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LETTER CVIII.-Extract from the Bath and

Cheltenham Gazette, respecting the situation
of the author--his feelings of gratitude to the
Editor.-Mr. Britton and others.-Lines to
the Memory of Mrs. Fordyce,


LETTER CIX.-Ancient manners and amuse-

ments of the once-happy peasantry of L-
and its neighbourhood.-Village characters, 170

LETTER CX-From D. Cabanel, Esq.- his
opinion of the author's poems, ..

.. 196

LETTER CXI.- From R. A. to the author-his

Tragedy promised representation on the boards
of the Bath Theatre-invitation to his house
during the rehearsals,


LETTER CXII.—The author's reply-grateful
for his kindness,


LETTER CXIII.-The author after a consider-

able interval sets out for Bath—he finds that
R. A. is in London, and that nothing had
been done at Bath to get his Tragedy out.--
Goes to town to dispose of a new volume of
poetry-fails, as usual, among the booksellers
-Mr. S. M. at length determines to publish

it for him.- Visit to Stonehenge,.. .. 202
LETTER CXIV. - Lines, Richard Cour de Lion's

Arrival on the Coast of Palestine. -Scenes in


Palestine published---extracts from different
reviews of that work.—Lines by Mrs. Carey,
author of Lasting Impressions, &c.— The
author's reply.—Methodist Magazine - illi-
berality.-Granville's Lecture on an Egyptian
Mummy at the Royal Institution,


LETTER CXV.-Death of the author's mother

reflections thereon-lines on the mournful



LETTER CXVI.—Engagement with a provincial

newspaper-difficulty in obtaining his salary
-evasion and illiberality of the proprietor.
The author's Tragedy performed---completely
successful-opinion of the Literary Chronicle
of its merits.-Lines, Evening in Paradise, 255

LETTER CXVII.-A contested election-servile

condescension of the candidates bustle and
manæuvres of the canvass-violence and con-
fusion at the poll-legal quibbles-vulgar
abuse of the advocate_chief magistrate vio-
lently assaulted he applies for military aid

- their exertions useless-chairing of the
successful party,


LETTER CXVIII.-The author discovers the

Inauguration - Place of the ancient Celtic
kings-description of it-reflections on quit-
ting it.--Lines to the Moon,


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