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On the Uses of Foreign Travel. LORD SHAFTESBURY, MR. LOCKE.


Chivalry and Romance.

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COULD not but be much sur

prised, my dear friend, to receive your commands on a subject, of which You, of all men, are the greatest master. For who could so well advise the party, you speak of, or resolve the general question concerning The Uses of Foreign Travel, considered as a part of modern breeding and education, as He, who has hinself profited so much by this practice, and, in a late excellent treatise [a],

[a] Account of Denmark, as it was in the year 1692. VOL. III.



has given so convincing a proof of its utility?

BESIDES, your application to me is a little suspicious; and looks as if you wanted to draw from me a confirmation of your own sentiments, rather than a candid examination of them. For how was it possible for you not to foresee the difficulty I must be under, in debating this point with you? When have I been able to diffent from you in any question of morals or policy? and especially what chance for my doing it in this instance, when you know the bias which my own education, conducted in this way, must have left upon me?

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I AM therefore at, a loss, as I said, to

your fancy in making me of your council on this occasion. But, what. ever your purpose might be, since you have thought fit to honour me so far, I must own your Letter of Inquiry could


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