Heroines of History

Mary Elizabeth Hewitt
Cornish, Lamport, 1852 - 336 Seiten
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Seite 194 - ... enemies, withdraw your princely favour from me ; neither let that stain, that unworthy stain, of a disloyal heart towards your good grace, ever cast so foul a blot on your most dutiful wife, and the infant princess your daughter. Try me, good king...
Seite 194 - Try me, good King, but let me have a lawful trial, and let not my sworn enemies sit as my accusers and...
Seite 189 - ... all my other servants a year's pay besides their due, lest otherwise they should be unprovided for. Lastly, I make this vow, that mine eyes desire you above all things.
Seite 193 - SIR, — Your Grace's displeasure and my imprisonment are things so strange unto me, as what to write or what to excuse, I am altogether ignorant. Whereas you send unto me (willing me to confess a truth and so obtain your...
Seite 274 - The crown of St. Stephen, which had never before been placed on so small or so lovely a head, had been lined with cushions to make it fit ; it was also very heavy, and its weight, added to the heat of the weather, incommoded her ; when she sat down to dinner in the great hall of the castle, she expressed a wish to lay it aside. On lifting the diadem from her brow, her hair, loosened from confinement, fell down in luxuriant ringlets over her neck and...
Seite 29 - Roman people," says Aurelian, in an original letter, "speak with contempt of the war which I am waging against a woman. They are ignorant both of the character and of the power of Zenobia. It is impossible to enumerate her warlike preparations of stones, of arrows, and of every species of missile weapons. Every part of the walls is provided with two or three balistce, and artificial fires are thrown from her military engines.
Seite 194 - ... professed enemy. I no sooner received this message by him, than I rightly conceived your meaning; and if, as you say, confessing a truth indeed may procure my safety, I shall with all willingness and duty perform your command. ' But let not your Grace ever imagine, that your poor wife will ever be brought to acknowledge a fault, where not so much as a thought thereof preceded.
Seite 195 - ... appear, and in whose judgment I doubt not, whatsoever the world may think of me, mine innocence shall be openly known and sufficiently cleared. My last and only request shall be, that myself may only bear the burden of your grace's displeasure...
Seite 195 - ... that myself may only bear the burden of your grace's displeasure, and that it may not touch the innocent souls of those poor gentlemen who, as I understand, are likewise in strait imprisonment for my sake. If ever I have found favour in your sight, if ever the name of Anne Boleyn hath been pleasing in your ears, then let me obtain this request...
Seite 195 - Boleyn hath been pleasing in your ears, then let me obtain this request ; and I will so leave to trouble your grace any further, with mine earnest prayers to the Trinity to have your grace in his, good keeping, and to direct you in all your actions. From my doleful prison in the Tower, this sixth of May ; " Your most loyal and ever faithful wife,

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