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Peat, a word of endearment. Pomerater, a species of apple. Proface, much good may it do
Pedascule, a pedant.
Poor-john, hake dried and salted.

you. Peer, to come out, to appear. Popinjay, a parrot.

Profane, love of talk, gross of Peevish, foolish.

Popularity, plebeian intercourse. language. Peize, to balance, to keep in sus. Port, external pomp, figure. Profession, end and purpose of pense; to weigh down. Port, a gate.

coming. Pelting, paltry, petty, inconsi- Portable, bearable.

Progress,a royal journey of stale. derable.

Portance, carriage, behaviour. Project, to shape or form. Pennons, small flags.

Possess, to inform, to make to Prompture, suggestion, temptaPenthesilia, Amazon.


tion. Perch, a measure of five yards Possessed, acquainted with, fully Prone, sometimes humble. and a half.


Prone, forward. Perlurable, lasting.

Possessed, afflicted with madness. Proof, confirmed state of manPerdy, par Dieu, a French oath. Potch, to push violently.

hood. Perfect, certain, well informed, Potents, potentates.

Propagate, to advance or imPerfections, liver, brain, and Pouncet-box, a small box for per- prove. heart.


Propagation, getting. Perjuré, a perjured person. Power, forces, an army.

Proper, well-looking, handsome. Periapts, charms sewed up and Practice, unlawful or insidious Proper-false, proper or fair, and worn about the neck. stratagem.

false or deceitful. Perspectives, certain optical glas- Practise, to employ unwarrant- Propertied, taken possession of.

able arts.

Properties, incidental necessaries Pervert, to avert.

Practisants, confederates in stra- to a theatre. Pero-fellou, a companion.


Property, due performance. Pheere. See Peere.

Prank, to adorn, to dress osten- Property, a thing quite at disPheeze, to teaze or beat, to comb tatiously, to plume.

posal. or curry.

Precedent, original draft. Propose, to image, to imagine. Pia mater, the membrane cover- Precept, a justice's warrant. Proposing, conversing.

ing the substance of the brain. Precisian, a great pretender to Propriety, regular and proper Pick, 10 pitch.


state. Picked, nicely dressed, foppish. Prefer, to recommend, to ad- Prorogue, to lengthen or prolong. Pichers, the hands.

Provand, provender. Picking, piddling, insignificant. Pregnancy, readiness.

Provencial, Provençal, from ProPickl-hatch, a place noted for Pregnant, ready, plain, evident, brothels.


Provincial, belonging to one's Piece, a word of contempt for a Pregnant enemy, the enemy of province.


Provost, sheriff or gaoler. Pield, shaven.

Premised, sent before the time. Prune, to plume. Pight, pitched, fixed.

Prenominate, already named. Puck, or hobgoblin in fairy Pilcher, a pilche, the scabbard. Pre-ordinance, ordinance already mythology: Pilled, pillaged.


Pugging, thievish. Pin and web, disorders of the Presence, the preseuce-cham-Pun, to pound. eye.

ber, a public roon.

Purchase, stolen goods. Pinnace, a small ship of burthen. Presence, dignity of mien, form, Purchased, acquired by unjust Pix, a small chest in which the figure.

methods. consecrated host was kept. Prest, ready.

Purlieu, border, enclosure. Placket, a petticoat.

Pretence, design, intention. Pursuirants, heralds. Plague, to punish.

Pretend, to intend, design. Put to know, compelled to acPlain song, the chant, in plano Pretended, purposed or intended. knowledge. cantu. Prevent, to anticipate.

Putter-on, one who instigates. Plainly, openly.

Prick, the point on the dial. Putter-out, one who places out Plaitei, complicated, involved. Pricks, prickles, skewers.

money at interest. Planched, made of brands. Pride, haughty power.

Putting-on, spor, incitement. Plant, the foot. Prig, to filch.

Putlock, a degenerate species of Platforms, plans, schemes. Prime, youth, the vigour of life. hawk. Plausire, gracious, pleasing, po- Prime, prompt. pular. Primer, more urgent, more im

Q. Pleached, folded together.

portant. Plot, piece of portion.

Primero, a game at cards. Quail, to faint, languish. Point, a metal hook fastened to Principality, the first or princi- Quaint, fantastical. gracefw. the hose or breeches.

pal of women.

Quaint-mazes, a game running Point, the utmost height. Principals, rafters of a building. the figure of eight Point-le-rice, with the utmost Princor, a coxcomb, or spoiled Quaked, thrown into trepidation. possible exactness.


Qualify, to lessen, moderate. Points, tags to the laces. Probal, probable.

Quality, confederates. Poize, weight or moment. Process, summons.

Quality, profession, conditien of Polled, bared, cleared. Procure, to bring.

life. Pomander, a ball made of per- Prodigious, portentous, omi- Quarrel, a quarreller, the cause fumes.

of a quarrel





Quarry, the game after it is killed. | Reason, to talk, to argue for. Rivals, partners
Quart decu, fourth part of a Rebeck, an old musical instru- Rire, to burst, to fire.
French crown.


Road, the haven wbere ships ride Quarter, the allotted posts, sta- Receiving, ready apprehension. at anchor. tion. Receipt, receptacle.

Rogues, vagrants. Quat, a pimple.

Recheate, a sound by which the Romage, rummage. Queasy, squeamish, delicate, un- dogs are called back.

Ronyon, a scurvy woman. settled.

Reck, to care for, to mind, to at- Rood, the cross. Quell, to murder, to destroy. tend to.

Rook, to squat down. Quench, to grow cool.

Reckless, careless, heedless. Ropery, roguery. Quern, a hand-mill.

Recollected, studied or often re Rope-tricks, abusive language. Quest, inquest or jury, search, peated.

Round, a diadem. expedition. Record, to sing.

Round, rough, unceremonious Question, conversation.

Recorder, a kind of fute or fla- Rounded, whispered. Questrist, one who goes in search geolet.

Rounding, whispering. of another. Recure, to recover.

Roundel, a country-dance. Quests, reports.

Red-lattice, the sign of an ale- Roundure, circle. Quick, lively, spritely, living. house.

Rouse, a draught of jollity, Quicken, to animate. Reduce, to bring back.

Royal, due to a king. Quillits, subtiltjes.

Reechy, discoloured by smoke, Royalize, to make royal. Quillets, law chicane.

smoky, greasy.

Royalty, nobleness, supreme elQuintain, a post set up for va- Refell, to refute.

cellence. rious exercises. Refer, to reserve to.

Roynish, mangy or scabby. Quips, reproaches and scoffs. Regard, look.

Ruddock, the redbreast. Quire, to play in concert. Regiment, government, authority. Ruff, the folding of the tops of Quit, quitted. Regreet, exchange of salutation.

boots. Quit, to requite or answer. Reguerilon, recompense, return. Ruffle, to riot, to create disturb Quittance, return of obligations. Relative, nearly related, or conQuirer, nimble, active.


Ruffling, rustling.
Quote, to observe.

Remembered, remembering. Ruin, displeasure producing run
Remembrance, admonition. Rule, a method of life.

Remorse,pity, tendernessofheart. Ruth, pity, compassion.

Remotion, removal or remoteness.
Removed, remote, sequestered.

Rabato, an ornament for the neck. Render, to describe.
Rabbet-sucker, a sucking rabbit. Render, a confession, an account. Sacred, accursed.
Race, original disposition, inborn Renege, to renounce.

Sacrificial, worshipping.
qualities, a smack or flavour.
Repair, to renovate.

Sad, grave or serious.
Rack, wreck.
Repeal, to recall.

Sadly, seriously.
Rack, to exaggerate.
Reports, reporters.

Saulness, seriousness.
Rack, to harass by exactions.
Reproof, confutation.

Safe, to render safe.
Rack, the fleeting away of the Repugn, to resist.

Sagg or suagg, to sink down. clouds. Reputing, boasting of.

Salt, tears. Racking, in rapid motion.

Requiem, a mass for the soul of Sanded, of a sandy colour. Rag, an opprobrious epithet.

a person deceased.

Satisfy, rest with satisfaction. Ragged, rugged.

Resolve, to be firmly persuaded, Sarage, silvan, upcoltivated, Rake, to cover.


wild. Rank, rate or pace. Resolve, to dissolve.

Sarageness, wildness. Rank, grown up to a great height Respect, consideration, caution. Saucy, lascivious. and strength.

Respectire, respectable, respect. Sau, anciently, not a proverb, Rapl, rapturously affected.

ful, formal.

but the whole tenor of any Rapture, a fit.

Respective, cool, considerate. discourse. Rarely, curiously, happily. Respectirely, respectfully. Say, silk. Rascal, applied to lean deer. Retailed, handed down.

Say, a sample, a taste or relish. Rash, heady, thoughtless, quick, Retire, to draw back.

Scaffollage, the gallery part e violent. Reverb, to reverberate.

. Rash remonstrance, premature Revolts, revolters. discovery: Rib, to enclose.

filthy. Rated, chided. Ril, to destroy.

Scale, to disperse, to pat to lite Rarin, to devour eagerly. Rift, split.

Scaled, over-reached.
Rarin, ravenous.
Riggish, wanton.

Scaling, weighing.
Rarined, glutted with prey. Right, just, even.

Scall, an old word of reproactie Raught, reached.

Right-drawn, drawn in a right Scamble, lo scramble. Raw, ignorant, unripe, unskilful.

Scan, to examine nicely, Ravly, young and helpless. Rigol, a circle.

Scant, to be deficient in, to co Rayed, bewraved.

Ringed, environed, encircled. tract. Razed, slashed, raised.

Ripe, come to the height. Scantling, measure, proportion Rear-mouse, a bat.

Rirage, the bank or sliore. Scapes of wil, sallies, irregularz Reason, discourse, Riralily, equal rank.


Scald, a word of contempt, poor


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Scared, frightened.

Sheriff s-post, a large post set up , Sooth, truth. Scarfed, decorated with flagg. at the door of that officer for Sooth, sweetness. Scath, destruction,'harm.

affixing proclamations, &c. Sorriest, worthless, vile. Scath, to do an injury. Shire, a slice.

Sorry, sorrowful or dismal. Scathful, mischievous, destruc- | Shot, shooter.

Sort, to choose out. ttive. Shovel-board, a game.

Sort, a company, a pack, ranks Score, a petty fortification. Shoughs, shocks, a species of dog. and degrees of men., Sconce, the head.

Shoulilered, rudely thrust into. Sort, to happen, to agree. Scotched, cut slightly.

Shrewd, having the qualities of a Sort, the lot. Scrimens, fencers.


Sort and suit, figure and rank. Scrip, a writing, a list. Shrift, confession..

Sot, a fool. Scroyles, scabby fellows. Shrive. to confess, to call to Soul-fearing, soul-appalling. Sculls, great numbers of fishes coniession.

Sound, to declare or publish. i swimming together. Shut-up, to conclude.

Sound, soundly.
Scutched, whipt, carted.

Sile-sleeves, iong sieeves. Sow, to pull by the ears.
Seal, to strengthen or
Siege, stool, seat, rank.

Souter, perhaps the name of a plete. Sight, the perforated pari of a

hound. Seam, lard.


Spanned, measured. Sear, to stigmatize, to close. Sightless, unsightly.

Specialty, particular rights. See Sere. Sign, to show, to denote.

Sped, the fate decided. Season, to temper, to infix, to Silly, simple or rustic.

Speedl, event. impress.

Silly, sooth, plain, simple truth. Sperr, to shut up, defend by Seasoned, established or settled Sincere, honest.

bars, &c. by time. Sinew, strength.

Spleen, humour, caprice, spirit. Seat, throne.

Single, weak, debile, small, void resentment. Seated, fixed, firmly placed. of duplicity or guile.

Spleen, violent hurry, tumulSect, a cutting in gardening. Sink-a-pace,cinque-pace,a dance. tuous speed. Securely, with too great confi- Sir, the designation of a parson. Spleens, inclination to spiteful dence.

Sir-reverence, a corruption of mirth.
Seel, to close up.

Spot, stain or disgrace.
Seeling, blinding.
Sith, since.

Spotted, wicked.
Seeming, specious, hypocriti- Sithence, thence.

Sprag, or spackt, apt to learn. cal.

Sizes, allowances of victuals. Spread, to staud separately. warning, seemly.

Skains-mates, loose companions. Sprighted, haunted.
Seen, versed, practised. Skirr, to scour, to ride hastily. Sprights, spirits.
Seld, seldom.
Slack, to neglect.

Springhalt, a disease incident to Self-bounty, inherent generosity. Slave, to treat as a slave.

horses. Semblably, in resemblance, alike. Sleare, the ravelled knotty part Springing, blooming, in the Seniory, seniority. of the silk.

spring of life. Sennet, a flourish or sounding. Slediled, riding in a sled or sledge Sprightly, ghostly. Sense, reason, natural affection, Slights, arts, subtle practices. Spurs, the longest and largest

feeling, sensual passion. Slips, a contrivance of leather, to roots of trees. Sensible, having sensation. start two dogs at the same time. Square, to quarrel. Septentrion, the north.

Sliver, to cut a piece or slice. Square, regular, equitable, just, Sequestration, separation. Slops, loose breeches, or trow- suitable. Sere or sear, dry.

sers, tawdry dress.

Square, compass, comprehenSerjeant, a bailiff or sheriff's of- Slough, the skin which the ser- sion, or complement. ficer.

pent annually throws off. Squarer, a quarrelsome fellow. Serpigo, a kind of tetter. Slower, more serious.

Squash, an immature peascod. Serre, to fulfil.

Slubber, to do any thing care- Squiny, to look asquint. Serre, to accompany.

lessly, imperfectly, to obscure. Squire, a square or rule. Set, seated.

Smilingly, with signs of pleasure. Staggers, delirious perturbation. Setebos, a species of devil. Smirched, soiled or obscured. Stale, a bait or decoy to catch Sereral, separated, appropriated. Smoothed, to stroke, to caress,

birds. Sewer, an officer who placed the

to fondle.

Stale, a pretence. dishes on the table.

Sneap, to check or rebuke, a re- Stale, to allure. Shame, to disgrace.


Stanıl, to withstand, to resist. Shame, modesty. Sneaping, nipping.

Staniling borols, bowls elevated Shard-borne, born by shards or Sneck-up, a cant-phrase, go

on feet. scaly wings.

hang yoursell."

Stannyal, the common stone Shards, the wings of a beetle. Snuf', hasty anger.

hawk. Shards, broken pots or tiles. Snuss, dislikes.

Star, a scar of that appearance. Sharked, picked up as a shark Soil, spot, turpitude, reproach. Stark, stift. collects his prey. Solely, alone.

Starkly, stiffly. Sheen, shining, splendour, lustre. Solicit, courtship.

Starred, destined. Sheer, pellucid, transparent. Solicit, to excite.

Stale, a chair with a canopy Shent, scolded, rebuked, ashamed, Soliciting, information.

over it. disgraced.

Solidares, an unknown coin. State, standing. Shent, to reprove harshly. Sometimes, formerly.

State, official state, dignity.


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--rsons of high rank. Suggest, to tempt, to prompt, to | Taurus, sides and heart in medio
.he act of standing.

dical astrology:
Suggestion, hint.

Tawdry, a kind of necklaces
Suggestions, temptations.

worn by country girls. he wood of the lances. Suited, dressed.

Taxation, censure or satire. hinderer, a supporter.

Sullen, obstinately troublesome. Teen, sorrow, grief. o assist, or help.

Summer-swelling, that which | Temper, to mould like war. widot i-place, the stop in

swells or expands in summer. Temper, temperament, constito

Summoners, summoning officers. tion. wluklers, arbitrators, judges, Sumpter, a horse that carries ve- Temperance, temperature. sidesmon.

cessaries on a journey. Tempered, rendered pliable Stigmatical, marked or stigma- Superfluous, over-clothed. Tend, to attend opon, to wait tized.

Superstitious, serving with super- for. Stigmatick, one on whom nature stitious attention.

Tender, to regard with affection. has set a mark of deformity. Supposed, counterfeited, ima. Tendring, watching with tea Still, constant or continual.


derness. Stilly, gently, lowly..

Sure, safe, out of danger, surely. Tent, to take up residence. Slint, to stop, to retard.

Sur-reined, over-worked, or rid- | Tercel, the male hawk. Stith, an anvil.


Termagant, the god of the Sara Stoccata. a thrust or stab with a Suspire, to breathe. rapier.

Swaggerer, a roaring, fighting Termagant, furious. Stock, a term in fencing.


Tested, brought to the test. Stock, stocking:

Swart, or swarth, black, or dark Testern, to gratify with a testes, Stomach, passion, pride, stub- brown.

or sixpence. born resolution, constancy, re- Swarth, or swath, as much grass | Tetchy, touchy, peerish, freisolution.

or corn as a mower cuts down ful. Stoop, a measure somewhat more at one stroke of his scythe. Tharborough, thirdborough, : than half a gallon. Swashing, noisy, bullying.

peace officer. Stover, a kind of thatch.

Swath, the dress of a new-born Theme, a subject. Stoup, a kind of flagon.


Theorick, theory, Strachy, probably some kind of Sway, the whole weight, mo- Theres, muscular strength. domestic office.

Thick, in quick succession. Straight, immediately.

Sweeting, a species of apple. Thick-pleached, thickly inter Strain, descent, lineage. Swift, ready

woven. Strain, difficulty, doubt,

Swinge-buckiers, rakes, rioters. Thill, the shafts of a cart. Strail, narrow, avaricious. Swoop, the descent of a bird of Thirdborough. See Tharborough Straited, put to difficulties.


Thought, melancholy Strange, odd, different from.

Thrasonical, boastful, bragging. Strange, alien, becoming a stran


Thread, fibre or part ger, a stranger.

Thread, to pass through. Strangely, wonderfully.

Table, the palm of the hand ex. Three-inan-beetle, an implemen: Strangeness, shyness, distant be- tended.

used for driving piles. haviour. Table, a picture.

Three-pile, rich velvet. Stranger, an alien.

Tables, table-books, memoran- Thrift, a state of Prosperity, Strangle, to suppress.


Theroes, emits as in parturition. Stratagem, great or dreadful Tabourine, a small drum. Thrum, the extremity of a veurTag, the lowest of the populace.

er's warp. Strict, hard.

Taint, to throw a slur upon. Thrummed, made of coarse woo Strire, to contend.

Take, to strike with a disease, to len cloth. Stuck, a thrust in fencing. See blast.

Tib, a strumpet. Stoccata. Stock.

Take-in, to conquer, to get the Tickle, ticklish. Stufl, baggage.

better of.

Tickle-brain, some strong quan
Stuff, substance or essence. Take up, to contradict, to call to Tight, handy, adroit.
Stuffed, plenty, more than enough. an account.

Tightly, cleverly, adroitly.
Subscribe, to agree to.
Take-up, to levy,

Tily-calley, an interjection Subscribe, to yield, to surren- Tall, stout, bold, courageous. contempt. der.

Tallow-keech, the fat of an ox or Tilth, tillage. Subscription, obedience.

Timeless, untimely, Submerged, whelmed under wa- Tame, ineffectual.

Tinct, tincture. Tame snake, a contemptible fel-Tire, head dress. Subtilty, deception,


Tire, to fasten, to fis the ulis Subtle, smooth, level.

Tamed, flat, spiritless. Success, succession.

Tarre, to stimulate, to excite, Tire, to be idly employed es. Successive, belonging to the suc- provoke.

Tired, adorned with ribenda. cession.

Tartar, Tartarus, the fabled Tod, to yield or produce a la Successwely, by order of succes- place of future punishment. twenty-eight pounds. sion.

Task, to keep busied with scru- Tokenei, spoutej as in the place Sudien, violent.


Toll, to cnier on the toll-buss Sufficiency, abilities. Tasked, taxed.

Tulling, taking toul.


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of the game.



xix Tomboy,a masculine,forward girl. I rain, vanity.

! Uncharged, unattacked. Topless, that which has nothing Fain, light of tongue, not vera- Unclew, to draw out, to exhaust. above it, supreme. cious.

Uncontri real, unrefined, unaTpple, to tumble.

Polance, fringed with a beard. dorned. Touch, sensation, seuse, or feel Valility, value.

Unconfirmed, unpractised in the ing: l'aniiy, illusion.

ways of the world. Toruh, exploit or stroke. T antage, convenience, opportu- Under generation, the antipodes Touch, a spice or particle.

nity, advantage.

Unulergo, to be subject io. Touch, touchstone.

I'mibrace, armour for the arm. Under-skinker, a tapster, an un Touches, features.

Farlet, a servant or footinan to derdrawer. Touched, tried.

a warrior.

Unilertaker, one who takes upon Toucard, in a state of readiness. Tast, waste, dreary.

himself the quarrel of another Tuys, rumoura, idle reports, fan- | Vaunt, the avant, what went be- Underurite, to subscribe to obey. cies, freaks of imagination. fore.

Under-utought, under-worked, Tore, to pull or pluck. Vrurard, the fore part.

undeterinined. Truce, to follow. Velure, velvet.

Unileserring, undeserved. Trade, a custom, an established Venere', a bout, a term in fencing. Unearned, not deserver habit. l'engeance, mischief.

Uneath, scarcely, not easily. Trulitis, traditional practices. Veni, rumour, matter for dis- Unexpressive, inexpressible. Trulitional, adherent to old cus

Unhappy,mischievously waggish, toms.

Pentages, the holes of a flute unlucky. Trail, the sceat left by the passage Venys, lists in tencing

Unhilden, open, clear. Verbal, verbose, full of talk. Unhoused, free from domestic Traitress, a tem of endearment. verify, to bear true witness. Trunert, a ferry. Very, immediate.

Unhouseled, not having received Transiate, to transfer, to explain. riu, a cant phrase of exultation. the sacrament. Trash, a hunting phrase, to cor- Vice, the fool of the old moralities. Unimprored, not guided by knowrect. Vice, to advise.

lenge or experience. Travel, to stroll. l'ice, grasp.

Union a species of pearl. I rarense, a term in military er- Pie, to contend in rivalry. Unkind, contrary to kind or iercise. Viel, brag red.

ture. Trürersedd, across.

Tieuless, unseen, invisible. Unmastereil, licentions, Tray-trip, some kind of game. Villain, a worthless fellow, a ser- Unouell, that which has 10 Treachers, treacherous persons. vant. Prenched, cut, carved.

l'irginalling, playing on the vir- Impregnant, not quickened. I'rick, trick of the times.

ginal, a spinnet.

l'apropar, common. Tricks peculiarity of voice, face, Tirtue, the most efficacious part, Ungunitipil, unmanned, disarmet c. valour.

of his faculties. Trike, smeared, painted, in he- Pirtuous, salutiferous.

Unquestionable, unwilling to be raldry.

Virtuous, belonging to good- Lunversed with. Trucking, dress.


Unrealy, undressed. Tricksy, ckover, adroit.

l'iren, or fixen, a female fox. Unrespective, inattentive to conPriumphs, masquer, revels, pub- | Vizaments, advisements.

sequences. lic exhibitions. Foluntary, voluntarily.

Unrest, disquiet. Trojan, cant word for a thief. l'otarist, supplicant.

Unrough, smooth-faced, I'roll, to dismiss trippingly from Pouchsafed, vouchsafing.

bearded. the tongue. l'or, tone or voice.

I'nsisteil, untried. *Trol-my-dames, a game. Pulgar, common.

Unsisting, always opening, never Trossers, trowsers.

Pugarly, publicly. Trou, to believe.

Unsmirched, clean, not defiled. Truth, honesty,


Unsquared, unadapted to their Turket, or tucket connuance, a

subject. fourish.

Umber, a dusky yellow-coloured Unstainched, incontinent. Turly good, or turlupin, a species earth.

Untempering, not tempering, not of gipsy.

Umbered, discoloured by the softening. Turn, to become acescent.

gleam of fire.

Untraced, singular, not in com Turqunis, a precious stone. Unaccustumid, unseemly, indeI'wangling, an expression of con- cent,

Untrimmal, undressed. teinpt.

Unaneleid, without extreme unc- Untruth, disloyalty, treachery. Perigging, wickered.


Unrulued, invaluable. yed, limited, circumscribed. Unarouled, unavoidable.

l'p-spring, upstart. 'ype, distirguishing mark, show Unbarbril, untrimmed, unshaven. Urchins, hedge-hogs, or perhape or emblem. Unbated, not blunted.

fairies. Cything, division of a place, a Unbolt, to open, explain.

Usance, usury:
Untiteil, coarse. -

Use, practice long countenanced
Unbookish, ignorant.

by custom.
Unbreathed, une xercised, un- Use, to make a practice of,
ul, to condescend to look, lo practised.

Use, interest. let down, to how, to sink. Encape, to dig out, a term in fox-Usul behaved, fruiing, lowering.


Usurțány, false,


at rest.

non use.

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