Wisconsin: Its Geography and Topography, History, Geology, and Mineralogy: Together with Brief Sketches of Its Antiquities, Natural History, Soil, Productions, Population, and Government

I.A. Hopkins, 1846 - 208 Seiten

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Seite 11 - That the following articles shall be considered as articles of compact between the original states, and the people and states, in the said territory, and forever remain unalterable, unless by common consent, to wit: ARTICLE I.
Seite 9 - Menomonie river; thence through the middle of the main channel of said river, to that head of said river nearest to the Lake of the Desert; thence in a direct line, to the middle of said lake ; thence through the middle of the main channel of the Montreal river, to its mouth ; thence with a direct line across Lake Superior, to where the territorial line of the United States last touches said lake northwest...
Seite 45 - An act to grant a quantity of land to the territory of Wisconsin, for the purpose of aiding in opening a canal to connect the waters of Lake Michigan with those of Rock river...
Seite 11 - ... that the boundaries of these three states shall be subject so far to be altered, that, if congress shall hereafter find it expedient, they shall have authority to form one or two states in that part of the said territory which lies north of an east and west line drawn through the southerly bend or extreme of lake Michigan.
Seite 20 - Being in this dismal distress, we saw upon the coast a great many ravens and eagles, from whence we conjectured there was some prey ; and having landed upon that place, we found above the half of a fat wild goat which the wolves had strangled. This provision was very acceptable to us, and the rudest of our men could not but praise the divine Providence who took so particular a care of us.
Seite 14 - Nagowicka lake, and thence passing in the same general direction, through Walworth county, into the State of Illinois. The irregular and broken appearance of this ridge is probably owing to the soft and easily decomposed limestone rock of which it is composed. " On our northern border is Lake Superior, the largest body of fresh water in the world, and on the east is Lake Michigan, second only to Lake Superior in magnitude, forming links in the great chain of inland seas by which we are connected...
Seite 191 - LOVE AND PARENTAGE; APPLIED TO THE IMPROVEMENT OF Offspring : including Important Directions to Lovers and the Married, concerning the strongest Ties, and most sacred and momentous Relations of Life.
Seite 10 - An act to provide for the government of the territory northwest of the river Ohio;" and the inhabitants thereof shall be entitled to, and enjoy all and singular the rights, privileges, and advantages granted and secured to the people of the territory of the United States, northwest of the river Ohio, by the said ordinance.
Seite 64 - One of the residents on this river cleared five hundred dollars in one winter by the salt which he collected. Probably by boring to a small depth abundant springs would be obtained. We had no opportunity of ascertaining the geological features of the country, having seen on the whole route no rock in place, and but few rolled stones, none of which had attained to any size. The soil of the prairies is occasionally sandy, though this does not appear to be its...
Seite 60 - For about the depth of fifteen feet, the fissure was found to be filled with "gossan," and lumps of sulphuret and carbonate of copper mixed in it. Below this depth is clay, with a little ore scattered through it. The lumps above were of all sizes, up to two hundred pounds weight. No shafts were ever sunk to prove this fissure at greater depths ; but there is every reason to suppose that it will be found productive in other parts besides the strip near the surface.

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