Dream Life: A Fable of the Seasons

C. Scribner, 1852 - 286 Seiten

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Seite 236 - The weeks leap with a bound; and the months only grow long when you approach that day which is to make her yours. There are no flowers rare enough to make bouquets for her; diamonds are too dim for her to wear; pearls are tame. - And after marriage, the weeks are even shorter than before; you wonder why on earth all the single men in the world do not rush tumultuously to the altar; you look upon them all, as a travelled man will look upon some conceited Dutch boor, who has never been beyond the limits...
Seite 35 - The peaches bloom upon the wall, and the plums wear bodices of white. The sparkling oriole picks string for his hammock on the sycamore, and the sparrows twitter in pairs. The old elms throw down their dingy flowers, and color their spray with green; and the brooks, where you throw your worm or the minnow, float down whole fleets of the crimson blossoms of the maple.
Seite 41 - But you grow tired of this; you tire even of the swing, and of the pranks of Charlie; and you glide away into a corner, with an old, dog's-eared copy of Robinson Crusoe. And you grow heart and soul into the story, until you tremble for the poor fellow with his guns, behind the palisade ; and are yourself half dead with fright, when you peep cautiously over the hill with your glass, and see the cannibals at their orgies around the fire.
Seite 34 - ... matted debris of the old year's decay, bore my spirit upon it, nearer to the largess of Heaven. I love to trace the break of spring step by step : I love even those long rain-storms, that sap the icy fortresses of the lingering winter, — that melt the snows upon the hills, and swell the...
Seite 35 - ... or the faint blush of the arbutus, in the midst of the bleak March atmosphere, will touch your heart, like a hope of Heaven...
Seite 34 - ... as the mind of a boy. Between tears and smiles, the year, like the child, struggles into the warmth of life. The old year, — say what the chronologists will, — lingers upon the very lap of spring ; and is only fairly gone, when the blossoms of April have strewn their pall of glory upon his tomb, and the blue-birds have chanted his requiem.
Seite 116 - Here and there a lark, scared from his feeding-place in the grass, soars up, bubbling forth his melody in globules of silvery sound, and settles upon some tall tree, and waves his wings, and sinks to the swaying twigs. I hear, too, a quail piping from the meadow fence, and another trilling his answering whistle from the hills. Nearer by...
Seite 136 - You will learn, that all the traditions so current among very young men, that certain great characters have wrought their greatness by an inspiration as it were, grow out of a sad mistake. And you will further find, when you come to measure yourself with men, that there are no rivals so formidable, as those earnest, determined minds, which reckon the value of every hour, and which achieve eminence by persistent application. Literary ambition may inflame you at certain periods ; and a thought of some...
Seite 40 - There is great fun in groping through a tall barrel^ of books and pamphlets, on the look-out for startling pictures ; and there are chestnuts in the garret, drying, which you have discovered on a ledge of the chimney ; and you slide a few into your pocket, and munch them quietly, — giving now and then one to Nelly, and begging her to keep silent ; — for you have a great fear of its being forbidden fruit.
Seite 36 - It does not gather like the storm-clouds of winter, grey and heavy along the horizon, and creep with subtle and insensible approaches (like age) to the very zenith ; but there are a score of white-winged swimmers afloat, that your eye has chased, as you lay fatigued with the delicious languor of an April sun ; — nor have you scarce noticed that a little bevy of those floating clouds had grouped together in a sombre company.

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