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, July 24, 1845. and in ruins. Owing to this disordered state of things, the missions bad Mr. :

not been so successful commercially ss was expected, though not less 50 Dear Sir,-Your letter was duly received by Dr. ********. En- | than Dr. King had anticipated under such circumstances. closed, you will receive on the part of the association, ten dollars, for the conveyance of yourself and boy. I would beg leave to urge upon you the necessity of being here at least by Saturday next, as an arrangement is

Colonial Intelligence. made for Monday next, to hunt a gang of runaways, who are in the immediate neighbourhood of my plantation. With the assistance of BRITISH WEST INDIES :- Immigration. The number of vessels taken this party, I could promise you almost certain success if you bring along up by the Emigration Commissioners in this country to convey Indian with you competent dogs.

labourers to the colonies is as follows :-
Respectfully yours,

Jamaica.... 7 vessels, to carry .... 1,787 Coolies
B. Guiana.. 16

Secretary and Treasurer of the Association.

Trinidad.... 8

2,228 Anti-Slavery Standard.




Besides these, Emigration Agents in India have taken up tbe following Home Intelligence.

vessels for the same purpose, viz :-Jamaica, two vessels; B. Guiana, four ; Belfast :-At a large and highly respectable meeting of the friends Trinidad, two. The lading of all these vessels is not given. Five had and supporters of the Anti-slavery Association of Belfast, held in Rose

been loaded and despatched, containing 1,005 men, 193 women, 137 boys mary-street Church, on Friday, the 12th of December, John Clarke, Esq.

and girls, and 93 infants, in all, 1,928 persons. We presume the total in the chair, the following resolutions were adopted :

number of Coolies who will be taken to the above colonies during the Moved by the Rev. James Hodgens, and seconded by the Rev. Mr. present season will be about 12,000. We need scarcely point out the fact Wright, of the Associate Reformed Church of America

that the number of women bear but a slight proportion to the men, and 1 “That Christians, of every denomination, are in duty bound solemnly that the number of children bear no adequate proportion to the women, to protest against the existence of slavery, as repugnant to the Word of

another and decisive proof of the truly objectionable character of this God, contained in the Old and New Testaments."

emigration, if it deserve the term. Moved by the Rev. Isaac Nelson, and seconded by the Rev. J. Boyd

JAMAICA.--Immigrants :-A correspondent at Lucea, writing to us 2. “That we trust the various Churches of Great Britain and Ireland

on the 23rd of February, says—"The barque Mandarin, commanded by will inform those of their own persuasion in the United States of America, Captain John Cleland, arrived here yesterday, with 276 immigrants. Of who retain slave-holders in their communion, that, if they continue to this number 237 are Hill-Coolies, and 39 are Africans, the latter having tolerate such iniquity, they are unworthy of being enrolled among the

been taken by British cruizers out of slave-ships, and shipped on board followers of Christ, as they act so contrary to the spirit of his gospel." the “ Mandarin,” by order of the governor of St. Helena. Captain

THE SLAVEHOLDERS' MONEY AND THE FREE CAURCH.- A public Cleland reports that he made the passage from Calcutta to this place in meeting of the members and friends of the Glasgow Emancipation Society one hundred and five days, and that the Hydrabad was to have left in a was held in the City Hall, on Tuesday evening, for the purpose of pass fortnight after he did, with another lot of Coolies for Savana-la-mar. A ing a memorial to the General Assembly of the Free Church, imploring third vessel would sail in a month after, for some port on the north side, them to renounce Christian fellowship with American slaveholders, and probably Falmouth.” Our correspondent adds that the immigrants who to send back the money. The meeting was a very large and influential have arrived at Lucea, are a fine looking set of people, and express them. one ; and, on the motion of Mr. Watson, Councillor Turner was called to selves much pleased with the care and attention they received from Captain the chair. The meeting was addressed by Messrs Henry C. Wright, Cleland.-Falmouth Post, March 3rd. Frederick Douglass, James N. Buffum, and George Thompson, in long COOLIES:- The Kingston papers of last week contained statements to the and eloquent speeches, which were listened to with the most profound effect that great discontent prevailed amongst the Coolies, and that several, attention; and resolutions were adopted by acclamation in favour of the in a state of nudity, had been to Spanish Town to complain to the agentobject of the meeting. A Mr. James Pinkerton and another individual general of ill-treatment, but owing to that gentleman's illness and absence defended the conduct of the Free Church, but the feeling of the meeting from town, their object could not be secured, was entirely against them.-Glasgow Argus.

On Thursday last they returned in greater numbers, and wandered about ANNEXATION OF TEXAS.-In reply to a communication from the

| the town in a state of nakedness and misery. The police, we are in. Secretary of the Customs Department on the subject, the commissioners

formed, were compelled, for the sake of decency, to take them in charge. have received a letter from Mr. Cadwell, one of the secretaries of the

We are told that clothing was distributed amongst them, and that the Lords' Commissioners of her Majesty's Treasury, stating that he has been

people willingly supplied them with food The cause of their discontent commanded by their lordships to acquaint them that & communication

we have not learned, but report says, it arose from the ill-treatment they has been received by their lordships from the Foreign Office, stating that received from their Sirdars. What the end of Coolie immigration will the Earl of Aberdeen is of opinion that Texas must henceforward be

be is pretty evident. Many lives will be sacrificed, much bad feeling considered as forming part of the American Union. Notice of this com

engendered, large sums of money wasted, and then the scheme pro

nounced a failure.- Baptist Herald. munication has been forwarded to the principal officers of the revenue at the several ports and places throughout the United Kingdom of Great

The Editor of the Palmouth Post states that a party of Coolies had Britain and Ireland for their information and future government in the

come to the town in a state of the greatest destitution and misery. He matter.— Times, April 28.

describes them as mere walking skeletons infected with disease, and

indulges in severe strictures on the inhumanity of bringing them from SUGAR DUTIES.-Yesterday copies of two orders in council, dated the 8th

their own country to die a wretched death in Jamaica. August, and the 6th of April, (presented pursuant to act of Parliament,)

CULTIVATION OF COTTON :-We are glad to learn that it is in respecting sugar duties, were issued. The first order has reference to

contemplation to establish a Joint Stock Company for the cultivation sagars of Siam, and it is declared, that from the 1st of July next, the

of cotton, upon a very extensive scale in this island. We have so often sugars of Siam shall be deemed and taken not to be the produce of slave

expressed our opinions upon the probable success of such a project that we labour. The second order states, that from the first of May next, brown

need hardly now repeat them. Muscovado or clayed sugars, not being refined) the growth of the

Cotton has been proved to grow most luxuriously along the low sandy dominions of the republic of New Granada shall, if imported from the

lands which skirt the sea coast of the south side of the island, and a most dominions or from any British possessions abroad, having been imported

favourable situation for its extensive cultivation is afforded by a large nto such British possession from the said dominions, be admitted to

tract of land in the immediate neighbourhood of Spanish Town, called entry for consumption into the United Kingdom, at the respective rates

Hartland, which has been offered to a company by the proprietor upon of duty of £1 8s., and £I 3s. 4d. per cwt., subject to the production of

most advantageous terms. certificates and declarations as required with respect to sugars, the growth

The Railroad now in course of formation between Spanish Town, and of China, Java, or Manilla.— Times, April 28.

Old Harbour, will run through the property, and will thus not only afford THE New NIGER EXPEDITION.-About two years since, Captain a ready and expeditious means of transport for the produce of the estate, Becroft and Dr. King left Liverpool in the steamer Ethiope, on another but will also supply the labour necessary for carrying on the work, much experimental trial to open commerce with central Africa. Letters have of which being of a nature to be performed by women and children, been received from those gentlemen by a Dutch ship, which arrived in would be found abundantly in the towns. the Channel, dated Fernando Po, Nov. 9, announcing their return to It has been calculated that the cost of purchasing (on the terms offered that island from the Niger six days previously. The vessel had been by Mr. Hart,) and settling Hartland, and the full charges attending the upon that river for a period of three months and a half. Unhappily, in gathering in the first year's crop, would not exceed the trifling sum of consequence of deaths, feuds, and wars among the chiefs, the aspect of £15,000, including the machinery necessary for ginning the produce of matters in the interior had been found materially altered, and Rabbah, 1,000 acres, and exclusive of the value of the logwood which now covers the largest and most flourishing town on the river in 1840, is now deserted the land in question.

The produce of 1,000 acres of cotton of fine quality would yield a return legislaturo. Before the next packet shall have left our shores, we hope upon this capital very far beyond any agricultural production that we are to be able to show to the world that Trinidad is of one mind on this allaware of. As we have reason to believe that a prospectus will soon be important subject. We trust that the members of the Imperial Par. laid before the public, we will not here anticipate the views of the Com. liament will afford us their powerful protection and support. We shall pany, but we may observe that the state of the relations between Great appeal to them, especially those of them whose names are identified with Britain and the United States, renders the present a most favourable the advancement of constitutional rights, with every confidence. They moment for laying such a scheme before the public, and we can have no will, we are sure, espouse our cause as one fully deserving of their hearty doubt that such a project would be greedily seized on by English advocacy, and, having that powerful support, we shall have no apprehen. capitalists, who are already directing their attention to similar projects in sions for the success of our appeal.-T. Standard, March 7th. the East Indies.

CAPE OF Good Hope.--Labour at the Cape. The first batch of CLARENDON :-At the Agricultural Society the prize of a richly chased emigrants destined to provide in the want of labourers in this colony, and silver salver was presented to E. Ewbank, Esq., for having made the for wbich laudable object the legislative council voted a sum of £10,000 largest quantity of sugar from the smallest field of canes in cultivation. from the colonial revenue, arrived in Table Bay, on Tuesday last, in the The quantity made from Danks' estate was 178 hogsheads from 82 acres ship Susan, having sailed from Plymouth on the 23rd November last. of canes, or at the rate of 42 cwt. 12 lbs. to the acre.-Baptist Herald. The number of emigrants on board amounts to 168 men and women, 70 BRITISH GUIANA.-The following extracts from the Governor's speech,

children, and four infants ; the first consisting of field labourers, domestic addressed to the combined court of the colony, on the 16th March last, servants, shepherds, carpenters, masons, sawyers, &c., who, with the will be found to give information on the state of the crops, and the

advice of their official adviser, the collector of customs, will enter into the conduct of the labourers :

service of such applicants as shall, in his opinion, have made the most "The past year closed with a small increase of crop, as compared with advantageous offers, in pursuance of his invitation to that effect. It is the preceding year; with an increase of population by immigration of 3,647 said that these emigrants have been selected from a proper class of persons ; with a decrease in the number of arrests by the police of, at labourers, and recommend themselves by their good appearance; but least, 15 per cent., as compared with the year 1844, and with a balance in however this may be, we desire to direct the attention of all those having the Treasury, after payment of all claims rendered to the 31st December,

any interference in the matter, to the necessity of impressing on their 1845, of $262,025, 95.

minds that they will not be relieved here from the salutary check, in case “ It cannot but be satisfactory to you, since it is creditable to the they leave the service of those into whose service they may now enter, character of our population, now estimated at 120,000, to know that of

of being provided with a certificate of good conduct, as an indispensible the 109 prisoners at the close of the last year, at the penal settlement, 49 requisite to be again employed by others. The introduction of this only are convicts by the supreme court ; that 52 of the 109 are not

desirable system will be the best means for securing a proper fulbiment natives of British Guiana, and so little is crime on the increase among the of their duties on the part of these people, it will constantly secure them native youth of the colony, that but three persons of that class between the best and most advantageous employment, and prevent their being the ages of fourteen and twenty years, are at the penal settlement by

carried away by the bad example of a large number of our coloured sentence of the Supreme Court."

servants, whose vicious habits are a constant source of vexation, inconTAXATION:-"It is not anticipated that the large balance in the colony

venience, and loss. The colonists now have it in their power to put a chest, ($ 262,000,) will induce the combined Court to reduce the present

stop to it for the future, in at least as far as these emigrants are conrate of taxation upon imports. * * * * The taxes certainly are

cerned ; and it will, therefore, be their own fault if, by disregarding this enormous; the civil list and colonial establishment generally, preposterous

well meaning advice, they are, in future, also annoyed by these people. for a colony of 120,000 souls; but for these, the colonial faith is pledged

South African, Jan. 29th. for, at least, six years to come.—Guiana Times, March 19th.

INCREASE OF POPULATION.-As far as British Guiana is concerned, we believe our free population is rapidly and satisfactorily on the increase.

Foreign Intelligence.
All un-official and private accounts agree in leading one to that conclusion.
But, unfortunately, we have no authentic official records to verify the

New York. The American Negroes.-An important Convention is fact.-R. Gazette, March 10th.

about to assemble to re-model the constitution of the State of the New MADEIRANS.- We understand that, of the 232 Portugese who arrived

York. Formed in the infancy of the State, it has been found insufficient for

the fast growing emergencies of this large child of the confederacy. Most yesterday by the brig Claudine, a considerable number have already gone

of the proposed changes are seized upon, of course, and used for political to the east coast. A numerous gang is stated to have been formed

ammunition by the opposing parties. The point most hotly argued at for plantation Spring Hall, the property of R. JONES, Esq.-The same

this moment in the party papers, is a proposition to give negroes the party, a Portugese shopkeeper, settled in this colony, who procured the

white man's vote of suffrage. On the face of the discussion it looks like immigrants by the Standard, that came in last week from Madeira, also

& mere question of policy and philanthropy; but the real point of issue obtained the present batch. Never were the poorer classes of Madeirans

lies in the reason why the Whigs (Conservatives) advocate it, and the more eager to come to Terra Nuova, as they term this province, than at

democrats oppose it, viz., that the negro character is so invincibly aristothe present time. One cause of this eagerness for emigration is the

cratic in its tastes, that they are sure to vote with the more respectable of difficulty they experience in obtaining a livelihood in their island : but

Conservative party. It is estimated that, as the negro votes will number another strong motive is their desire of getting the start of the Coolies, of whom, and of their endurance and thrift, they have heard much.-R.

from fifteen to twenty thousand -as this is about the number of the Irish,

who are as invincibly democratic, and have long been a favourable casting Gazette, Feb. 218t.

weight on the democratic side—the Whigs rejoice, in the prospect of BERBICE.-The barque Margaret, from Sierra Leone, with 180 black suffrage as a restitution of the “ balance of power."- Morning Africans on board, anchored in our river, on Thursday evening last. Chronicle. The emigrants bave een distributed on the estates of those public spirited

UNITED STATES :- Appointments by the President :-(By and and enterprising gentlemen who chartered the Margaret. We regret to

with the consent and advice of the Senate.) Andrew J. Donelson, of learn that the charterers will be losers to a very great amount, as the

Tennessee, to be envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the bounty money will not amount to more than about one-third the cost of United States

United States at the court of his majesty, the King of Prussia, in the the introduction of these emigrants.- Berbice Gazette, March 2nd.

place of Henry Wheaton, who has asked to be recalled, Union. The introduction of these Africans is said to have cost the importers,

When Mr. Polk came into power there were four ministers plenipoten£1,000. They will be allowed a bounty of thirty-five dollars per head;

tiary of this government from the free states, viz. : Edward Everett, 80 that it must have proved a losing concern to “ those public-spirited at London, Washington Irving, at Madrid, Wilson Shannon, at Mexico, and enterprising gentlemen who chartered the Margaret."

and Henry Wheaton, at Berlin. Now, we have seven ministers abroad, TRINIDAD.-Coolies. We have had two arrivals of Coolies. On the every one of them from the slave states, and doubtless slaveholders! 11th ultimo, the Duchess of Argyle arrived, bringing 212 men, 55 They are women, and 23 children. On the 24th, the Bangalore, arrived with 248

Louis M'Lane, of Maryland, at London. men, and 47 women.

W. R. King, Alabarna, at Paris. Popular REPRESENTATION.--The last packet brought out the refusal

C. S. Todd, Kentucky, at St. Petersburg. of the Secretary of State to accede to the request of the 1500 memorialists Henry A. Wise, Virginia, at Rio Janeiro. who petitioned Her Majesty for a House of Representatives. We have John Slidell, Louisiana, at Mexico. much pleasure in stating that so far from this repressing the reform spirit

Romulous M. Saunders, North Carolina, at Madrid. of Trinidad, it has had the effect of rousing it to vigor and unanimity.

Andrew J. Donelson, Tennessee, at Berlin. Preliminary meetings are being held for the purpose of reiterating the

Besides this, the minister resident at Constan tinople is a slave holde the appeal to the Sovereign and the two houses of Parliament. Reformers and nearly all the consuls who have the more important posts, ares slava are laying aside their peculiar views, and uniting in agitating for the holders.-Emancipator. grand principle of POPULAR REPRESENTATION in the local Now HAMPSHIRE GABAT VICTORY.Probably, there never has been a state election in this country which has been regarded with such deep lieving, with another renowned warrior, that “ discretion was the better interest and intense anxiety, in all parts of the country, and by all classes part of valour," he very wisely ran out by the Puerta del Socorro-tho of society, as the election in New Hampshire last week ; and the result back door, in fact, of the citadel; and, after some difficulty in escaping far surpasses the most sanguine expectations of the friends of freedom and from the vengeance of the men he had seduced, succeeded in reaching the reform. The northern Gibraltar of slavery has been triumphantly scaled French territory. He took no part in the perilous portion of the pro. and conquered, --henceforth, we trust, to be used for the subversion, nouncement of 1843. All was decided when he appeared on the scene. and not as hitherto for the protection, of the slave system. The issue Such are the distinguished services of the Count of Lucena in “ days of was fairly and openly made between liberty and slavery. The power and difficulty." His services in Cuba, and the sanguinary punishments inpatronage of the national and state governments were brought to bear | Alicted on the slaves, are too well known to be easily forgotten. For such with tremendous energy in aid of pro-slavery democracy, and the most service, however, he would appear to be admirably adapted.-Chronicle desperate exertions were put forth by the unprincipled demagogues who | April 13. have so long ruled the granite state with more than imperial sway. But GALLICIA.-The Universal German Gazette, of the 8th ult., publisher the right side is victorious, and New Hampshire is redeemed. The the following intelligence from Gallicia to the 31st March :-" The intelligence will cause the demon of slavery to send up a howl of peasants still continue to pillage. They are mostly commanded by disdespair.

banded soldiers. In the circle of Tarnow Izela, and not Sala, commande The majority against Williams, the slavery and Texas candidate, is not 12,000 peasants well armed. He is persuaded that he is chosen by Provi. far from 1500.

dence to be the executor of the Imperial will. He has carried his All but eleven small towns have been heard from. The senate, when audacity so far as to send a deputation to wait on the Emperor at Vienna. filled, will be anti-democratic-nine to three.

In the circle of Bochina, a peasant named Khryga commands the insur. The house, thus far, stands thus-Whigs 115- Independents 28- gents, another named Janocha in Sandecz, and in Przemyse and Sambo a Democrats 109.

man named Boschola. The Emperor's letter, thanking the peasants, was The majority against Woodbury, the congressional opponent of John received with contempt by the armed hordes. When one of the Imperial P. Hale, in 210 towns, is nearly 2800 !

Commissioners represented to the peasants, who now consider themselves The Independent Democrat, the organ of John P. Hale, announces the to be the owners of the property of the late nobility, to consider that result as follows:

there exist widows and orphans to whom the property belongs,' they “ It is with mingled feelings of joy and gratitude that we are able to replied, “We have flayed the great dogs, and we shall soon get rid of the announce the defeat of the slavery ticket. The people have spoken in little.' Each of the Imperial Commissioners is accompanied by six a voice that must have a fearful meaning to the men who have undertaken soldiers, notwithstanding which protection two of them have been already to chain New Hampshire to the car of oppression. Williams and Wood murdered by the peasants. In the circle of Tarnow, one of the most bury are defeated. The friends of independent democracy hold the populous districts in Gallicia, there remain but nineteen of all the probalance in the legislature. The question of liberty and slavery, which prietors and their families." the central committee forced upon the people, has been decided, nobly

The National, of the 15th ult., states, that its intelligence from Gallicia decided for liberty and right. In the hurry and bustle of the election

describes the insurrection as becoming daily more formidable. “Our just past, we have not been able to ascertain the exact character of all

correspondent," it says, “ informs us that the Russian troops are rethe men elected to the house. Enough however is ascertained to make

duced to complete inaction, the soldiers confining themselves to protect it certain, that the slavish and radical test questions which have cursed the security of the roads, and the insurgents being now masters of the the state for the last few years, have received their final sentence of con.

country. A person from Vienna, connected with the government, writes demnation at the hands of an indignant people. Enough is ascertained

that there are at least 20,000 armed individuals who refuse obedience to to show that the free-men of New Hampshire will never bow down and

the orders of the civil and military authorities of the province. Their worship slavery."

organization, plans, and modes of manæuvring had caused the greatest And again :-“We think the result indicates that the democratic free

surprise to the commander of the troops, and they had inferred from these men of New Hampshire are opposed to the proscriptive and tyranical

circumstances that the insurgents had able chiefs at their head. To those clique who have for a few years assumed to rule, and in ruling have ruined

particulars our correspondent adds :-- I have been assured that the the democratic party. We think it indicates that New Hampshire will

rural population of Ukraine, having been apprised of the events in Gallicia, not bow down to slavery. It indicates that no central committee, or

had become agitated, not to murder its landlords, but to demand the abo. 'traveller in search of public sentiment,' can bring to the block an honest

lition of forced labour, and quit and crown rents, and the possession of a and faithful representative, for being true to liberty and the people. It

portion of the soil. Austria, not knowing the cause of the present agiindicates that better men and better counsels shall hereafter rule New

tation, imagined that it was rancorously excited by a great power; but Hampshire.”Liberator.

experience will prove to her that it has deeply-rooted natural causes, the Texas.--The first legislature of the state of Texas commenced at Austin, I irresistible action of which exercises its influence over upwards of Feb. 16. The inauguration of Governor Henderson took place on the 20,000,000 serfs'" 19th. He received from the people 8910 votes, and Dr. Miller 1672– total 10,582 votes, and Texas has two representatives ! Gen. Burleson

BOURBON. -- By the Julie brig, Captain Duliot, which arrived on is president of the senate. Gen. Houston and Mr. Rusk are chosen

Tuesday at Havre from the Isle of Bourbon, intelligence has been received senators of the United States. Of Gen. Houston, the N. Y. Tribune

from that colony to December 25. It appears that, on the 23rd, some says :-" We utter no libel when we say that, in his habits, his principles

disturbances had taken place in the island. The blacks having assembled and his character, he is the fittest representative of that state that could

in the St. André district, and committed some ravages in the rural pro. possibly be found, and the most thorough embodiment extant of the prin.

perties, it was found necessary to call out the gendarmerie, and 60 negroes ciples exemplified in every period of Texan history, from the beginning

were taken to prison. The next day the colony was on the alert, the mi. to the present time." The total population of Texas, white and black,

litary received cartridges, and the posts were all doubled. The fears of a is estimated at 75,000.

rising caused the governor to forbid the celebration of the midnight mass

for Christmas-day. Captain Duliot sailed the next morning.-Morning SPAIN.—The papers state that General O'Donnell, (we may now, I pre

Chronicle, April 9th. sume, say) “late" Captain-General of Cuba, has been created Count of Lucena, in reward for the eminent services performed by him in favour of TURKEY. CONSTANTINOPLE, March 26.--A new hatti-sheriff hus the queen and the country in “ days of much difficulty.” It may not be lately been issued by the Porte, and within the last few days made public. uninteresting to know the nature of the services rendered by this individual. The necessity there at present exists here of issuing such injunctions as I Of course they were those he rendered to the Queen-Mother. In 1841 shall now transcribe will show how habitual and universal extortion and O'Donnell petitioned the government of Espartero (to whom, by the way, venality in the Turkish provinces have hitherto been, on the part of the he owes nearly all he has) to be permitted to reside at Bilboa en cuartel. | officers and agents of the Porte. There was some objection made to his presence there, and he was allowed 1 The following are the most remarkable clauses of the new hatti-sheriff: to go to Pampeluna, on his giving his word of honour that he would not -1. No one shall be subject to corvées (or forced labour), but every engage in any conspiracy. O'Donnell pledged his word. All he wished one shall receive wages for his work. 2. Governors, judges, officers, and was to live in quiet and tranquillity with his family. Espartero, unsus- other functionaries shall be obliged to purchase (whatever they may need picious and honourable himself, believed that the person he had protected at the regular market price. 3. The agents of the government when sent and promoted, even beyond his merits, was swayed by the same feeling, into any town, bourg, or village to collect taxes, or for any other purpose, trusted to his word, and the permission was granted accordingly. If must, like any other travellers, eat and drink at their own expense; they are Espartero had remembered the history of the O'Donnell's of 1820, he not allowed even to accept of an egg without paying for it. 4. Governors would have acted more cautiously. The manner in which the new Count must receive no presents under any pretexts whatsoever, neither for procurof Lucena fulfilled his promise was by organizing a conspiracy; seducing ing places for applicants, nor from any other consideration. 5. Every the troops to rebellion ; stealing by night into the citadel of Pampeluna, subject of the empire, after he has paid his taxes, shall be exempt from and, with a cowardly ferocity, bombarding a city which was almost de- every other exaction from the governors or their agents. 6. The metrofenceless! The attempt failed. When he heard of the terrible name of politans and primates of the Christian Churches are charged not to molest Zurbano, who was advancing on Vittoria and Ayerbe, or Pampeluna, be their people, not to subject them to forced labour, and to treat them with gentleness and justice. 7. The members of the judicial councils of the slaver is concluded, Mr. Graham, for the defence, declining to examine provinces will be careful to examine the matters brought before them with any witnesses. The captain was committed in default of $4000 bail, and the most scrupulous integrity to hold the balance of justice steadily be the mate of $2500.- Liberator. tween all parties.

LICENTIOUSNESS OF SLAVERY.—The following is a literal copy of an This edict is the first of the kind, except that of Gulhani, that has been

advertisement which was taken down from one of the pillars of the capital published in the Greek and Armenian languages as well as the Turkish.

of one of the slave states. No one can have the least doubt for what the Hitherto, hatti-sheriffs have been sent merely to the governors of the pro

“handsome, smart, and sound" young woman is offered for sale. vinces written only in Turkish ; they have been considered as addressed exclusively to officials; little or no attention has been paid to them; and “FRENCH COOK, HAIR DRESSER, AND BARBERESS, when any individuals have complained of their infraction, they have usually

FOR SALE. been bastinadoed or imprisoned for their presumption. But now the Young, HANDSOME, SMART, HONEST, AND Sound. TITLES PERFECT. Raya and Turkish population are directly addressed in their respective

Apply to - " lang pages. The present hatti-sheriff circulates widely among them. Its main purpose seems to be to let them know that they have rights ; and |

In the letter accompanying this hand-bill is the following extract :they are becoming daily convinced that any complaints they may make "I tell you, the half of the abominations and devilishness of this slave against public functionaries will be promptly attended to. A most bene- system cannot be told. My heart aches every day to see so many fine ficial change in the administrations of the pachas has consequently already looking male and female slaves 80 dreadfully treated. I inclose an taken place. Never were the people of this empire so little oppressed as advertisement which I tore down from the pillars of the capital of the they are now; and it may be hoped that by proceeding in the course he state. It is notorious, that the whole female population of slaves are in a gas adopted, Rechid Pacha may at last inspire the governors of the pro state of prostitution. I care not how it may be denied at the north ; vinces with his own spirit; that when they find they can no longer be it is not attempted to be concealed here. You cannot imagine what a oppressors, they may be willing to forward instead of obstructing, as they powerful influence the little band of abolitionists have already exerted on actually do, the reforms the patriot minister is so intent, despite the the slave-holder. I can see that all that is wanting now is to go on. Do scanty influence he at this moment possesses, upon carrying into execution. not forget the poor slave, especially at the ballot-box; that is the instru. Rechid Pacha's hand may be seen prominently in the edict I have above mentality which the slave-holder most fears."--Emancipator. transcribed.

MURDER or NEGROES.--The Abbeville S. C. Banner states, that two negroes belonging to Gen. Mc Duffie, were killed on Friday, the 13th ult.,

by two other negroes who were acting in the capacity of drivers ! It is Miscellanea.

said their deaths were caused by severe chastisement for inattention to

business. The Colombia Chronicle remarks : “This proves conclusively, · CAPTURE OF AN AMERICAN SLAVER, WIT: 900 SLAVES. -Captain

| what has often been asserted before, that negroes are more cruel to their Ryder, of the Ohio, from Port Praya, has furnished us with a circular

fellow slaves, where they are entrusted with power over them than white from the Methodist Missionaries at Monrovia, dated December 17, on the

men are.capture of the barque Pons, of Philadelphia, with 900 slaves, on the 1st of December, by the U. 8. ship Yorktown, Captain Bell, in lat./ ABOLITIONISTS.-An agent of the Abolitionists was discovered a few 3 south, three days out from Cabenda, bound to Rio Janeiro. When miles below Memphis, on the Arkansas shore, on Saturday, the 21st ult., the Pons was first seen, she raised American colours, supposing the

and another in the same neighbourhood on the 23rd. The citizens peace. Yorktown was a British cruiser ; but discovering the mistake, immediately ably assembled and ordered them to leave, which order was as peaceably hoisted the Portuguese flag. On boarding her, and demanding her papers

observed. of the Portuguese captain, he replied, “I have thrown them overboard." |

LIBERATION OF Slaves :-In Virginia, Mrs. Eleanor Hall, of RichOn being asked what was his cargo, he said, “about 900 slaves."

mond, deceased in July last, bequeathing to all her slaves, eighty in On further examination it was found that she had shipped 914, between

number, their freedom, with a sum of money to each, enough to pay the ages of eight and thirty, only forty-seven of thera females, and left at

their expenses of emigration to a free state.— True Wesleyan. the factory 400 or 500 more, which they had intended to have taken in the same vessel, but were prevented by the proximity of a British cruiser,

EMANCIPATION IN Texas :- A legal gentleman of eminence in Ohio, from which they narrowly escaped. The Pons was put under the charge in a late letter to us, says —“I had occasion, the other day, to make some of Lieut. Cogdell, and was fourteen days in getting up to Monrovia, provision, in my professional capacity, for the emancipation of fourteen during which time about one hundred and fifty of the poor wretches died |

slaves and their increase, in Texas. A majority of them were native --some of them jumping overboard in fits of desperation--and on her

desperation and on her Africans. So, it is death to bring in slaves from Africa by sea, but a patent arrival at Monrovia, serral of the slaves were in a dying state, and many of nobility to bring them in by land.”Emancipator. were so emaciated that their skin literally cleaved to their bones, and the stench of the crowded hold was almost suffocating. A letter from one of the Methodist Missionaries gives the account of

DONATIONS AND SUBSCRIPTIONS. the sufferings of the slaves, and says it is utterly impossible for language. The following contributions have been received since our last, and are to convey an appropriate idea of the horrors of their situation-the living hereby thankfully acknowledged :and the dying were huddled together with less care than is bestowed upon

Donations. Subscriptions, Bristol.--Thomas, George ......

50 0 0 the brute creation-the thermometer at 100 to 120 in the hold. Most of

Thomas, Edward ................

5000 the slaves were in a state of nudity, and many had worn their skin Clifton, near Bristol-Guilleband, Rev. P. .. 5 0 0 1 1 0 through, producing putrid ulcers, which fed swarms of flies.-Sale Teddington.-Hathway, W. S..

London.-Fitzjames Register.

................. Elliott, John, 2 years ............

- 2 2 0 This is the fourth American slaver captured by the Yorktown.

Ladies' Negro 'Friend and Anti

Slavery Society, Southwark.... 12 0 0 ST. HELENA. The Cygnet brigantine, Commander Layton, arrived at

Ladies' Anti-Slavery Association, St. Helena from Benguela on Christmas-day. She had captured a slaver

Stoke Newington ............

12 0 0 with 360 slaves on board, which she brought in with her.

Cheltenham.-Anti-Slavery Society ........ 4 0 0 -
Chesham.-Samuel P. Pryor .............. -

1 1 0 ANTICIPATING JUSTICE.-The Southampton, East Indiaman, 35 days from St. Helena, has brought intelligence of the “rollers" having washed

CONTENTS : on shore at that island no less than 17 vessels seized by our cruisers, and brought before the Vice Admiralty Court for slave dealing. This is a

The Spanish Slave Trade ........ summary way of carrying out the act of parliament which requires slave

General O'Donnell}.............. Vessels to be destroyed.

Legislation in British Guiana....

POETRY:-Death the Liberator.. 74 The Liberty of British Subjects in

LITBRATURE ...... SLAVE TRADE.- Conviction. -Mr. Loring Larkins, formerly captain vaded in the United States....

Blood Hounds ... of the schooner, Merchant, was tried at Charleston last week, on a charge Rev. C. T. Torrey ..............

Slave Market of Constantinople..

Home INTELLIGENCE of being about to engage in the slave-trade, and convicted. The punish

Traffic in Human Affection ...... 70 COLONIAL INTELLIGENCE .... ment is a fine of not more than $7000, and imprisonment for not more The Fugitive Slave ...............

FORBIGN INTELLIGENCE ........ than five years.

Slavery in the French Colonies ..
Bible Argument against Slavery-

MISCELLANEA .................. ONE OF THE SLAVERS.--The examination in the case of the Patuxent No. 4......

Subscriptions and Donations .... 80



LEADERS ......................


CB ..........



Prlated by JACOB UXWIX, of 33, Dowgate Hill, in the City of London, at his Printing Office, 31, Bucklersbury, in the parish of St. Stephen Walbrook, in the City of

London, and published by PETER JON ES BOLTox, of No. 9, Kennington Terrace, Kennington Lane, in the county of Surrey, at No. 27, New Broad Street, in the Parish of 8. Dotolph, Bishopsgute, in the City of London. FRIDAY, MAY 1, 1846.

Sold by W. Everett, 14, Finch Lane, and 1% Royal Exchange.

[blocks in formation]

and Uruguay in 1839, by Texas in 1840, and by Austria, Prussia, ABSTRACT OF-REPORT FOR 1846.

and Russia in 1841. The Anti-slavery cause, though far from having accomplished its W ith all these powers Great Britain has treaties or conventions, great work, the universal extinction of slavery and the slave-trade, more or less perfect, for the suppression of the African slave-trade; has nevertheless been so signally successful in its past labours, as to and with the exception of Portugal, Spain, and Brazil, especially leave no doubt, under the divine blessing, of its final and complete the two latter, it may be said to have ceased, though the flags triumph.

of many of them are still prostituted by the slave-trader to cover To the State of Vermont, in the United States, belongs the honour the nefarious traffic. of having first abolished slavery, by its constitution, in 1777. Ver- ! By many of these countries the African slave-trade has been mont was followed in the work of abolition by Pennsylvania and declared piracy, and by all of them, with the exception of Brazil, Massachusetts, in 1780; by Connecticut and Rhode Island, in 1774; a highly penal offence. But none have gone so far as Great New York, in 1799 ; and New Jersey, in 1804. In all these states, Britain in her efforts to destroy it. Her laws not only with the exception of Vermont, slavery was gradually extinguished, prohibit her subjects from aiding and abetting the slave trade, and in one of them, New Jersey, a few hundred slaves still remain but from the purchase and sale of slaves in foreign slavein bondage.

holding countries, under any pretence whatsoever. This enactMexico, on the anniversary of its freedom from the dominion ment was intended, among other things, to prevent the investment of Spain in 1829, issued a decree by which all its slaves were of British capital in slaves for the purpose of working plantations declared free, as “ an act of national justice and beneficence.” and mines. • The first of the South American Republics which abolished In referring to the treaties of Great Britain with foreign states slavery was Buenos Ayres, in 1816; Columbia and Chili followed for the suppression of the slave-trade, the committee would not be in 1821, Bolivia in 1826, Peru, Guatemala, and Monte Video in understood to approve them, as a means of overcoming that 1828, and Uruguay in 1843. With the exception of Uruguay, I gigantic evil, but as indicating, that its defence as a legitimate slavery still lingers in these Republics, but it is in process of gradual mode of supplying their respective colonies and dependencies with extinction, and it may be affirmed, that if the laws be faithfully labour, has been abandoned; and as showing that it is generally executed, it will soon completely disappear.

regarded with the abhorrence which its criminal character so In Haïti, formerly St. Domingo, slavery was abolished by the richly merits. French Commissioners in 1793; but an attempt was made by

SLAVERY. Buonaparte to re-establish it in 1802, which was defeated, and since the declaration of its independence in 1804, it has been In the last report of the Society the Committee stated that upin the possession of its freedom.

wards of seven millions of Africans, or their descendants, were Great Britain did not follow the example thus set her until the held in slavery in the western world, under professedly Christian year 1833, when the imperial parliament abolished slavery through-governments. In connexion with the system which deprives them out the whole of her colonies in the West Indies, South America, of their personal liberty and sinks them to the condition of things, southern Africa, and the Indian Ocean, or, to speak more strictly, there exists a two-fold slave-trade, the external and the internal. substituted for it a system of apprenticeship, which was finally Africans are exclusively the victims of the former ; but the native terminated in 1838, amidst the rejoicings of the emancipated as well as the imported slave is subject to the latter. It might be slaves, and the congratulations of their exulting friends. In presumed that the habits of civilized life, to say nothing of the 1843, the Supreme Council of British India abolished slavery general influence of Christianity, would soften the ferocity attendthroughout the vast territories subject to its control; and during ant on the internal slave-traffic ; but such is not the fact. It is the same year, liberty was proclaimed at Malacca, Singapore, estimated that from 60,000 to 80,000 slaves in the United States Penang, province Wellesley, and Scinde. To this may be added change masters, by sale or otherwise, every year; that large numthat, in 1843, the imperial parliament, terminated the system of bers of these wretched creatures are taken from the slave-rearing slavery which prevailed at its settlement on the gold coast, Western to the slave-consuming States to perish in the laborious and oppresAfrica. In 1844, the Governor in Council at Hong Kong abolished sive occupations of the plantations; and that they are continually slavery; and, finally, at the close of the same year, the Queen separated from the dearest and nearest of their earthly connexions, issued an order in council which destroyed the last vestige of without pity or remorse. Scenes the most afflicting and revolting slavery in the island of Ceylon. Nor do the more civilized nations continually present themselves to the attention of the spectator at stand alone in this great work. The Bey of Tunis finally con- the slave-depôts in the principal cities of the slave States; in the public summated the work of abolition, which he began in 1843, at the market places, where the victims of this inhuman traffic are handled commencement of the present year; and this, to use his own and sold as brute beasts; in the transit of the slave-coffles to the words, he has done “for the glory of mankind, and to distinguish far south; and in the breaking up of the friendships created by them from the brute creation.”

fellowship of suffering, when, at length, they are finally dispersed Such is a brief view of the triumphs of freedom over slavery among the various masters who may require their services. It during the last seventy years.

would seem as if during the whole of these guilty transactions the • In reference to the African slave-trade the following facts will human heart were tortured, on the one hand, to its uttermost point of be found interesting. The first Power which abolished that endurance, and, on the other, incited to acts of the most colddreadful traffic, was Denmark. This she did in 1792, and blooded cruelty. was followed by the United States and Great Britain in 1807, by But this internal traffic in slaves is not confined to the United Sweden in 1813, by the Netherlands in 1814, by France in States. It is found to exist wherever slavery prevails, and is 1815, by Spain in 1820, by Buenos Ayres in 1825, by Columbia attended with similar consequences and sufferings. In Brazil, the in 1825, by Mexico in 1826, by Brazil in 1829, by Sardinia in wretched slaves are torn from their families by hundreds at a time, 1834, by Portugal in 1836, by the Hanse Towns, Tuscany, Bolivia, and sent to those parts of the empire where they are most in and Peru in 1837, by Naples in 1838, by Haïti, Venezuela, Chili, demand. Their struggles and screams, when finally separated

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