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1. PAUL'S OLD CLOAK. By D. G. - - -
2. SUNSHINE. (Poetry.) .

By the Editor. - . - -
5. THE BABY WALKS. (Poetry.) . .
6. THE PHEBE FAMILY. By the Editor. .
7. EASTER EVE. By the Editor.
8. THE CROSS. By the Editor.
12. EASTER HYMN. By 2. (Poetry.)


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Mrs. A.B. Hainilton, Chambog $1. Vol. 14 Sue McNeal, Heil. Dale, Pa., $1. Vol. 14 A. Erbsmehl,

M. D. Mellvaine, Gap, 1. Miss S. M. Levan, Laubach's 1. Miss S. J. Keller, Boalsburg, 1. Eliz. Byerly, Schuylkill Hav'n 1. Joseph Cort, Irvin's Station, 1. Cath. Leader,

Rev. S.B Leiter, Navarre, 0., 1. Libbie Roney,

8. Zimmerman, Stoystown, Pa. 1. Amanda Bast,

D. Lady, Gettysburg, 1. Mrs. Sarah Manon, "

Rev. H. Williard, Columbus, 01.
Mary E Leber, Windsor,

| P. Bausman, Lancaster, Pa. 1.
Ann M. Jacoby, Arcola, Ill., 1. Jennie Ritter, Catawissa, 1.
Eliz. A. Schrack, Lewisb'g, Pa., 1. " Geo. Dice, Scotland,
D. Richards, Bethlehem, 1. Leah Beitzele, Landisburg, 1.
Sarah C. Thatcher, Martinsb’g, 1. os | Michael Isenberg, Water St., 1.

Received by M. Kieffer & Co., for Pearsol & Geist. Philip Hertzell, Greenville, O., $3.00 | R. E. Guilford, Shelbyville, Ill., $1.00 Miss Mary Miller, Sharpsb’g, Pa., 1.50 8. Zimmerman, Stoystown, Pa., 2.00 Miss 0 J. Mease, Bethlehem, 100 | Geo. Dice, Scotland,

2.00 Miss H. Bibighaus, Lebanon,


Received by Pearsol & Geist. Adelaide Speicher, $1. for Vol. 13 S A Freet, dec'd, $1. for Vol. 13 C. S. Hoffa, 4.33 8,9,10,11,12 | Wm. Vankirk, 1.25

11,12 W. D. Bealer,

13 | A. Negley, Wilkins, 4. 10,11,12,13 . Harbaugh,

13 | Rev. S. Philips, 4.33 8,9,10,11,12 George Reiter, 13 Eliz: F. Meyer, 2.

12,13 C. Yeager,




M. KIEFFER & CO., Printers, Publishers and Book Binders,


They keep constantly on hand, the Publications of the German

Reformed Church, such as Hymn Books, Catechisms, Constitutions and Forms, English and German; Liturgies, Church Members and

Marriage Certificates. ALSO—The Publications of the Rev. Drs. Schaff and HARBAUGA, and of other Ministers of the German Reformed Church.

They Publish the following Periodicals of the Church : 66 The German Reformed Messenger," Published weekly, at $2.50 per year, or $2.00 in advance.

The 66 Reformirte Kirchenzeitung,” Published semi-monthly, at $1.25 per year, or $1.00 in advance.

66 The Guardian,” Published monthly in Pamphlet form, at $1.00 per year in advance.

PRINTING Being furnished with the best style of Printing Presses, and a large assortment of Material, they are prepared to execute every kind of Printing with neatness and dispatch.

BINDING Also done in neat and substantial style, and on reasonable terms.


Devoted to the Social, Literary and Religious Interests of

Young Men and Ladies,

Rev. H. HARBAUGH, D. D., Editor. The Guardian enters upon its XIV th volume It has a sufficient history lo es. tablish its cbaracter, and to show its fruits. In its principles, purposes and general spirit, we bave no obanges to propose The True, ihe Beautiful, and the Good are uncbangeable--error and sin are always the same. It will remain under the editorial management of its founder, Rev. 8. HARBAUGU, D. D. whose name of itself tbe publishers regard as the most satisfactory guaraatee of the high tone and general interest which characterize the family magazine.

From and after January the 1st, 1863, Tuk GUARDIAN will be published by M. Kieffer & Co., Chambersburg. l'a Though comparing well in its present form with any publication of the kind, improvements are always possible. The new Publisbers propose a general renewal of its Rechanical and typographical appearance. The January number will be embellished with a beautiful steel Eugraviog, and the new volunie appear with a handsome ornamental cover title. Though paper has advanced one hundred per cent., they promise to use a superior quality in the new Voluine; and shall do all in their power, in co operating with the Editor, in rendering THE GUARDIAN acceptable to its subscribers.

This Magazine will be, as heretofore, devoted to the highest interests of the young, at the most solemn and interesting period of their life. It will offer its friendly coupsels to them in an earnest though free and cheerful way. It will solemnly seek to warn them against the wrong, and affectionately luse them to the right. The Editor will endeavor to make its contents true, pure, fresh, and healthy as the morning of life. It will particularly urge self-culture and early piety as of the highest importance, and cultivate the home feeling as a sacred element in social purtiy and peace. It will seek to move in the element of its motto:-“Life--Light-Love."

THE GUARDIAN has no denominational or party bias. It is its ambition to take the quiet way of peace and love. It would turn the attention of its readers to toat first and greatest of duties, the cultivation of the henrt, mind, social feelings and pious affections. It will have its reward if it can be the means of making Hearts better, Homes happier, and Heaven surer. The evidence that it has in a degree done this, which the experience of years has furnished, is more precious to us than gain or gold. Cheerfully, hopefully, and believingly we look into the future as we take our pilgrim-staff in hand to travel another year.

The GUARDIAN contains thirty two pages monthly, making a handsome Volume of three hundred and eighty-four pages at the end of the year.

Pastors who receive this Prospectus are requested to hand it to some active member of the church who will procure subscribers for Tax GUARDIAN. If ten subscribers are obtained, we will send one copy to the person obtaining them and one to the pastor gratis.

We respectfully ask all Young Men and Ladies to aid us in increasing our circulation. It will be an easy thing for them to raise a club among their companions.

Postmasters are requested to act as our Agents, to wbom we will allow the usual per centage. Specimen numbers sont when requested.

TERMS.--ONLY $1.00 A YEAR.--IN ADVANCE: Any one who sends us five subscribers with $6 cash, will receive one copy for one year, gratis. Thirteen copies will be sent for $10; twenty-seven for *20.

Discontinuances. As all subscriptions are commenced with the begiuning of the Volume, so discontinuances can take place only with the close. To insure a discontinua nce written notice must be sent direct to the publishers before the close of the year and all arrearages paid. If the notice is received after one or more numbers of a new volume have been sent, the subscriber will be cbarged for the full year thus commenced. ADDRESS

M. KIEFFER & CO.. Publishers, Chambersburg, Pu.

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