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S. Stamford, Rt. Hon. Eorl of, Envil-Hall, Staffordsh, Stamford, Rt. Hon. Countess of, ditto Şandys, Rt. Hon. Lord, Ombersey-Court, Worferh. Sandys, Mr. Fellow of New-College, Oxford Sandby, Rev. Dr. Master of Mag, College Cambridge Sewart, Rev. Mr. Canon of Litchfield Stillingfleet, Rev. Mr. Fellow of Merton Col. Oxford Savage, Tho. Birch, Esq; Elmley-Castle, Worstersa. Steward, John, Esq: Srone, near Kiddermin, ditto Savage, George, Efq; Sevenhampton, Glostersøire. Steuart, Gilbert, M. D, Wolverhampton Smith, Culling, Esq; Red Lion Square, London Scrafton, Luke, Esq; Ellex-street, ditto. Swift, Deane, Esq; Goodrich, Herefordshire Slater, Rev. Mr. of Keynsham, Somersetshire Symes, Rev. . of Bristol Sparrow, Rev. Mr. of Worcester Smith, Rey. Mr. Precentor of the Cath. Ch. of Wor. Stephens, Rev. Mr. Sheldon Reet. of Martin & Henlip Stevens, Mr. William, Merebant · [Worfterto. Sandby, Mr. William, Bookseller, London Sclater, Mr. Druggift, ditto Socket, Mr. Attorney, Worcester Smith, Mr. George, Mercer, ditto Skinner, Mr, of ditto Staples, Mr. Thomas, Attorney, ditto Sorton, Mr. Tobacconist, ditto Stanton, Mr. Schoolmaster of St. John's, ditto Sheward, Mr. Joseph, of Bewdley, Worcestershire Salmon, Mr. James, Lay-Clerk of Wor'fter Cathed. Saunders, Mr. John, Frethorn, Glostershire

T. Tucker, Rev. Dr. Dean of Glocester Tottie, Rev. Dr. Can. of Chr. Ch. Ox.& Archd. of Wo


d 2

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Taylor, Rev, L, L. D. Prebendary of Westmin.
Throgmortón, Sir Robert, Bart. Buckland Berkib.
Talbot, Charles Henty, Esq; London
Tully, William, Esq; ditto

2 Books Thompson, William, M. D. Worcester SV Taylor, Rev. Mr. Reot. of Salwarp 3 Hampton Lovet, Worcestershire

2 Books Taylor, Rev. Mr. miror Canon of Worster Cachedf. Taylor, Rev. Mr. Edmund, of Worcetter van Thomas, Rev. Mr. of Grafton-Flyford; WorPerfhire Turner, Rev.Mr. Reet. of Comberton&Elml.Caft. dit Turner, Rev. Mr. Thomas, Glocester Tippetts, Thomas, Esq; Dursley, Gloftershire Tomlings, Philip, Esq; Worcester Thorneloe, Mr. Attorney, ditto Taylor, Jate Mr. Attorney, ditto Turner, Mr. William Nott

, Apothecary, ditto. l',
Taylor, Mr. William, Innholder, ditto
Thornton, Lieutenant of the Queen's Dringeons
Taylor, Mr. Apothecary, Droicwych, Worsterfbirt

Tippets, Mr. James, Ombersley, ditto:
Terret, Mr. John, Surgeon, Tewkesbury, Glaferfhire
Thurston, Mr. John,

ditto Timbrel, Mr. Robert, Surgeon, Glo'ster Thompson, Mr. Clock & Watchmaker Red Lion-Street

Clerkenwell, London

V.. Vernon, Thomas, Efq; Hanbury-Hall, Worstersh. Vernon, Thomas, Esq; of Worcester Vernon, Rev. Mr. Rector of Areley, Wor'ftershire Vernon, Rev. Mr. Reator of Hanbury War'ftershire,

and Bourton on the Water, Glostershire

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Ward, Rt, Hon. Lord Viscount Dudley and,


Worcester, Rt. Rev. Lord Bishop of
Wrottesley, Sir Richard, Bart. L. L. D. & Deanof Wo
Waugh, Rev. John, L. L. D. late Dean of ditto
Webber, Rev. Dr. Dean of Hereford
Winnington, Sir Edward, Bart. Standford-Court
Ward, Hon. Wm. Esq; M. P. for the County of Wor.
Walsh, John, Esq; M. P. for the City of Wor'fter
Wilson; Rev. Dr. Prebendary of Worcester Cathedral
Wheeler, Rev. Mr. Fellow of Magdalen Col. Oxford
White, Rev. Mr. Minor-Canon of St. Paul's, London
Warren, Miss Eliz. of London
Worral, Henry, Esq;
Wall, John, M. D. Worcester
Withers, Charles Trubshaw, Esq; of ditto
Weston, late Edward, Esq; ditco
Watson, late John, Esq; ditto :
Wyndham, Charles, Esq; of Clearwell, Glocestershire
Wood, John, Esq; of Bath
West, James, Esq; of Allcot, Warwickshirë
Wilmot, Rev. Mr. of Worcester
Wormington, Rev. Mr. Minor-Canonof Worcester C.
Westley, Rev. Mr. John, of London
Whittingdale, Rev. Mr. Rector of Rous-Lench.
Wood, Rev. Mr. of High-Ercal, Shropshire
Waldron, Rev. Mr. Hartlebury, Worcestershire
Wyld, Rev. Mr. Charles of Bridgnorth
Window, Rev. Mr. Rector of Steverton, Glocestershire
Williams, Rev. Mr. of Droitwych, Worcestershire
Ward, Rev. Mr. of Farley, Staffordshire
Whittington, Rev. "Mr.
Wheeler, Mr. Thomas, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
Wheeler, Mr. John, Surgeon, Evesham, ditto
Wheeler, Mr. Allen, Surgeon, Hartlebury, ditto
Wheeler, Mr. Joshua, Kidderminster, ditto
Watkins, Mr. Gregory, Attorney, ditto, ditta
Walker, Mr. John, Surgeon, at Shrewsbury Infirm.


Witherings, Mr. Wm. Wellington, Shropshire
Wilson, Mr. John Walker, Surgeon, Alhbourn, Derbylia
White, Mr. Jofeph, Birmingham
Wade, Mr. Officer of Excise, Chalfont St. Peters Bucks
Whitehead, Mr. Thomas, of Brittol.
Wilson, Mr. Samuel, Mercer, Glocester
Webb, Mr. Nicholas, senior, dicto
Ward, Mr. Thomas, Henwicks-Hill, Worcester
West, Mr John, Draper, ditto
Wickins, Mr. Thomas, Glover, ditto
Wilkins, Mr. Nathaniel, Grocer, ditto
Walden, Mr. Thomas, ditto
Watkins, Mr. Thomas, Attorney, ditto
Watson, Mr. Joseph, ditto
Wareing, Mr. Thomas, ditto
Wright, Mr. John, Portrait Painter, Salop,

F the Name of any Person, who has favoured this Publication with his Subscription, be not

found in the preceding List, the Author begs that such Omission may not be imputed to any wilful neglect, and hopes such Person will be pleased to afliit his recollection by a line, that the Book may be deliver'd at the subscribing Price of Five Sbillings, which is one Shilling less than it will be sold at to Non-subscribers. The Author also hopes for his Subscribers' Pardon, if he has fallen into any errors with respect to their Titles, Places of abode, or manner of spelling their names, in which last article it is scarce possible for any one not to be sometimes mistaken, who has not had particular instructions from the Subscribers themselves.


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