The Edinburgh Gazetteer, Or Geographical Dictionary ...: Accompanied by an Atlas, Band 6

A. Constable and Company, 1822

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Seite 30 - Dr. Solander, who had more than once crossed the mountains which divide Sweden from Norway, well knew that extreme cold, especially when joined with fatigue, produces a torpor and sleepiness...
Seite 382 - TYHONE, a county of Ireland, in the province of Ulster, bounded on the northeast by Londonderry, on the east by Lough Neagh, on the south-east by Armagh, on the south by Monaghan, on the south-west by Fermanagh, and on the west by Donegal.
Seite 13 - The eyes were of a light hazel, and the hair and beard auburn. The dress consisted of a scarlet doublet, over which was a loose black gown without sleeves. The lower part of the cushion before him was of a crimson colour, and the upper part green, with gilt tassels.
Seite 450 - There, the colonist has no expense to incur in clearing his farm: he is not compelled to a great preliminary outlay of capital before he can expect a considerable return: he has only to set fire...
Seite 30 - ... bushes, and in a few minutes they fell into a profound sleep ; soon after, some of the people who had been sent forward, returned, with the welcome news that a fire was kindled about a quarter of a mile farther on the way.
Seite 235 - The colour, at the base, is white, in the middle black, and brown at the points. The musk is a secretion formed in a little bag or tumour, resembling a wen, situated at the navel; and is found only in the male.
Seite 353 - Africa, forming one of the most powerful of the Barbary states. It consists chiefly of a large peninsula, stretching into the Mediterranean in a north-easterly direction, and coming within less than a hundred miles of the coast of Sicily.
Seite 507 - In an extensive country, it will of course be expected that the climate is not the same in all its parts. It is remarkable, that proceeding on the same parallel of latitude westwardly, the climate becomes colder in like manner as when you proceed northwardly. This continues to be the case till you attain the summit of the Alleghany, which is the highest land between the ocean and the Mississippi.
Seite 469 - As we ascend, nature appears gradually less animated, the beauty of the vegetable forms diminishes, the shoots become less succulent, and the flowers less coloured. The aspect of the Mexican oak quiets the alarms of travellers newly landed at Vera Cruz. "Its presence demonstrates to him that he has left behind him the zone so justly dreaded by the people of the north, under which the yellow fever exercises its ravages in New Spain. This...
Seite 50 - Malayan, there arc a variety of languages spoken in Sumatra, which, however, have not only a manifest affinity among themselves, but also to that general language which is found to prevail in, and to be indigenous to all the islands of the eastern sea, from Madagascar to the remotest of Capt.

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