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L I T E R A T U R E,
For the YEAR I 773.

L O N D O N :
Printed for J. DoD s 1. E. Y, in Pall-Mall, 1774-

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HE year of which we treat, has been more favourable to the general tranquillity, than many preceding circumstances seemed to indicate. It has not, however, been destitute of interesting events. The dismemberment of Poland, the necessity which produced a ratification of that act by the King and the Republic, and the precarious state of the remaining part of that unfortunate country, present a lesson to others, which might be studied with advantage. The favourable change which has taken place in the Ottoman affairs, and the insurre&tions which have happened in Russia, seem rather to increase the probability of a peace, than of a long continuance of the war. The final dissolution of the Jesuits, would alone distinguish the present year; and as that measure restores security to the territorial possessions of the court of Rome, it may be supposed to have a confiderable effect

effect in preserving the peace of Italy. The
entire cession of the Dutchy of Holstein to
Denmark, whether confidered with respect
to its political value, or commercial con-
sequences, is also a matter of public im-
portance. - -
The great revolution which has taken
place, in the state and constitution of the
East-India Company, has rendered our do-
mestic affairs particularly interesting. In-
deed, the natural importance of the sub-
jećt seems to be increased, by the ability
with which it was discussed, and the dif-
ference of sentiments and opinions it pro-
duced, among the most eminent persons in
the nation. -
We have endeavoured to state these and
other matters, in as clear a manner, as our
means of information would admit, and
still hope for that indulgence to our imper-
fe&tions, which the kindness of the public
has rendered habitual to us.

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A N N U A L R E G IS T E R, For the Y E A R 1773.

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Insurreóion in the government of Orenberg. Ottoman empire. tions by the new Grand Signior for carrying on the war.

PreparaGreat Ger

manic powers. Revival of obsolete claims. State of the empire. Abolition

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Commercial failures.

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