The armorial bearings of the several incorporated companies of Newcastle upon Tyne, with a brief historical account of each company. With notices of the Corpus Christi plays anciently performed by the trading societies. By J. Walker & M.A. Richardson


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Seite 22 - ... being acted with mighty state and reverence by the friars of this house, had theaters for the several! scenes, very large and high, placed upon wheels, and drawn to all the eminent parts of the city, for the better advantage of spectators : and contain'd the story of the New Testament, composed into old English Rithme, as appeareth by an ancient MS.
Seite 12 - Will. 4, c. 76, to shew cause why a writ of mandamus should not issue, directed to them, commanding them to obey a certain order, under the hands and seals of the Poor Law Commissioners, &,c.
Seite 22 - I have been told by some old people, who in their younger years were eyewitnesses of these pageants so acted, that the yearly confluence of people to see that shew was extraordinary great, and yielded no small advantage to this city.
Seite 22 - Before the suppression of the monasteries, this city was very famous for the pageants, that were played therein, upon Corpus -Christi day; which, occasioning very great confluence of people thither, from far and near, was of no small benefit thereto ; which pageants being acted with mighty state and reverence by the friars of this house, had theaters for the several!
Seite 22 - Newcastle to choose four of the most prudent and trusty men of their town for the office of moneyers there; and other four like persons for the keeping of the king's mints in that town ; also two fit and prudent goldsmiths to be assayers of the money to be made there.
Seite 22 - This extraordinary spectacle was beheld by a numerous assembly of both sexes with great composure : they had the authority of scripture for such a representation, and they gave matters just as they found them in the third chapter of Genesis.
Seite 19 - ... to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered, defend and be defended, in all State courts having competent jurisdiction, and in any circuit court of the United States...
Seite xvi - Loy-day, to choose four wardens, of which one at least was to be an anchor-smith ; that the twelve of the company should consist of four anchor-smiths, four black-smiths and farriers, and four lock-smiths ; to choose four searchers ; that apprentices should serve seven years, and that no brother should come to meetings, or attend the public guild of the town, with his apron on, but with a decent cloak or coat, on pain of forfeiting 6d. for each default. The following curious entries occur in their...
Seite xvi - Christ, which anciently belonged to their fellowship : that no apprentice should serve less than seven years ; no Scotsman to be taken as such under penalty of 40s., nor to be made free on any account. It further enacted, that the joiners should work at the sealing of houses within, the making "donnents and windows...
Seite 6 - Ladylight ;" and that each apprentice, or person hired by the week, should pay four-pence per annum, and each hireling three-pence a year to their play when it should be performed : also, that any person born a subject of the king, and free of Newcastle, might set up shop on payment of £40, with a pound of wax and a pot of oil, on his admittance ; as also thirteen-pence to our Lady-light, and eight-pence to the play.

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