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Seite x - Walker's Key to the Classical Pronunciation of Greek, Latin, and Scripture Proper Names.
Seite viii - Verbs of one syllable, ending with a single consonant, preceded by a single, vowel (as plan), and verbs of two or more syllables, ending in the same manner and having the accent on the last syllable...
Seite 78 - Emulation, emmu - layshun (Latin, semulns, emulous). Rivalry ; a striving to excel another ; contending with or against; endeavouring to surpass. En. A prefix to many English words, chiefly borrowed from the French, signifying usually in or on, and before b, p, or m, is changed into em, as in employ, empower, embody.
Seite 254 - Words of two syllables, either Greek or Latin, whatever be the quantity in the original, have, in English pronunciation, the accent on the first syllable: and if a single consonant come between two vowels, the consonant goes to the last syllable, and the vowel in the first is long ; as Cato, Ceres, Comas, &c.5 See Principles of English Pronunciation prefixed to the Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, No.
Seite 254 - Pompti'us • and, in some cases, he accents the same word differently in his Initial and Terminational Vocabularies ; but in his remarks he advocates the placing of the accent on the e, including the whole list " under the same general rule, that of sounding the e separately, and the t like y consonant.
Seite iv - ... (which he has not heard generally used?) " authority," (which some previous orthoepist has not recommended?) "or analogy," (as derived from orthography?) He most sensibly concludes that "it would be unreasonable for him to make a conformity to his own taste, or to the result of his own limited observation, a law to those who may differ from him, and yet agree with perhaps the more common usage.
Seite 30 - The middle part of the human body, between the neck and the belly; the...
Seite 137 - Interregnum, *. the time in which a throne is vacant between the death of one prince and the accession of another; vacancy of the throne ItitcnviiMi', i.

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