.-Beaumarchais.-

Eleventh and twelfth articles of the treaty.-Mr

Izard.-Inconvenience and expense of maintaining

several Commissioners instead of one-War be-

tween England and France ; war in Germany.-

Difficulty of raising loans.-Drafts of Congress on

the Commissioners.

Instructions to B. Franklin, as Minister Plenipoten-

tiary to the Court of France,

Committee of Foreign Affairs to B. Franklin. Phil-
adelphia, October 28th, 1778, - - -

Forwarding his new credentials. .
James Lovell to B. Franklin. Philadelphia, De-
cember 8th, 1778, -

- -
Depreciation of the currency.

Dr Price to B. Franklin. London, Jan. 18th, 1779,

Declines removing to America.

James Lovell to B. Franklin. Philadelphia, Janu-

ary 29th, 1779, - -

- - -

English successes in Georgia.

James Lovell to B. Franklin. Philadelphia, Feb-

ruary 8th, 1779, - - - - -

To David Hartley. Passy, February 22d, 1779,

America cannot relinquish her alliance with France

to treat with Britain.

Letter respecting Captain Cook. Passy, March

10th, 1779,

Recommending to afford Captain Cook all the assist.

ance he may need.

To David Hartley. Passy, March 21st, 1779, -

Delay in the exchange of prisoners.-Losses of the

English.-Growth of America.

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David Hartley to B. Franklin. London, April 22d,

1779, - - - - - - . -

Proposing a truce.-Interests of France. --Advantages

of adopting some preliminaries.

Observations by Mr Hartley,

- - -

Enclosed in the preceding.

Instructions to John Paul Jones, Commander of the

American Squadron in the service of the United

States, now in the port of L'Orient, . - -

To David Hartley. Passy, May 4th, 1779, -

Relative to Mr Hartley's propositions.

To the Committee of Foreign Affairs. Passy, May

26th, 1779,

Receives his credentials.-Presented to the King-

American prisoners in France released.-Captain

Jones's squadron.--Exchange of prisoners with

England. -American prisoners there committed for

high treason.-Necker unfavorably disposed towards

America.- Accounts of the Commissioners.-Diffi-

culty of raising a loan.-Charges of William Lee

and Ralph Izard.-Recommends the appointment

of consuls.-Agents and applications of the sepa-

rate States.-Barbary Powers.—Disposition of the

French. Preparations of Spain. - Preparations in

France.—Opinion of the Howes, Cornwallis, &c. of

the impracticability of the conquest of America.

To James Lovell. Passy, June 2d, 1779, - -

Currency.-Charges of Mr Lee and Mr Izard.—Com-

munication between Europe and America.-M. de

la Luzerne.

James Lovell to B. Franklin. Philadelphia, June

13th, 1779,

Enclosing a resolve relative to Beaumarchais's ac-


James Lovell to B. Franklin. Philadelphia, July

9th, 1779, - -

James Lovell to B. Franklin. Philadelphia, July

16th, 1779, - - - -

Burning of Fairfield.—Compensation of Ministers.-

Forwards letters to the King of France.--Invoices

of supplies desired.

Instructions from Congress to B. Franklin. In Con-

gress, August 14th, 1779, -

- -

Proposing the mutual guaranty of the fisheries by

France and the United States.

To the Marquis de Lafayette. Passy, August 24th,


Forwarding him a sword, in the name of the Con-


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