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Utis, a merry festiva
I'he'r, whether.

Harh, & temer, kan vi litter, to vend by retail. Il'here, whereas.

T!'orirnos, lat. Justite Uiterance, a phrase in combat, Whiffler, an officer who walks Ilorid, so you the, it be:a:extremity. first in processions.

Whiles, until.

Wirin, a serp.!

Whip, the crack, the best, Iforship, ignity, atting,

Whilpstock, a carter's wbip. Horth, Who: 10 I'aft, to beckon. Whirring, whirring away.

value, iull quou v pr. 60 I'nge, to fight, to combat, to While, the white mark in ar

tion prescribe to.


Horis, cabbazi. Wages, is equal to.

White death, the chlorosis. l'ot, to know. Waist, the part between the quar- Whiting-time, bleaching time, found, twisterahva ter-deck and the forecastle.


!! reak, baitalitla Waist, the middle. I hilsters, the bleachers of linen li'rrak, '

oeil? Walk, a district in a forest. Whitile, a species oiknile. Irrt, an iturrimit Il'annion, vengeance. Whooping. measure or reckon

the laro. Itard, posture of defence.


Il resteri, obtained by Warl, guardianship.

Wide, remotely from, wide of the Writ, writin., COLO Warılen, a species of pears.


Hrihleid, rink,
It'urder, guard, sentinel.
W7 lerness, wildness.

Hronys, the pers. I. ,t's Harn, to summon. l'ill, wilfulness.

Wrongs, injurious posizing Waseels, meetings of rustic Himple, a hood or veil.

II'rott, muistot mirth.

Winter-ground, to protect against II'rought, woratd.. máj. 1. Walch, a watch-light.

the inclemency of winter. Irung, presséw,
l'uter-work, water-colours. Il'is, to know.
N'or, to grow.

Wish, to recommend.
Hazen, increase.
Wit, to kpow.

Tealth, advantage, happiness. Witch, to charm, to bewitch.
l'ear, the fashion.
Wits, senses.

Yarely, reaii, rizob;
Il'ee, little.

Il'ittol, knowing, conscious of. l'earne, griever It il'eeils, clothing.

Witty, judicious, cunning. Yeasty, or yety Ween, to think, to imagine, Wne, to be sorry.

frotty, Veet, to know.

Iloman, to aflcct suddenly and Yeild, to ink riti, utente weigh, to value or esteem, to deeply.

to. deliberate.

Woman-tired, hea peckel. Yeill. to rewan' Il'elhin, the colour of the sky, I'onclered, able to perform won- Fedornes, lealol** blue. ders.

1 coman, a bailarina | Il*ell-found, of acknowledged ex. | Wood, crazy, frantic.

Yesty. See Yu2!!! cellence.

Woodman, an attendant on the
Well-likin17, plump, embonpoint. forester.
Il'en, swollen excrescence. Woolwarı, a phrase appro-

2. It'end, to go.

priated to pilgrims and peniWhetked, varied with protuber- tentiaries.

Zany, a buffon, & 'In Worls, dispute, contention. Jrew.



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