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Works Published by R. Carlile, 55, Fleet Street.

Now publishing in Sheets, Price 3d.
Price 1s.

The Holy Koran, AN ADDRESS TO MEN OF Commonly called the ALCORAN of SCIENCE.

MOHAMMED, a pure Translation of Calling upon them to stand forward and

the original Arabic, as revealed to Mavindicate the Truth, from the foul grasp

homet ; without Note or Comment. and persecution of Superstition, and obtain for the Island of Great Britain the

Price 6d. neatly printed in Octado. noble appellation of the Focus of Truth, CAIN; a MYSTERY. By Lord Byron, whence mankind shall be illuminated, and the black and pestiferous clouds of Now publishing in Sheets, Price 3d. Persecution and Superstition be banish- LAWRENCE'S LECTURES ed from the face of the Earth, as the On Physiology, Zoology, and the Natu. ovly sure prelude to universal peace and harmony among the human race.

ral History of Man. In which a sketch of a proper system for the education of youth, is also sub

Price 7s. 6d. mitted to their judgment,


By Percy Bysshe SHELLEY.
Price is.
Suppressed Defence.

Price 6d. The DEFENCE OF MARY-ANNE | An EFFORT to set at rest some little CARLILE to the Vice Society's Indict- | Disputes and Misunderstandings bement against the Appendix to the Theo- tween the Reformers of Leeds upon the logical Works of Thomas Paine ; which Subject of some late Deputy Meetings, Defence was suppressed by Mr. Justice and a Declaration of Sentiments arising Best, almost at its commencement; and, therefrom. on the propriety of which Suppression, THE Public, as the HIGHEST TRIBU

Price 2s. 6d. NAL, is now appealed to and called upon The REPORT of the MOCK TRIALS TO JUDGE between the DEFENDANT her

of RICHARD CARLILE, for publishPROSECUTORS and her JungE.

ing the Theological Works of THOMAS Price 1s. 6d.

Paint, and Palmer's Principles of Na

ture, will be completed in the course of Bridge Street Banditti, v. The Press. the present year in Twopenny sheets. A REPORT of the TRIAL of MARY

The first day's proceedings is completed, ANNE CARLILE for publishing a New and contains the whole of the three parts Year's Address to the Reformers of of the Age of Reason, as read in Court Great Britain, written by Richard Car: | by R. C. lile, and prosecuted at the instance of the “ Constitutional Association,” be.

Price 4d. fore Mr. Justice Best, and a Special The Accusation, Condemnation, and Jury, at the Court of King's Bench, in A bjuration of GALILEO, the famous the Guildhall, London, July 24, 1821. Astronomer, for asserting that the Earth With the noble and effectual Speech of was round, and revolved round the Sun, Mr. Cooper in Defence at large. contrary to the doctrines of the Holy

Price 2s. 6d.

- N. B. This pamphlet ought to be OBSERVATIONS ON DR. preserved by every lover of trutlı, as a GREGORY'S LETTERS.

specimen of the ignorance and misery

imposed upon mankind by Priestcraft, On the Evidences of the Christian Religion, in a Letter to the Rev. W. Wait,

Price 1s. 6d. A. B. of King's Square, Bristol.

* The WREATH OF. FREEDOM, N. B. Now under prosecution by the being a Collection of Songs in favour of Vice Society

the Liberties of Mankind. Printed and Published by R. CARLILE, 55, Fleet Street; and may be

bad at the Koran Society's Office, 5, Water Lane, five doors from Fleet Street,

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Dorchester Gaol, Nov. 19, Year 1822, of the

degrading Mythology of the Christians, I DEDICATE to you the publication of the Speech of Mrs. Susanna Wright, in delivering which she was illegally stopped by the Judges of the Court of King's Bench. I ask your patronage to this Speech, with a confidence that there is nothing in it I may be ashamed to offer, or you to patronize; notwithstanding its expressions were grating to the corrupt ears of the very corrupt Judges of that Court. I publish it, because, I will, to the utmost of my power, resist that species of despotism, which forbids the speaking, writing, or printing of such unanswerable truths, and because I know, that the recognized laws of this country will not bear out the Judges in their conduct towards Mrs. Wright on the 14th instant.

She was committed for a contempt of Court, not for improper language to the Judges of that Court, but because she was bold enough to display a mind of her own, in the use of such matters as she considered essential to her inte. rests, in so painful a situation. Trial is a mockery if the person accused be only allowed to use such words in defence as the prosecutors and their supporters, the Judges, think necessary or proper.

You will perceive that Mrs. Wright's Speech throughout is an argument upon law, if her indictment had any foundation in law. She no where moves out of the matter of her indictment: and her whole prepared discourse was strictly relevant, however disagreeable it may bave been to those who wished to punish her for publishing the truth, and daring to defend it.

I recommend you to consider well this subject, and to consider whether Mrs. Wright be not a woman who deserves from you all the support you can give her in her present situation. She is rendering you a service, the importance of which time can only express. She suffers for you and your children, not for herself. She will do her duty, and'I call upon you to support ber.



&c. &c.

MRS, WRIGHT appeared in the Court of King's Beneh, on the 14th November, 1822, to receive the judgment of the Court for having published two Twopenny Pamphlets, entịtled “ The Addresses and Correspondences of Mr. Carlile," published in March and April, 1821, when after the usual nonsense had been gone through, she proceeded to address the Court as follows:

May it please your Lordships, I AM brought here, at the instance of a Society that professes to associate for the purpose of suppressing vice, to receive the judgment of this Court, for having published some pamphlets, which are denominated blasphemous libels upon the Christian religion. In searching for records of similar cases, I find, that, the earliest is the case of Jesus himself, the very founder of that religion! The only difference in that case and mine is, that Jesus did not deign to make any defence against so false and infamous a charge, before the Judges who solicited him to answer to the charge against him; and were pot desirous to condemn him unheard, as is too often the case in modern charges of this nature; whilst I, in spite of all interruption, have made such a defence as to me seemed proper, for the encourage. ment and good example of those who may follow in the same glorious path. Yes, we read in the books of the Holy Evangelists, Saint Matthew and Saint Mark, that the Jewish priests, who, doubtless, fancied themselves the Vice Suppressors of that day, and that country, persecuted Jesus through all kinds of indignities, by scourging his back and breaking the skiŋ of his head with the ruthless thorn, and their still more ruthless hands, and whilst the blood still trickled from his wounds over his cheeks and his back, they led him to that most horrid of all public executions, the death of the cross, upon the mere charge of blaspheming their God and their religion; a charge exactly similar to that which the Vice Suppressors of this day have placed

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