Ignatius Loyola and the Early Jesuits

Longmans, Green, and Company, 1870 - 518 Seiten

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Seite 535 - The Philosophy of Necessity; or, Natural Law as applicable to Mental, Moral, and Social Science. By CHARLES BRAY. Second Edition. 8vo. 9s.
Seite 540 - A Treatise on the Steam Engine, in its various applications to Mines, Mills, Steam Navigation, Railways and Agriculture. By J. Bourne, CE With Portrait, 37 Plates, and 546 Woodcuts. 4/0. 42s. Catechism of the Steam Engine, in its various Applications.
Seite 548 - Willich's Popular Tables for Ascertaining the Value of Lifehold, Leasehold, and Church Property, Renewal Fines, &c, ; the Public Funds ; Annual Average Price and Interest on Consols from 1731 to 1861 ; Chemical, Geographical, Astronomical, Trigonometrical Tables, &c.
Seite 535 - Maunder's Treasury of Geography, Physical, Historical, Descriptive, and Political. Edited by W. HUGHES, FRGS With 7 Maps and 16 Plates. Fcp.
Seite 543 - PRINCIPLES of EDUCATION Drawn from Nature and Revelation, and applied to Female Education in the Upper Classes. By the Author of
Seite 528 - Woodcuts. 2 vols. square crown 8vo. 31s. 6d. Legends of the Monastic Orders. Third Edition, with 11 Etchings and 88 Woodcuts. 1 vol. square crown 8vo.
Seite 537 - World: a Popular Description of Man and Nature in the Arctic and Antarctic Regions of the Globe. By the same Author.
Seite 543 - ESSAYS and REVIEWS, By the Rev. W. TEMPLE, DD the Rev. R. WILLIAMS, BD the Rev. B. POWELL, MA the Rev. HB WILSON, BDCW GOODWIN, MA the Rev. M. PATTISON, BD and the Rev. B. JOWETT, MA Twelfth Edition. Fcp. 8vo. 5s. MOSHEIM'S ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY. MURDOCH and SOAMES'S Translation and Notes, re-edited by the Rev. W. STUBBS, MA 3 vols. 8vo. 45».
Seite 530 - A HISTORY of WALES, derived from Authentic Sources. By JANE WILLIAMS, Ysgafell, Author of a Memoir of the Rev. Thomas Price, and Editor of his Literary Remains. 8vo. 14s. IECTURES on the HISTORY of ENGLAND, from the earliest Times to the Death of King Edward II. By WILLIAM LONGMAN. With Maps and Illustrations. 8vo. 15s. The HISTORY of the LIFE and TIMES of EDWARD the THIRD.
Seite 537 - Maunder's Scientific and Literary Treasury; a Popular Encyclopedia of Science, Literature, and Art. New Edition, thoroughly revised and in great part rewritten, with above 1,000 new articles, by JY JOHNSON, Corr.

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