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Testimony of.

Bingham, Gen. J. D., Acting Quartermaster-General

Brunot, Felix R., chairman of board of Indian commissioners—

Testimony of..

Bureau of Military Justice..

Casualties in..

Burial of officers, expenses of..

Canada, posts and troops near southern boundary of.

Canby, Gen. E. R. S., instructions to, in treatment of Modocs.
Casualties, in the Army, for the year ending January 1, 1874.

In the staff of the Army

Cavalry, General Sherman's testimony in relation to.
Posts occupied by....

Annual cost of one regiment..

Cost of transfer of regiment..

Cemeteries, statement of Acting Quartermaster-General.
Chaplains, in the Army..

Claims, examination of, in Quartermaster's Department..
Clothing, Army, preservation of.

Coast and Harbors-Works of defense:
General Sherman's testimony...

Maj. Gen. A. A. Humphreys's testimony.
Maj. Gen. I. McDowell's testimony..

Coast Fortifications and Posts:

Care of. (See Fortifications, &c., on Atlantic coast.) Contingencies-Army

Corps of Engineers-Casualties in.

Testimony of chief of

Rank, duties, and address of officers of..

Civil employés-In Adjutant-General's office.......

In office of Commissary-General of Subsistence.

In Surgeon-General's office..

In the Ordnance Department.

In the Engineer Department..

Acting Quartermaster-General's statement concerning.
Paymaster-General's statement concerning..

In the Signal Service, concerning..

In the office of Inspector-General.

In the office of Judge-Advocate-General.

Daniels, J. W., Indian inspector, testimony of.

Davis, Gen. N. H., testimony of....,

Delano, Hon. C., Secretary of the Interior

Testimony of..

Desertions, &c., annually.

Detailed men. (See Enlisted men.)


Eaton, Maj. Gen. A. B., testimony of.

Employés, civil. (See Civil employés.)

Engineers, testimony of Chief of..

Casualties in Corps of..

Officers, rank, duties, &c.

Engineer Battalion....

Enlistments, average number of, per year.
Testimony of Secretary of War, on..
Enlisted men-

In Adjutant-General's office..
In Battalion of Engineers ...
In Quartermaster's Department
In the Subsistence Department..
In the Surgeon-General's office..
In the Ordnance Department.
In the Signal-Service..

In office of Judge-Advocate-General.
Forage, &c.....

Fortifications, works on..

Forts, military posts, &c....

On the abandonment of certain.

Fortifications, &c., on Atlantic coast:

General Sherman's testimony as to care of..
General Baird's testimony as to care of...
General Pope's testimony as to care of...

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Hardie, Maj. Gen. J., testimony of.

Harney, Maj. Gen. W. S., testimony of

Headquarters, offices, estimates, &c..

rent paid for, &c..

Holt, Gen. Joseph, Judge-Advocate-General, testimony of.

Horses, purchase of...

Hospitals and barracks..


Humphreys, Maj. Gen. A. A., testimony of

Indians and Indian affairs-General Sherman's testimony.

On management of, by War Department

Testimony of the Secretary of the Interior...
Commissioner of Indian Affairs.
Maj. W. Powell.

G. W. Ingalls

William Vandever..

Felix R. Brunot.

J. D. Bevier..

Maj. Gen. J. Pope..

Hon. J. P. C. Shanks..

J. W. Daniels..

J. C. O'Connor..

Lieutenant-General Sheridan

Gen. Robert Milroy.

Maj. Gen. W. S. Harney


257, 258, 259, 260

308, 309 .25, 26, 92 .75, 80, 360

.25, 89, 91, 92, 109

113 91, 109 241-351 297-301 41, 81 81, 82 321-325





.4, 5, 270-284

.57, 190, 191, 209, 224, 250, 276, 406








190, 192







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Meigs, Major-General M. C., Quartermaster-General, testimony of.

Mileage of officers..

Military Academy..


Relating to arms for

266, 267, 406

Military courts, schedule of records..

Milroy, Gen. R. H., superintendent of Indian affairs in Washington Territory, testimony of..

27,93 325

231, 234



Myer, Gen. A. J., Chief Signal-Officer, testimony of.

.234-241, 344


List of, authorized to publish advertisements for War Department and its bureaus..


[blocks in formation]

Pope, Maj. Gen. J., testimony of

Posts and stations of Army, statement of Adjutant-General

Posts and stations of Signal-Bureau..

Powell, Maj. J. W., testimony of..
Prisons, military


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

40, 41, 69, 73, 81, 82, 360, 363

On a reduction of employés in the Quartermaster's Department..

On appropriations for the Army proper

Shanks, Hon. J. P. C., testimony of...

Sheridan, Lieut. Gen. P. H., testimony of..
On the number of Sioux Indians..


274 52-70 .53, 56, 63 .54, 56, 57






Sherman, General, testimony of...

Ships of war may enter certain harbors.
Signal service...



Regular stations of.

Smith, Hon. E. P., Commissioner of Indian Affairs, testimony of.
Soldiers, average cost of each per year..

Southern States, troops in ....

Staff officers, on a reduction of the numbers of.
General officers and general staff corps.
On details of, from the line...

Subsistence Department:

Statement relating to employés, &c..
Statement relating to detailed men.
Surgeon-General's office:

Statement relating to number and pay of employés, &c.
Detailed men in....

Inquiries relating to pensions in.

Texas, military posts in..

[blocks in formation]

Enlisted men and civil employés in office of
Work done in office of..

Transportation, cost of.....

Terrell, Gen. W. H. H., testimony as to paying pensions..
Troops, concentration of..

Uniforms, Army...

Vacancies, statement of Adjutant-General.
Vandever, William, Indian inspector, testimony of..
War Department:

Testimony of Hon. W. W. Belknap..

On reduction of number of employés in. West Point Military Academy.

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.64, 234–241, 265, 344-347

344 346 119-130 38

.55, 216, 253, 254

. 21, 243, 249, 402

344 402, 403

114, 115 ... 115, 116, 117, 118, 119

139 104, 105 302 174 270-284 399

.25, 42, 110, 261

33-52 46-48







344 196-200

52-70 59

266, 267, 406

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