Bibliotheca Diabolica: Being a Choice Selection of the Most Valuable Books Relating to the Devil; His Origin, Greatness, and Influence ... with Some Curious Volumes on Dreams and Astrology. In Two Parts, Pro and Con - Serious and Humorous. Chronologically Arranged with Notes, Quotations and Proverbs, and a Copious Index

Scribner, Welford & Armstrong, 1874 - 40 Seiten

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Seite 4 - O Time ! whose verdicts mock our own, The only righteous judge art thou; That poor, old exile, sad and lone, Is Latium's other Virgil now. Before his name the nations bow; His words are parcel of mankind, Deep in whose hearts, as on his brow, The marks have sunk of Dante's mind.
Seite 8 - The displaying of supposed Witchcraft. Wherein is affirmed that there are many sorts of Deceivers and Impostors, and divers persons under a passive delusion of Melancholy and Fancy. But that there is a corporeal league made betwixt the Devil and the Witch, or that he sucks on the Witches body, has carnal copulation, or that Witches are turned into Cats, Dogs, raise Tempests, or the like, is utterly denied and disproved.
Seite 7 - The character of Satan is pride and sensual indulgence, finding in self the sole motive of action. It is the character so often seen in little on the political stage. It exhibits all the restlessness, temerity, and cunning which have marked the mighty hunters of mankind from Nimrod to Napoleon.
Seite 7 - Milton has carefully marked in his Satan the intense selfishness, the alcohol of egotism, which would rather reign in hell than serve in heaven. To place this lust of self in opposition to denial of self or duty, and to show what exertions it would make, and what pains endure to accomplish its end, is Milton's particular object in the character of Satan. But around this character he has thrown a singularity of daring, a grandeur of sufferance, and a ruined splendour, which constitute the very height...
Seite 27 - The devil was sick, the devil a monk would be ; The devil was well, the devil a monk was he.
Seite 10 - File, wherein he dealeth so profoundlie, and beyond all measure of skill, that neither he himselfe that made it, neither anie one that readeth it, can reach unto the meaning thereof.
Seite 17 - These volumes will captivate the attention of readers who, according to their various tempers, feel either inclined to laugh at or sigh over the follies of mankind.
Seite 8 - The Doctrine of Devils proved to be the grand Apostacy of these later Times.
Seite 33 - Entertainments, and which, fostered by the genius of Boccaccio, produced the romance of the chivalrous days, and its last development, the novel — that prose-epic of modern Europe. Composed in Sanskrit, ' the language of the gods,' alias the Latin of India, it has been translated into all the Prakrit or vernacular and modern dialects of the great peninsula. The reason why it has not found favour with the Moslems is doubtless the highly...
Seite 34 - English Eccentrics and Eccentricities: Stories of Wealth and Fashion, Delusions, Impostures, and Fanatic Missions, Strange Sights and Sporting Scenes. Eccentric Artists, Theatrical Folks, Men of Letters, &c.

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