The ever green, being a collection of Scots poems, wrote by the ingenious before 1600, publ. by A. Ramsay, Band 1

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Seite viii - Description) as she does in the Scottish Horizon. We are not carried to Greece or Italy for a Shade, a Stream or a Breeze. The Groves rise in our own Valleys; the Rivers flow from our own Fountains, and the Winds blow upon our own Hills. I find not Fault with those Things, as they are in Greece or Italy : But with a Northern Poet for fetching his Materials from these Places, in a Poem, of which his own Country is the Scene ; as our Hymners to the Spring and Makers of Pastorals frequently do.
Seite 85 - The armies met, the trumpet sounds, The dandring drums alloud did touk, Baith armies byding on the bounds, Till ane of them the feild sould bruik. Nae help was thairfor, nane wald jouk, Ferss was the fecht on ilka syde, And on the ground lay mony a bouk Of them that thair did battill byd.
Seite 80 - Ilk ane well harnisit frae hand, To meit and heir quhat he did mein ; He waxit wrath, and vowit tein, Sweirand he wald surpryse the North, Subdew the brugh of Aberdene, Mearns...
Seite 86 - Pursewing shairply in thair way, Thair enemys to tak or slay, Be dynt of forss to gar them yield, Quha war richt blyth to win away, And sae for feirdness tint the feild.
Seite x - Clown can see that the Furrow is crooked, but where is the Man that will plow me one straight ? There is nothing can be heard more silly than one's expressing his Ignorance of his native Language ; yet such there are, who can vaunt of acquiring a tolerable Perfection in the French or Italian Tongues, if they have been a...
Seite i - The Ever Green, being a collection of Scots Poems, wrote by the ingenious before 1600.
Seite 93 - And gaif him dynt for dynt. The golk, the gormaw, and the gled, Beft him with buffettis quhill he bled ; The sparhalk to the spring him sped, Als fers as fyre of flynt.
Seite 211 - Till he with kynd Accent Sayd, Fere let nocht thy Hairt affray, I cum to hier thy Plaint; Thy graining and maining Haith laitlie reikd myne Eir, Debar then affar then All Eirynefs or Feir. VII. FOR. I am ane of a hie Station, The Warden...
Seite 16 - In weid depaynt of mony diverse hew, Sober, benyng, and full of mansuetude, In bright atteir of flouris forgit new, Hevinly of color, quhyt, reid, brown, and blew, Balmit in dew, and gilt with Phebus bemys; Quhyl all the house illumynit of her lemys.
Seite 138 - The kaves and ky met in the loan, The man ran with a rung to red, Than by came an illwilly roan, And brodit his buttoks till they bled : Syne up he tuke a rok of tow, And he sat down to sey the spinning ; He loutit doun our neir the low, Quod he this wark has ill beginning.

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