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BARONIAL HALLS 8c PICTURESQUE EDIFICES OF ENGLAND. From Drawings made Expressly for the Work, by the following Artists:—

J. D. Harding,
G. Cattkrmole,
S. Proct,
J. Holland,

W. MUllER,

T. All.iM,
Lake Price,
W. L. Walton,

H. L. Pratt,

C. J. Richardson,

J. Gendall,

F. W. Fairholt,

J. G. Jackson,

F. W. Hulme,

G. H. Harrison,
Wm. Richardson,

G. F. Sargent,
S. Ratner,
J. S. Dodd,
J. C. Baylib,
J. Dafforne,
J. A. Hammersley,
A. E. Everett,
Henry Mogford.

Executed in Lithotint, under the superintendence of Mr. Harding. With Descriptive Letterpress. Embellished with numerous Engravings on Wood. Edited by S. C. Hall, F.S.A. Re-issue in Parts, superroyal 4to, published monthly, each Part, 2a, 6d. To be completed in Twenty-four Monthly Parts.

Contents :

Shottesbrooke Church
Sawston Hall .
Brereton U all
Crewe Hall
Dorfold Hall
Moreton Hall .
Pins House .
Naworth .
Naworth Long Gallery
Haddon Hall
Haddon Hall (interior)
Hardwicke Hall
Ford Hall . . .
Sherborne Lodge
Audley End .
Audley End (interior)
Feering House .
Horeham Hall .
St. Osyth's Priory .
Berkeley Castle .
Bramshill .
Hatfield House .
Hmchinbrook House.
Charlton House
Cobham Hall
Cobham Church (iut.)
Hevcr Castle .
Knole.Retainer's Gallery
Penshurst, from the Park
Penshurst,the Courtyard
Hall i' the Wood .
Smithell's Hall
Speke Hall .
SpekeHall (interior)
Turton Tower .

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BIGSBY (DR. JOHN J.)—The Shoe And Canoe; Or, Pictures Of Travel In The Canadas. Illustrative of their Scenery and of Colonial Life; with Facts and Opinions on Emigration, State Policy, and other points of Public Interest. With Twenty Engravings on Steel, and Four Maps. 2 vols, post 8vo, cloth. 24s.

Contents:—Quebec—Hawksbury, on the River Ottawa—Montreal—
The Ottawa, &c.—The St. Lawrence, below Quebec—Kamouraska and
Malbay—Lake Erie and the River Detroit—The Waters of the
St. Clair, &c.—Niagara—Lakes Ontario and Simcoe,&c.—Lake Huron—
Old Route to the Lake of the Woods—River Lapluie and the Lake of
the Woods.


B£RANGER (ONE HUNDRED SONGS FROM), in French, with English Translation on Opposite Pages. By William Young. 18mo, cloth, 5s.


2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 26s.

Contents :—Foreign Policy of France—Portrait of Charles the TenthPolitical Indifference of the People—The Bourgeoise gradually forced into Insurrection—The Revolution begun by the Discharged Journeymen Printers—The Palais Royal in 1830 and in 1789—Paris become one great Field of Battle—Inordinate Confidence of Charles the Tenth— Flight of the Troops—Choice of a King—Obstacles to the Election of the Due d'Orleans—Charles the Tenth confides his Grandson's Interests to the Due d'Orleans—Abdication—He orders his Troops to make submission to the Due d'Orleans—Flight of Charles the Tenth and his Family—Sketch of the State of Europe generally in 1830—Popularity of the New King—Revolution in Belgium—Foreign Policy of France— Belgium—Louis Philippe's Home Tour—General State of Europe at the close of October, 1831—La Vendee—State of things in the Chief Cities of the South—Lyons—History of St. Simonism—The Duchess de Bern— Policy of England, Russia, Prussia, and Austria—Disturbances in Paris —Russia, Turkey, and Egypt—Portugal —General View of the Foreign Policy of France in 1833—Contempt of the Emperor Nicholas for Louis Philippe—Personal Government of Louis Philippe—The French Government allies itself with the Policy of the Continent—Death of Charles the Tenth—Affairs of Algiers—Death of Talleyrand—Legislation of the year 1838—Louis Bonaparte obliged to quit Switzerland—Affairs of Turkey, Egypt, and Syria—Historical Conclusion.

BONER (CHARLES).—The Merry Wedding, and other Tales : in Prose and Verse. With Illustrations by Count Pocci. Small 8vo, cloth. 2s. 6d.

Contents:—The Merry Wedding—The Mother's Morning Song—To
the Swallow—The First Year—The Shipwreck—Rhymes—A Night
Scene in Poland—The Ballad of the Royal Hunt in the New Forest—
The Malcontents—Loose Pearls of Great Price—Prayer for Rain—The
Cloud—The Dream of the Crusader—The most Difficult Path—The
Walk through the Corn Field—German Traditions—The Rainbow—
The Half Moon—Trine—An Evening Walk.

BOOK OF STORIES FROM THE HOME TREASURY, including the Fairy Tales and Ballads. With Thirty Coloured Illustrations, Cloth, gilt back and edges. Is. Qd.

Contents :—Jack the Giant Killer—Little Red Riding Hood—Sleeping
Beauty in the Wood—Beauty and the Beast—Jack and the Bean Stalk
—Cinderella—Chevy Chase—Sir Hornbook—Puck's Reports to Oberon
—The Sisters—Golden Locks—Grumble and Cheery—The Eagle's

BREMER'S (FREDRIKA) LIFE IN DALECARLIA: The Parsonage of Mora. By Fkedrika Bremer. Translated by William Howitt. New and cheaper Edition. Small 8vo, cloth. 2s. 6d.

BROWNING'S (ROBERT) POETICAL WORKS. A New Edition, with numerous alterations and additions. 2 vols, fcap., cloth. 16s. Contents :—Paracelsus—Pippa Passes: a Drama—King Victor and King Charles: a Tragedy—Colombe's Birthday: a Play—A Blot in the 'Scutcheon: a Tragedy—The Return of the Druses: a Tragedy—Luria: a Tragedy—A Soul's Tragedy—Dramatic Romances and Lyrics.



New Edition, with Corrections and Additions. 2 vols, fcap., cloth. 16s.
Contents :—A Drama of Exile—The Seraphim—Prometheus Bound—
A Lament for Adonis—A Vision of Poets—The Poet's Vow—The
Romaunt of Margret—Isabel's Child—The Romaunt of the Page—The
Lay of the Brown Rosary—A Romance of the Ganges—Rhyme of the
Duchess May—Sonnets, &c, &c.

DOWS. FscP- 8vo, cloth. 5s.


"It would be difficult to find a life presenting so many prominent topics for the biographer's pen as that of Lord Ixrvat, At one time a mountain brigand, hunted from cave to cave—at another a laced courtier, welcomed by the first cirele in Europe. In summer a powerful Baron, with nearly half a kingdom at his back—in winter, dragged ignominiously to the block. By turns a soldier, a statesman, a Highland chief, a judge administering the law of the land, and, if tradition speak truth, a Jesuit and a parish priest. Contemporary with Lovat, born and reared near the same spot, and closely entwined with the more memorable incidents of his career, was one whose character and history were as different from his, as the sunshine from the shade. If Lovat's history be a type of tbe old reign of fraud and force, rendered the more conspicuous by protruding into an era of transition, Forbes is a character as strongly marked in its solitary anticipation of an age still further advanced in integrity and humanity."—Introductory Notice.

CABINET CLASSICS.—A Collection of the Works of the most popular Authors, carefully edited, and printed in the best manner; each volume illustrated with a Frontispiece, and elegantly bound. For presents, or for personal use, they are most suitable and convenient.

The following are already published;

by the late H. F. Cary. Complete In Two Volumes. Stiff wrapper, 8s.;

cloth, 9s; morocco, 18s. THE POETICAL WORKS OF JOHN MILTON. Edited by the late

H. F. Cary. Complete in Two Volumes. Stiff wrapper, Gs.; cloth, 7s.;

morocco, 16s. THE POEMS AND SONGS OF ROBERT BURNS. With a Memoir

of the Author, and a very complete Glossary. Stiff wrapper, 5s.;

cloth, 6s. Gd.; morocco, 10«. Gd.; or, with Eighteen Steel Engravings,

cloth, 10s.; morocco, 15s. MARMION. Stiff wrapper, 2s. 6U; cloth, 3s.; morocco, 7s.6d. THE LADY OF THE LAKE. Stiff wrapper, 2s. 6U; cloth, 3s.; morocco, Is. Gd. THE LAY OF THE LAST MINSTREL. Stiff wrapper, 2s. Gd.;

cloth, 3s.; morocco, 7s. Gil. ROKEBY. Stiff wrapper. 2s.Gd.; cloth, 3s.; morocco, 7s.Gd. ELIZABETH; OR, THE EXILES OF SIBERIA. Stiff wrapper,

ls.Gd.; cloth, 2s.; morocco, Gs. Gd, ROMANTIC TALES. By M. G. Lewis. Stiff wrapper, 2s. Gd.; cloth,

3s.; morocco, 7s. Gd.

Stiff wrapper, 2s. Gd.; cloth, 3s.; morocco, 7s. Gd.
THE VICAR OF WAKEFIELD. Stiff wrapper, 2s.; cloth, 2s.Gd,;

morocco, 7s.
POEMS AND ESSAYS. By Da. Goldsmith. Stiff wrapper, 2s. Gd.;

cloth, 3s.; morocco, 7s. Gd. PAUL AND VIRGINIA, AND THE INDIAN COTTAGE. Stiff

wrapper, 2s.: cloth, 2s. Gd.; morocco, 7s. THE ADVENTURES OF ULYSSES. By Charles Lamb. Stiff

wrapper, 2s.; cloth, 2s. Gd.; morocco, 7s.

CANNING (RIGHT HON. GEORGE) LIFE OF- By Robert Bell. Author of " The History of Russia," "Lives of English Poets," &c. Post 8vo, cloth. 9s.


Recreations In Shooting. With some Account of the Game of the
British Islands, and practical Directions for the Management of the Dog
and Gun. By " Craven." With Sixty-two Illustrations of Game and
Sporting Dogs, from Original Drawings by William Harvey; engraved
by F. W. Branston. Second Edition. Small 8vo, cloth. Is. 6d.
"This volume is meant literally'to teach the young idea how to shoot,'and to set
forth a popular sport in the character of a national rural recreation."—Pre/ace.

CAMP AND BARRACK-ROOM; Or, Thb British Army As It Is. By a late Staff-Sergeant of the 13th Light Infantry. Post 8vo, cloth, 9s.

Contents :—Enlistment—Departure from Dublin—Condition of Recruits on board the Steamers—Daily routine of Duties—Causes of Desertion at Chatham—Abuses in the Army—Sea Necessaries—Condition of the Soldier's Wives—Causes which produce Irregularities on board Ship— Crossing the Line—Diet on board Ship—Arrival at Calcutta—Description of Fort William, Calcutta, &c.—Remarks on the Native Troops—Arrival at Bombay—Occurrences in the Town—Chinese Carpenters—Arrives off the Indus—Sick Sepoys: their dislike to Scinde—Description of the Indus—Description of the Camp—Drunkenness and its Evils—Benefits of Temperance to the Soldier—Inefficiency of the Troops in the Hot Season —Soldiers1 Libraries—Rations—English and Irish Soldiers compared— Marching in India— Colabah Barracks—Half-castes—Embarks for England—An Address to those interested in the Welfare of the Soldier— The class the Army must be drawn from—Military Laws of Punishment and Reward—Corporal Punishment—Non-commissioned Officers, &c.—An Address chiefly to the Soldier himself—Table, showing the probable proportion to each other of the causes which induce Men to enter the Army.


CHARTISM. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth. 5s.
Contents :— Condition-of-England Question — Statistics— New Poor
Law—Finest Peasantry in the World—Rights and Mights—Lalssez-
Faire—Not Lalssez-Faire—New Eras—Parliamentary Radicalism—
re-published. Third Edition. 4 vols. Post 8vo, cloth. 42s.
Contents :—Jean Paul FriedriohRichter—State of German Literature
—Life and Writings of Werner—Goethe's Helena—Goethe—Burns-
Life of Heyne—German Playwrights—Voltaire—Novalis— Signs of the
Times—On History—Luther's Psalm—Schiller—The Nibelungen Lied
—German Literature of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries —
Taylor's Historic Survey of German Poetry—Fractions—Characteristics
—Goethe's Portrait—Biography—Boswell's Life of Johnson—Death of
Goethe—Goethe's Works—Corn Law Rhymes—Diderot—Count Cag-
liostro—Death of Edward Irving—The Diamond Necklace—Mirabeau
—Parliamentary History of the French Revolution—Sir Walter Scott
—Varnhagen von Ense s Memoirs—Petition of the Copyright Bill—
On the sinking of the Vengeur—Baillie the Covenanter—Dr. Francia
—An Election to theLong Parliament.
FRENCH REVOLUTION. Third Edition. 3 vols. Post 8vo, cloth.
It. 11s. Qd.

Contents :—Death of Louis XV.—The Paper Age—The Parliament of
Paris—States General—The Third Estate—Consolidation—The Insur-
rection of Women—The Feast of Pikes—Nanci—The Tuileries-—
Varennes—Parliament First—The Marseillese—September—Regicide
—The Girondins—Terror—Terror the Order of the Day—Thermidor—


LATTER-DAY PAMPHLETS, Post 8vo, cloth, 9s.
Contents :—The Present Time—Model Prisons—Downing Street—
The New Downing Street—Stump Orator—Parliaments—Hudson's

HEROIC IN HISTORY. Third Edition. 12mo, cloth. 9s.
Contents:—The Hero as Divinity. Odin, Paganism: Scandinavian
Mythology—The Hero as Prophet. Mahomet: Islam—The Hero as
Poet. Dante; Shakspeare—The Hero as Priest. Luther; Reformation:
Knox; Puritanism—The Hero as Man of Letters. Johnson, Rousseau,
Burns—The Hero as King. Cromwell, Napoleon: Modern Revolu-

LIFE OF FREDERICK SCHILLER: Comprehending an Examina-
tion of his Works. Second Edition. 12mo, cloth. Portrait. 8s. Gd.
Contents:—His Parentage—His Education—The Robber—Army Sur-
geon- Residence at Bauerbach— FiascoKabale und Liebe—Goes to
Manheim—Hardships of Literature—Rheinische Thalia—Philosophic
Letters— Goes to Dresden—Bon Carlos—Alfieri's FilippoDer Geister-
seher—Habits at Dresden—Friendship with Goethe—Revolt of the
Netherlands—Professorship at Jena—Marriage—Thirty-Years' War—
Sickness—The Horen— The Xenien—Visits his Parents—Habits at Jena
Wallenstein — Removes to Weimar — Maria StuartThe Maid of
Orleans—Habits at Weimar— The Bride of Messina—Wilhelm Tell—
Last Sickness— Death—Character.

OLIVER CROMWELL'S LETTERS AND SPEECHES. With Elucidations and Connecting Narrative. With a Portrait of Cromwell, from an Original Miniature by Cooper. Third Edition, with numerous additions and Corrections. In Four Volumes. Post 8vo, cloth. 21. 2s. Contents:—!^ Cwil War, 1636 to 1646—The Long ParliamentCambridge— Lowes toff—Winceby Fight—Battle of Naseby—Between the Two Civil Wars, 1646-1648—Army Manifesto—King's Escape from Hampton Court—Concerning the King in the Isle of WightKing intends Escape—Prayer Meeting.

Second Civil War, 1648—Preston Battle—Concerning the business of the King—Death Warrant.

Campaign in Ireland, 1649—The Levellers—A declaration by the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland—Irish War—Declaration for the undeceiving of Deluded People.

War with Scotland, 1650-1651—Battle of Dunbar—Moss Troopers— Edinburgh Castle surrendered—Second visit to Glasgow—Battle of Worcester.

The Little Parliament, 1651-1653—First Protectorate Parliament, 1654— Dissolution of the First Protectorate Parliament.

The Major Generals, 1655-1656—Compliment, Swedish Ambassador— Jamaica—Meeting of the Second Protectorate Parliament—Dissolution of the Second Protectorate Parliament—Death of the Protector.

SUPPLEMENT TO THE FIRST EDITION, comprising the Additional Letters inserted in the Second Edition. 8vo, cloth. 5s.

tional Letters inserted in the Third Edition. 8vo, cloth. 3s.

PAST AND PRESENT. Second Edition. Post 8vo, cloth. 10s. Gd.
Contents:—Proem—The Ancient Monk—The Modern Worker—

SARTOR RESARTUS; oa The Live And Opinions Of Here
Teufelsdbockh. Third Edition. Post 8vo, cloth. 10s. Gd.
Contents :—Preliminary—Editorial Difficulties — Reminiscences —
Characteristics—The World in Clothes—Aprons—Miscellaneous—His-
torical—The World out of Clothes—Adamitism—Pure Reason—Pro-
spective — Genesis — Idyllic — Pedagogy—-Getting under Way—Ro-

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