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| Quebec...

San Domingo ?


(Compiled for the Whig Almanac.)
Area: Population

Sq. Miles est'd 1855.
Greenland, North.....Danish

S. C. M. Olrik..

Inspector. Greenland, South..

C. P. Holboell..

do Russian America.. 394,000 66,000 N. Archangel.

Z. Wenzel....

Gorernor. Vancouver's Is., etc... British

11,460 Fort Victoria
James Douglas..

do New-Britain (H. B.Co's Ter.)do 1,880,000

York Factory
George Simpson.

do Labrador.. do 170,000

(Attached politically to Newfoundland.) Canada West.. do 148,000 1,247,200

ŞEdmund W. Head; Gor: General Canada East..


210,000 981,800 New Brunswick.

28,000 213,200 Frederickton

J. H. T. M. Sutton..It. Gorernor. Nova Scotia, etc do 19,000 307,180 Halifax....

J. G. Le Marchant..... do Prince Edward's Isl'd. do 2,200 68,070 Charlotte Town.

Dominic Daly:

do Newfoundland.... do 36,000 107,100 St. John...

Kerr B. Hamilton. Gocer nor. St. Pierre & Miquelon.. French 118 1,420 St. Pierre..


do Bermuda Islands ...... British

12,020 Hamilton

Freeman Murray

do United States of America.... 3,200,000 27,322,700 Washington City. Franklin Pierce.. .President. United States of Mexico.... 762,600 7,853,400 City of Mexico. Ant. Lopez de Santa Anna do Belize.. British 62,740 11,770 Belize..

William Stevenson.... Governor. Bay Islands


600 3,200 Port Royal.. Honduras.. 72,000 315,000 Comayagua.

Trinidad Cabanas.. President. Guatomala. 28,0001 981,000 N, Guatemala

Rafael Carrera....

do San Salvador 14,000 367,000 Cojutepeque

Jose M. San Martin.. do Costa Rica... 17,000 139,000 San Jose.

Juan Rafael Mora..

do Nicaragua 49,000 252,000 Leon...

Fruto Chamorro...

do Mosquito Coast.. 23,000 4,000 Blewfields.

Indian King. San Juan del Norte..

151 3,000 S. J. del N. (Greytown) An Inilependent Municipality.

II. WEST INDIA ISLANDS. Hayti, 11,000 700,000 Cape Haytien.

Faustin I....

Emperor. Dominica, 18,000 200,000 San Domingo.

Pedro Santana.

.President. Jamaica.. British 6,250 388,000 Kingston

Harry Barclay.

Gov. Gen. Trinidad

do 2,020

62,000 Puerto d'Espana. Charles Elliott... . Governor. Barbadoes

163 137,000 Bridgetown..

W. M. G. Colebrook. do Grenada..

155 32,000 St. George.

R. W. Keate..

.Lt. Gov. St. Vincent

1321 27,600 Kingstown..

Rich'd G. McDonnell.. do Tobago..


14,400 Scarboro'

Willoughby Shortland.. do St. Lucia.

159 24,600 Castries..

Maurice Power.... .... Governor. Nevis .

20 9,600 Charlestown..

Frederick Seymour, Administrat'r. St. Kitts.

68 23,400 Basseterre

E. H. D. Hay

Lt. Gov. Antigua

108 37,800 St. John's Town Alfred Reed.

Governor. Montserrat.

47 7,400 Plymouth.


..President. Virgin Isles.

188 6,800 Tortola..

John A. McGregor. ...Lt. Gov. Anguilla..

81 3,200 Anguilla.

(App. to St. Kitt's.) Dominica..

275 22,700 Roseau

S. W. Blackall..

. Lt. Gov. Bahama Islands.. do 3,982 28,000 Nassau

Alex. Bannermann Governor. Turk's Is'd & the Caicos, do 434 6,200 Turk's Island.

Robert Inglis.

.President. Cuba... .Spanish 42,383 1,207,000 Havana...

Jose de la Concha....... Gov. Gen. Porto Rico. do 3,865 380,000 San Juan.

Garcia Cambia...

do Guadalupe, etc.. French 631 147,000 Grandebourg

Aubry Bailleul..

. Governor. Martinique, etc.... do 382 132,000 Fort Royal

Comte de Gueydon.

do Dutch West Indies.. 369 28,500 Wilhelmstadt.

J. J. J. R. Elseiver... do Danish West Indies. 1921 59,700 Christianstadt

J. D. F. Feddersen... do Swedish West Indies.. 25 8,900 Gustavia...

N, F. Wallensteen.... do III. COUNTRIES OF SOUTH AMERICA. Venezuela 426,700 1,522,000 Caracas...

Jose Gregorio Monagas, President. New-Granada

522,000 2,410,000 Santa Fe de Bogota.. Jose Maria Obando... do Ecuador 320,000 664,000 Quito

Jose Maria Urbina... do Bolivia .. 450,000 1,729,000 Chuquisaca..

Manuel Isidoro Belzu.. Peru. 520,000 2,238,000 Lima

Jose Rufino Echinique.

do Chili. 250,000 1,406,000 Santiago.

Manuel Monte..

do Argentine Confederation. 850,000 520,000 Santa Fe

Justo J. de Urquesa.. do Buenos Ayres. 76,000 240,000 Buenos Ayres.

Pastor Obligado.. Governor. Uraguay. 120,000 60,000 Montevideo


.President. Paraguay 84,000 320,000 Asuncion..

Carlos Antonio Lopez... do Brazil 3,860,000 6,200,000 Rio de Janeiro.. Pedro II....

Emperor. Guiana. British 96,000 132,000 Georgetown..

Philip Wodehouse

..Governor Guiana.. Dutch 39,000 63,000 Paramaraibo.

J. G. 0. S. de Schmidt. do Guiana.. French 23,000 22,500 Cayenne..


do Patagonia 200,000 20,900

Native Chiefs.
Falkland Island.... British 13,000 560 Fort Louis.

George Reunie...... do
Grand Sections.

Area-Sq. Miles.

Population. North and Central America...


40,462,320 West India Islands


3,693,800 South America...








The following Acts of Congress mark the progress of the Slave Power in the Legislation of the American Government: FUGITIVE SLAVE LAW OF 1798. either by oral testimony or affidavit taken before,

and certified by, a magistrate of any such state An Act respecting fugitives from justice, and or territory, that the person so seized or arrested,

persons escaping from the service of their doth, under the laws of the state or territory masters,

from which he or she fled, owe service or labor Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House to the person claiming him or her, it shall be the of Representatives of the United States of Amer- duty of such judge or magistrate to give a cerica in Congress assembled, That whenever the tificate thereof to such claimant, his agent or executive authority of any state in the Union, or attorney, which shall be sufficient warrant for reof either of the territories, north-west or south moving the said fugitive from labor to the state of the river Ohio, shall demand any, person, as a or territory from which he or she fled. fugitive from justice, of the executive authority

SEC. 4. That any person who shall knowingly of any such state or territory to which such per- and willingly obstruct or hinder such claimant, son shall have fled, and shali, moreover, produce his agent or attorney, in so seizing or arresting the copy of an indictment found, or an affidavit such fugitive from labor, or shall rescue such fumade before a magistrate of any state or territory gitive from such claimant, his agent or attorney, as aforesaid, charging the person so demanded when so arrested pursuant to the authority herein with having committed treason, felony, or other given or declared, or shall harbor or conceal crime, certified as authentic by the governor or such person after notice that he or she was a fuchief magistrate of the state or territory from gitive from labor as aforesaid, shall, for either of whence the person so charged filed, it shall be the said offences, forfeit and pay the sum of fire the duty of the executive authority of the state hundred dollars. Which penalty may be recor. or territory to which such person shall have fled, ered by and for the benefit of such claimant, by to cause him or her to be arrested and secured, action of debt, in any court proper to try the and notice of the arrest to be given to the ex- same; saving, moreover, to the person claiming ecutive authority making such demand, or to the such labor or service, his right of action for or agent of such authority appointed to receive the on account of the said injuries, or either of fugitive, and to cause the fugitive to be delivered

them. to such agent when he shall appear. But if no Approved February 12, 1798. such agent shall appear within six months from the time of the arrest, the prisoner may be discharged. And all costs or expenses incurred in the apprehending, securing, and transmitting MISSOURI COMPROMISE OF 1820. such fugitive to the state or territory making such demand, shall be paid by such state or ter- An Act to authorize the people of the Missouri ritory.

territory to form a Constitution and State SEC. 2. That any agent appointed as aforesaid, Government, and for the admission of such who shall receive the fugitive into his custody, State into the Union on an equal footing with shall be empowered to transport him or her to the original States, and to prohibit slavery the state or territory from which he or she shall in certain territories. have fled. And, if any person or persons shall by force set at liberty, or rescue the fugitive (All the previous sections of this Act relate from such agent while transporting as aforesaid, entirely to the formation of the Missouri Territhe person or persons so offending, shall, on con-| tory in the usual form of territorial bills-the viction, be fined not exceeding five hundred 8th section only relating to the slavery question.) dollars, and be imprisoned not exceeding one

SEC. 8. That in all that territory ceded by year.

France to the United States, under the name of Sec. 3. That when a person held to labor in any Louisiana, which lies north of thirty-six degrees of the United States, or in either of the territo- and thirty minutes north latitude, not included ries on the northwest or south of the river Ohio, within the limits of the state contemplated by under the laws thereof, shall escape into any this act, slavery and involuntary servitude, other of the said states or territory, the person otherwise than in the punishment of crimes, to whom sach labor or service may be due, his whereof the parties shall have been duly con: agent or attorney, is hereby empowered to seize victed, shall be, and is hereby, for ever prohibor arrest such fugitive from labor, and to take ited. Provided always, that any person escaphim or her before any judge of the Circuit or ing into the same, from whom labor or service is District Courts of the United States, residing or lawfully claimed, in any state or territory of the being within the state, or before any magistrate United States, such fugitive may be lawfully reof a county, city or town corporate, wherein such claimed and conveyed to the person claiming his seizure or arrest shall be made, and upon proof or her labor or service as aforesaid. to the satisfaction of such judge or magistrate, Approved March 6, 1820.

FUGITIVE SLAVE LAW OF 1650. the use of such claimant, on the motion of such

claimant, by the Circuit or District Court for the An Act to amend, and supplementary to, the district of such marshal; and after arrest of

Act entitled “ An Act respecting fugitives such fugitive, by such marshal or his deputy, or from justice, and persons escaping from whilst at any time in his custody, under the prothe service of their masters," approved visions of this act, should such fugitive escape, February twelfth, one thousand seven hun- whether with or without the assent of such mardred and ninety-three.

shal or his deputy, such marshal shall be liable, Be it enacted by the Senate and House of on his official bond, to be prosecuted for the Representatives of the United States of America benefit of such claimant, for the full value of the in Congress assembled, That the persons who service or labor of said fugitive in the State, Terhave been, or may hereafter be, appointed Com- ritory, or District whence he escaped ; and the missioners, in virtue of any Act of Congress, by better to enable said commissioners, when thus the Circuit Courts of the United States, and who, appointed, to execute their duties faithfully and in consequence of such appointment, are au- efficiently, in conformity with the requirements thorized to exercise the powers that any justice of the Constitution of the United States, and of of the peace, or other magistrate of any of the. this act, they are hereby authorized and emUnited States, may exercise in respect to offend- powered, within their counties respectively, to ers for any crime or offence against the United appoint, in writing under their hands, any one States, by arresting, imprisoning, or bailing the or more suitable persons, from time to time, to same under and by virtue of the thirty-third execute all such warrants and other process as section of the act of the twenty-fourth of Sep- may be issued by them in the lawful performance tember, seventeen hundred and eighty-nine, en- of their respective duties; with authority to such titled “An Act to establish the judicial courts of commissioners, or the persons to be appointed the United States,” shall be, and are hereby, au- by them, to execute process as aforesaid, to sumthorized and required to exercise and discharge mon and call to their aid the bystanders, or all the powers and duties conferred by this act. posse comitatus of the proper county, when

SEC. 2. That the Superior Court of each or- necessary to insure a faithful observance of the ganized Territory of the United States shall clause of the Constitution referred to, in conforhave the same power to appoint commissioners mity with the provisions of this act; and all to take acknowledgments of bail and affidavits, good citizens are commanded to aid and assist and to take depositions of witnesses in civil in the prompt and efficient execution of this law, causes, which is now possessed by the Circuit whenever their services may be required, as Court of the United States; and all commission- aforesaid, for that purpose; and said warrants ers who shall hereafter be appointed for such shall run, and be executed by said officers, any. purposes by the Superior Court of any organized where in the State within which they are issued. Territory of the United States, shall possess all

Sec. 6. That when a person held to service or the powers, and exercise all the duties, conferred labor in any State or Territory of the United by law upon the commissioners appointed by the States, has heretofore or shall hereafter escape Circuit Courts of the United States for similar into another State or Territory of the United purposes, and shall moreover exercise and dis- States, the person or persons to whom such sercharge all the powers and duties conferred by vice or labor may be due, or his, her, or their this Act.

agent or attorney, duly authorized by power of Sec. 3. That the Circuit Courts of the United attorney, in writing acknowledged and certified States, and the Superior Courts of each organ- under the seal of some legal officer or Court of ized Territory of the United States, shall from the State or Territory in which the same may be time to time enlarge the number of Commission-executed, may pursue and reclaim such fugitive ers with a view to afford reasonable facilities to person, either by procuring a warrant from reclaim fugitives from labor, and to the prompt some one of the Courts, judges, or commissiondischarge of the duties imposed by this Act. ers aforesaid, of the proper circuit, district, or

SEC. 4. That the Commissioners above named county, for the apprehension of such fugitive shall have concurrent jurisdiction with the judges from service or labor, or by seizing and arrestof the Circuit and District Courts of the United ing such fugitive where the same can be done States, in their respective circuits and districts without process, and by taking, or causing such within the several States, and the judges of the person to be taken forthwith before such Court, Superior Courts of the Territories severally and Judge or Commissioner, whose duty it shall be collectively, in term-time and vacation, and to hear and determine the case of such claimant shall grant certificates to such claimants, upon in a summary manner; and upon satisfactory satisfactory proof being made, with authority to proof being made, by deposition or affidavit, in take and remove such fugitives from service or writing, to be taken, and certified by such Court, labor, under the restrictions herein contained, to Judge, or Commissioner, or by other satisfactory the State or Territory from which such persons testimony, duly taken and certified by some may have escaped or fled.

Court, Magistrate, Justice of the Peace, or other Sec. 5. That it shall be the duty of all marshals legal officer authorized to administer an oath and deputy marshals to obey and execute all and take depositions under the laws of the warrants and precepts issued under the pro- State or Territory from which such person owing visions of this act, when to them directed; and service or labor may have escaped, with a cershould any marshal or deputy marshal refuse to tificate of such magistracy, or other authority as receive suck warrant, or other process, when aforesaid, with the seal of the proper Court or tendered, or to use all proper means diligently to officer thereto attached, which seal shall be sufexecute the same, he shall, on conviction thereof, ficient to establish the competency of the proof, be fined in the sum of one thousand dollars, to and with proof, also by affidavit, of the identity

of the person whose service or labor is claimed and delivery of the fugitive to the claimant, his to be due as aforesaid, that the person so ar- or her agent or attorney, or where such suprested does in fact owe service or labor to the posed fugitive may be discharged out of custody person or persons claiming him or her, in the for the want of sufficient proof as aforesaid, State or Territory from which such fugitive may then such fees are to be paid in the whole by have escaped as aforesaid, and that said person such claimant, his agent or attorney; and in all escaped, to make out and deliver to such claim-cases where the proceedings are before a Comant, his or her agent or attorney, a certificate missioner, he shall be entitled to a fee of ten setting forth the substantial facts as to the ser- dollars in full for his services in each case, upon vice or labor due from such fugitive to the claim the delivery of the said certificate to the claim. ant, and of his or her escape from the State or ant, his or her agent or attorney; or a fee of Territory in which such service or labor was due five dollars in cases where the proof shall not, in to the State or Territory in which he or she was the opinion of such Commissioner, warrant such arrested, with authority to such claimant, or his certificate and delivery, inclusive of all services or her agent or attorney, to use such reasonable incident to such arrest and examination, to be force and restraint as may be necessary, under paid in either case by the claimant, his or her the circumstances of the case, to take and re- agent or attorney. The person or persons au. move such fugitive person back to the State or thorized to execute the process to be issued by Territory whence he or she may have escaped as such Commissioner for the arrest and detention aforesaid. In no trial or hearing under this Act of fugitives from service or labor as aforesaid, shall the testimony of such alleged fugitive be shall also be entitled to a fee of five dollars each, admitted in evidence; and the certificates in for each person he or they may arrest and take this and the first (fourth) section mentioned, before any such Commissioner, as aforesaid, at shall be conclusive of the right of the person or the instance and request of such claimant, with persons in whose favor granted, to remove such such other fees as may be deemed reasonable fugitive to the State or Territory from which he by such Commissioners for such other additional escaped, and shall prevent all molestation of services as may be necessarily performed by such person or persons by any process issued by him or them; such as attending at the examinaany Court, Judge, Magistrate, or other person tion, keeping the fugitive in custody, and prowhomsoever.

viding him with food and lodging during his deSec. 7. That any person who shall knowingly tention, and until the final determination of such and willingly obstruct, hinder, or prevent such Commissioner; and, in general, for performing claimant, his agent or attorney, or any person or such other duties as may be required by such persons lawfully assisting him, her or them, from claimant, his or her attorney or agent, or Comarresting such a fugitive from service or labor, missioner in the premises. Such fees to be either with or without process as aforesaid, or made up in conformity with the fees usually shall rescue or attempt to rescue such fugitive charged by the officers of the courts of justice from service or labor, from the custody of such within the proper district or county, as near as claimant, his or her agent or attorney, or other may be practicable, and paid by such claimants, person or persons lawfully assisting as aforesaid, their agents or attorneys, whether such supwhen so arrested pursuant to the authority posed fugitives from service or labor be ordered herein given and declared, or shall aid, abet, or to be delivered to such claimants by the final assist such person so owing service or labor as determination of such Commissioner or not. aforesaid, directly or indirectly, to escape from SEC. 9. That, upon affidavit made by the claimsuch claimant, his agent or attorney, or other ant of such fugitive, his agent or attorney, after person or persons legally authorized as afore- such certificate has been issued, that he has said; or shall harbor or conceal such fugitive so reason to apprehend that such fugitive will be as to prevent the discovery and arrest of such rescued by force from his or her possession beperson, after notice or knowledge of the fact that fore he can be taken beyond the limits of the such person was a fugitive from service or labor State in which the arrest is made, it shall be the as aforesaid, shall, for either of said offences, be duty of the officer making the arrest to retain subject to a fine not exceeding one thousand such fugitive in his custody, and to remove him dollars, and imprisonment not exceeding six to the State whence he fled, and there to deliver months, by indictment and conviction before the him to said claimant, his agent or attorney. District Court of the

United States, for the dis- And to this end, the officer aforesaid is hereby trict in which such offence may have been com- authorized and 'required to employ so many mitted, or before the proper court of criminal persons as he may deem necessary to overcome jurisdiction, if committed within any one of the such force, and to retain them in his service so organized territories of the United States, and long as circumstances may require. The said shall moreover forfeit and pay, by way of civil officer and his assistants while so employed to damages to the party injured by such illegal con- receive the same compensation, and to be allowduct, the sum of one thousand dollars, for each ed the same expenses as are now allowed by law fugitive so lost as aforesaid, to be recovered by for transportation of criminals, to be certified by action of debt in any of the District or Territo- the judge of the district within which the arrest rial Courts aforesaid, within whose jurisdiction is made, and paid out of the treasury of the the said offence may have been committed. United States.

Sec. 8. That the marshals, their deputies, and SEC. 10. That when any person held to service the clerks of the said District and Territorial or labor in any State or Territory, or in the DisCourts, shall be paid for their services the like trict of Columbia, shall escape therefrom, the fees as may be allowed to them for similar ser- party to whom such service or labor may be due, vices in other cases ; and where such services his, her, or their agent or attorney, may apply are rendered exclusively in the arrest, custody, Ito any court of record therein, or judge thereof

in vacation, and make satisfactory proof to such, the time of their admission : Provided, That court, or judge in vacation, of the escape afore- nothing in this act contained shall be construed said, and that the person escaping owed service to inhibit the government of the United States or labor to such party. Whereupon the court from dividing said territory into two or more shall cause a record to be made of the matters territories, in such manner and at such times as so proved, and also a general description of the Congress shall deem convenient and proper, or person so escaping, with such convenient cer- from attaching any portion of said territory to tainty as may be; and a transcript of such re- any other state or territory of the United States : cord authenticated by the attestation of the Provided further, That nothing in this act con. clerk and of the seal of the said court, being tained shall be construed to impair the rights of produced in any other State, Territory or dis- person or property now pertaining to the Intrict in which the person so escaping may be dians in said territory, so long as such rights found, and being exhibited to any judge, com- shall remain unextinguished by treaty between missioner, or other officer authorized by the law the United States and such Indians, or to inof the United States to cause persons escaping clude any territory which, by treaty with any from service or labor to be delivered up, shall be Indian tribe, is not, without the consent of said held and taken to be full and conclusive evi-tribe, to be included within the territorial limits dence of the fact of the escape, and that the ser- or jurisdiction of any state or territory; but all vice or labor of the person escaping is due to the such territory shall be excepted out of the boundparty in such record mentioned. And upon the aries, and constitute no part of the territory of production by the said party of other and fur- Nebraska, until said tribe shall signify their asther evidence if necessary, either oral or by affi- sent to the President of the United states to be davit, in addition to what is contained in the included within the said territory of Nebraska, said record of the identity of the person escap- or to affect the authority of the government of ing, he or she shall be delivered up to the claim- the United States to make any regulations reant. And the said court, commissioner, judge, specting such Indians, their lands, property or or other person authorized by this act to grant other rights, by treaty, law, or otherwise, which certificates to claimants of fugitives, shall, upon it would have been competent to the government the production of the record and other evidences to make if this act had never passed. aforesaid, grant to such claimant a certificate SEC. 2. That the executive power and authorof his right to take any such person identified ity in and over said territory of Nebraska shall and proved to be owing service or labor as be vested in a governor, who shall hold his office aforesaid, which shall authorize such claimant for four years, and until his successor shall be to seize or arrest and transport such person to appointed and qualified, unless sooner removed the State or Territory from which he escaped: by the President of the United States. The Provided, That nothing herein contained shall governor shall reside within said territory, and be construed as requiring the production of a shall be commander-in-chief of the militia there. transcript of such record as evidence as afore- of. He may grant pardons and respites for ofsaid. But in its absence the claim shall be heard fences against the laws of said territory, and and determined upon other satisfactory proofs, reprieves for offences against the laws of the competent in law.

United States, until the decision of the President Approved September 18, 1850.

can be made known thereon; he shall commission all officers who shall be appointed to office under the laws of the said territory, and shall

take care that the laws be faithfully executed. KANSAS AND NEBRASKA ACT OF 1854. SEC. 3. That there shall be a secretary of said An Act to organize the Territories of Nebras- territory, who shall reside therein, and hold his ka and Kansas.

office for five years, unless sooner removed by

the President of the United States; he shall reBe it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep- cord and preserve all the laws and proceedings resentatives of the United States of America in of the legislative assembly hereinafter constiCongress assembled : That all that part of the tuted, and all the acts and proceedings of the territory of the United States included within governor in his executive department; he shall the following limits, except such portions thereof transmit one copy of the laws and journals of as are hereinafter expressly exempted from the the legislative assembly within thirty days after operations of this act, to wit: beginning at a the end of each session, and one copy of the point in the Missouri river where the fortieth executive proceedings and official correspondparallel of north latitude crosses the same; ance semi-annually on the first days of January thence west on said parallel to the east bound- and July in each year, to the President of the ary of the territory of Utah on the summit of United States, and two copies of the laws to the the Rocky Mountains; thence on said summit President of the Senate and to the Speaker of northward to the forty-ninth parallel of north the House of Representatives, to be deposited latitude; thence east on said parallel to the in the libraries of Congress; and, in case of the western boundary of the Territory of Minneso- death, removal, resignation, or absence of the ta ; thence southward on said boundary to the governor from the territory, the secretary shall Missouri river; thence down the main channel be, and he is hereby authorized and required to of said river to the place of beginning, be, and execute and perform all the powers and duties the same is hereby, created into a temporary of the governor during such vacancy or absence, government by the name of the Territory of Ne- or until another governor shall be duly appointbraska ; and when adınitted as a state or states, ed and qualified to fill such vacancy. the said territory, or any portion of the same,

SEC. 4. That the legislative power and aathorshall be received into the Union with or without ity of said territory shall be vested in the gov. slavery, as their constitution may prescribe at ernor and a legislative assembly. The legislative

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