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claims for Wegt Tennessee, etc.

veyor, etc.

in law, or the warrants or certificates legally issued, in con. And all interfering sequence of such interference, on land lying south and west the same rules, etc. of the said line, in the manner and under the same or similar rules, regulations, and restrictions, as are prescribed by the laws now in force in the said State of Tennessee, for issuing grants and perfecting titles on claims of a like nature for lands lying north and east of the said line.

SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That, previous to is- Previous to issuing suing a grant or perfecting a title on any of the claims here- warrant, etc. muse inbefore described, the warrant or other legal evidence of berlaid before the such claim shall be laid before the commissioner of land land claims for West Tennessee for the time being, appointed by the authority of the said State, and approved by hini as valid, upon sufficient legal evidence being adduced of such validity, according to the rules and regulations prescribed by the laws of the said State now in force, for deciding on warrants and other land claims of the like nature, authorized to be perfected into grants north and west of the aforesaid line; and upon the warrant, etc. such warrant or other legal evidence of any of the claims id, the land to be

. aforesaid being declared valid by said commissioner, it shall laid off by the sur. be lawful for the surveyor of the proper district or county to lay off and survey the same in the manner prescribed by the laws of the said State in similar cases, and return such survey to the register of the land office of West Tennessee, Grant to be execuwho shall thereupon be authorized to make out a grant thereon, to be executed by the Governor, and countersigned by the Secretary, of the said State, in the manner provided by the laws of the same: Provided, That no surveys shall be proviso; ethe Indigo made, grants issued, or titles perfected, by virtue of this act,

been extinguished. for any land to which the Indian claim has not been previously extinguished.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That those persons Persons who have who have had surveys made, and obtained grants from the North Carolina State of North Carolina, since the twenty-third day of De- since the 23d Dec. cember, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred Tennessee, on sur and eleven, for lands lying within the State of Tennessee, be cancelled, may shall, upon surrendering such grants to the said commissioner Tennessee. of land claims for West Tennessee for the time being, to be cancelled and vacated, be allowed to produce the entries, warrants, or other evidences of claims, upon which such grants were founded ; and if the said claims shall be deemed good and valid by the said commissioner, then it shall be lawful for the State of Tennessee to issue grants and perfect titles on such claims, in the same manner as if no such grants had been issued by the State of North Carolina.

Approved, April 4, 1818.

led by the Govern. or, etc.

CHAP. 215. ---An act limiting the time for claims being produced for lands au

thorized to be granted to the inhabitants of New Madrid. Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress as

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uary, 1819.

Persons claiming sembled, That every person claiming lands in virtue of the the act mentioned, act entitled “ An act for the relief of the inhabitants of the tion, etc. comporter late county of New Madrid, in the Missouri Territory, who fore the 1st of Jan- suffered by earthquakes," passed on the seventeenth day *Chapter 174. of February, one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, shall

make application therefor, and produce evidence in support

of his claim, to the recorder of land titles for the said Terri. Recorder not to is. tory, on or before the first day of January next; and the said

evi- recorder shall not issue a certificate for any claim as aforeproduced Within said, the evidence in support of which shall not have been

produced to him within the time limited as aforesaid.

Approved, April 9, 1818.

sue certificate
where the
dence has not been

the time.

[See Part II, Nos. 10, 11, 12, 15, 17, 23, 62, 241, 256.)

oblain etc.

veys, etc.

CHAP. 216.-An act to extend the time for locating Virginia military land war

rants, and returning surveys thereon to the General Land Office, and for des See act of the 9th of Feb. 1821; chap

ignating the western boundary line of the Virginia military tract. 252, post.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre

sentatives of the United States of America in Congress usOfficers and sol sembled, That the officers and soldiers of the Virginia line şinia line entitled on continental establishment, their heirs and assigns, entitled La bounty lands; to bounty lands within the Virginia military tract, between from the rarifica; the Little Miami and the Sciota rivers, shall be allowed a extinguishing In- further term of two years, from the ratification of any treaty dian litle, etc. to Warrants, extinguishing the Indian title to lands within the said bound.

aries not heretofore extinguished, to obtain warrants and And three years to complete their locations; and a further term of three years returnee their sur. from the ratification of any treaty extinguishing the Indian

title to lands within the said boundaries not heretofore extinguished, as aforesaid, to return their surveys and warrants, or certified copies of warrants, to the General Land Office, any thing in any former act to the contrary notwithstanding.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the provisions of for lands surveyed the act entitled " An act authorizing patents to issue for lands in viele regir: located and surveyed by virtue of certain Virginia resolution rants, revived, etc.

warrants,”'I passed on the third day of March, one thousand except, etc. Chapter 89. eight hundred and seven, shall be revived and in force, with

all its restrictions, except that the respective times allowed for making locations and returning surveys thereon shall be limited to the terms prescribed by the first section of this act for the location and return of surveys on other warrants, and

that the surveys shall be returned to the General Land OfProviso; no foca fice: Provided, That no locations, as aforesaid, in virtue of which patenis had this or the preceding section of this act, shall be made on or which had been tracts of lands for which patents had previously been issued, gurveyed, etc. or which had been previously surveyed; and any patent which

may, nevertheless, be obtained for land located contrary to the provisions of this act, shall be considered null and void : Provided, also, That no locations or surveys shall be made

The act authoriz.

etc. until 6 months

within that part of the said military tract to which the Indian Proviso, no locatitle remained heretofore unextinguished, until after six within that part of

the military tract, months shall have elapsed from the date of a proclamation of the President of the United States, declaring a treaty or treaties as mediante o se pores to have been concluded and ratified, providing for the extin-dioxtinguishing guishment of the Indian title to such lands; nor shall any etc. patent be granted for any location, survey, or entry, that has been or shall be made prior to the expiration of six months from and after the ratification of such treaty.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That from the source The line dosigna. of the Little Miami river to the Indian boundary line estab- 231 March, 1804, 10 lished by the treaty of Greenville, in one thousand seven hun. remain the wester dred and ninety-five, the line designated as the westerly the Virginia tracta boundary line of the Virginia tract, by an act of Congress, rected by law. passed on the twenty-third day of March, one thousand eight hundred and four, entitled " An act to ascertain the boundary of the lands reserved by the State of Virginia northwest of the river Ohio, for the satisfaction of her officers and soldiers on continental establishment, and to limit the period for locating the said lands,'

*** shall be considered and held to be *Chapter 63. such until otherwise directed by law : And from the afore- The line run by said Indian boundary line to the source of the Sciota river, ihales beleonsidthe line run by Charles Roberts, in one thousand eight hun-ered the westerly dred and twelve, in pursuance of instructions from the com. Indian choundary missioners appointed on the part of the United States, to of the Sciota river. establish the western boundary of the said military tract, shall be considered and held to be the westerly boundary line thereof; and that no patent shall be granted on any location No patents for loand survey that has or may be made west of the aforesaid cations west of the respective lines.

Approved, April 11, 1818.


(See Part II, Nos: 2, 6, 35, 37, 43, 108, 113, 114, 115, 116, 121, 134, 136, 137, 236, 237.]

CHAP. 217.-An act to enable the people of the Illinois Territory to form a

constitution and State Government, and for the admission of such State into the Union, on an equal footing with the original States.

The first five gec

Sec. 6.f And be it further enacted, That the following tions ifrelevant propositions be, and the same are hereby, offered to the con- Propositions offervention of the said Territory of Illinois, when formed, for into the conven. their free acceptance or rejection, which, is accepted by the convention, shall be obligatory upon the United States and the said State. First. That section numbered sixteen, in every township, 1. Section No 16,

in every township, and, when such section has been sold or otherwise disposed of, other lands equivalent thereto, and as contiguous as may be, shall be granted to the State, for the use of the inhabitants of such township, for the use of schools.

Second. That all salt springs within such State, and the land reserved, etc. land reserved for the use of the same, shall be granted to State, otc.

etc. for schools.



at one time.

3. Five per cent. nett proceeds of sales

The residue to en-

dent, for the use of


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the said State, for the use of the said State, and the same to

be used under such terms, and conditions, and regulations, as Proviso; salt sprigs the Legislature of the said State shall direct: Provided, The more than 10 years Legislature shall never sell nor lease the same for a longer

period than ten years at any one time.

Third. That five per cent. of the nett proceeds of the lands of public lying within such State, and which shall be sold by Congress, lands within the from and after the first day of January, one thousand eight

hundred and nineteen, after deducting all expenses incident

to the same, shall be reserved for the purposes following, Two fifths for viz: two fifths to be disbursed, under the direction of Con

gress, in making roads leading to the State; the residue to courage learning, be appropriated, by the Legislature of the State, for the enfor a college, etc." couragement of learning, of which one sixth part shall be

exclusively bestowed on a college or university. 4. Thirty-six sec. Fourth. That thirty-six sections, or one entire township, lions, to be desig: nated by the Pres, which shall be designated by the President of the United

of States, together with the one heretofore reserved for that learning

purpose, shall be reserved for the use of a seminary of learning, and vested in the Legislature of the said State, to be

appropriated solely to the use of such seminary by the said Proviso; the four Legislature: Provided, always, That the four foregoing Lious are on condi: propositions, herein offered, are on the conditions that the by the u. States convention of the said State shall provide, by an ordinance be free from irrevocable without the consent of the United States, that

every and each tract of land sold by the United Stales, from and after the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, shall remain exempt from any tax laid by order or under any authority of the State, whether for State, county, or township, or any other purpose whatever, for the

term of five years from and after the day of sale; And, furAnd mility boun; ther,(1) That the bounty lands granted, or hereafter to be held by the paten. granted, for military services during the late war, shall, while 10 be free from they continue to be held by the patentees or their heirs, re

ha taxes for 5 years.


main exempt, as aforesaid, from all taxes, for the term of

three years from and after the date of the patents, respectiveNonresident citi- ly; and that all the lands belonging to the citizens of the he taxed higher United States, residing without the said State, shall never than those of resi: be taxed higher than lands belonging to persons residing


Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That all that part of the after Ilinois is territory of the United States lying north of the State of Insubject to the dis: diana, and which was included in the former Indiana Terriposition of Con. tory, together with that part of the Ilinois Territory which

is situated north of, and not included within, the boundaries prescribed by this act, to the State thereby authorized to be formed, shall be, and hereby is, attached to and made a part of the Michigan Territory, from and after the formation of the said State; subject, nevertheless, to be hereafter disposed of by Congress, according to the right reserved in the


taxes years.

Additional territ'y

(1) See Part II, No. 13.

fifth article of the ordinance aforesaid ; * and the inhabitants *See chapter 20. therein shall be entitled to the same privileges and immunities, and subject to the same rules and regulations, in all respects, with the other citizens of the Michigan Territory.

Approved, April 18, 1818.

[See Part II, No. 445.]*

CHAP. 218.-An act to suspend for a limited time the sale or forfeiture of lands for failure in completing the payment thereon.t


Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre• The operation of sentatives of the United States of America in Congress as- of the 5th section sembled, That the operation of the sixth condition of the fifth of the act men section of the act entitled “ An act to amend the act enti- till, 31st March, tled 'An act providing for the sale of the lands of the United Dierebasers of pubStates northwest of the Ohio and above the mouth of Kentucky river,'" be, and the same is hereby, suspended until See chap. 51. the thirty-first day of March next, in favor of the purchasers od. See act of 3d of public lands at any of the land offices of the United States : 9 230, post. Provided, That the benefit of this act shall not be extended Proviso; benefit to any one purchaser for a greater quantity than six hundred one purchaser for and forty acres of land.

March, 1819, chap.


Approved, April 18, 1818.



[See Part II, No. 13.]

CHAP. 219.-An act to continue in force an act entitled “ An act relating to settlers on lands of the United States. "Il

11 Obsolete. See the act, continued, an.

le, chap. 180. Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That an act entitled “ An act relating to settlers on The act relating to the lands of the United States,”'a passed the twenty-fifth of lands of the United March, one thousand eight hundred and sixteen, be, and the until 31 March, same is hereby, continued in force for one year from and after

Ante, chap. 180. the third day of March last.

Approved, April 20, 1818.


[See Part II, Nos. 1, 16, 106, 119, 205, 206, 207, 208, 213, 229, 267. }

CHAP. 220.-An act authorizing the disposal of certain lots of public ground in the city of New Orleans and town of Mobile.

The Presid'nt may abandon the use of

the navy arsenal, Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre- military hospital sentatives of the United States of America in Congress as. Orleans, and of sembled, That the President of the United States shall have Mobile, and cause power, and he is hereby authorized, whenever, in his opin-on thay Mtand to be ion, it shall be consistent with the public interest to abandon daid off into lois,

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