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The Excellence of Scripture.
FATHER of mercies, in thy word
1 What endless glory shines !
For ever be-thy name ador'd,

For these celestial lines. .
. Here may the wretched fons of want

Exhauftlefs riches find;.
Riches, above what earth can grant,

And lasting as the mind.
3 Here the fair tree of knowledge grows,

And yields a free repaft;
Sublimer sweets than nature knows,
Iovite the longing tafte.'
Here, the Redeemer's welcome voice,
Spreads heav'nly peace around;
And life, and everlasting joys

Attend the blissful found.
5 O may these heav'nly pages be

My ever dear delight;
And fill new beauties may I fec,

And fill increasing light.
6 Divine infructor, gracious Lord

Be thou for ever near ;
Teach me to love thy facred word,
And view my Saviour there.

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HYMN IX. R. M. [CowbIR.)

The Ceremonial Law points to Chrift. 1 TSRAEL in ancient days

Not only had a view • Of Sinai in a blaze,

But learn'd the gospel too :
The types and bgures were a glass,
In which they saw the Saviour's face.
2 The Paschal facrifice,

And blood besprinkled door, ****
Seen with enlighten's eyes,

And once apply'd with pow'r, '
Would teach the need of other blood,
To reconcile an angry God.

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