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ture, hearing of the word, praying and meditating, and other duties, as if they were the causes that should bring thee uphappily to this fearful end? And is it a small mat. ter to give occasion to wicked men to blafpheme God's truth, or to expose that religion which thou profeffeft, ta their flanders and calympiations? Oh far be it from thee! Now the good Lord prevent this! Let it pot be told in Gath, nor published in the streets of Askelón, left the

daugliters of the Philistines rejoice, and of the uncir. 'cumcised triumph,' . ' :.

5. Agaioft thy own felf, by making thee guilty of a molt horrible lio, and also obnoxious to moft grievous puoishmeats for sin : Self-murder is a milhápea montter, compounded of many lips: As, 1. Of hellith pride, which

offers thee ogt to stoop under God's afflictiog hand. I. Of impatiency, whereby thou murmurest and repineft against God's provideuces. 3.. Of despair, whereby thou caftelt away all hopes of mercy, and miferably becomeft thy own butcher and haogman: But oh the fearful plagues. that follow after this on ! not only a temporary death, but immediately after death thou sendest thy soul bleediog to the dreadful tribunal of the ever living God; the moft certain and sure revenger of all bloodshed; and what fole. lows this but damnation ? A lad, business, to be so ima pati. ent of the heat of the sun, as for ease to leap into the fire. of hell: I will not, I dare pot judge thus of them, who thro' the abundance of melancholy are distracted of theië wits, or who being terrified with Satan's temptations, do run headłong into this fin, not knowing what to do; but if thon art in thy right mind, and upon fettled purpose, and willing choice, and serious deliberation, fhalt murder thyself, that thou mayst be freed from some miseries, los.. ses or disgraces which thou wilt not outlive, I thee in the word of Christ, thy foal is in danger of hell fire; and therefore thou hadít need to pray, Lord, lead me got into temptation, but deliver me from evil,

By this time we may difcern the difference betwixt che holy Spirit, add the evil spirit's workings; both bring into, ayd keep souls under bondage, only the bondage of the holy Spirit is mitigated by the conjunction of hope,


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and works towards a deliverance, but the bondage of Sa.
tan excludes all hope, or poffibility in the foul's apprehen.
fion of ever being removed. " Again, the bondage or fears
of the holy Spirit are destinated for conversion, they are
not penal only, but medicinal also; they are a sort of God's
rods by which he brings men within the bonds of the co-
venant, and makes them to enquire what they shall do to
be saved; but the bondage, fears and horrors which Satan
fets home on fouls, are merely for destruction, they are
not medicinal, but only penal.
· Obje&t. Yea, but my spirit of bondage is hellith and defa
perate; sometimes I am apt to blaspheme the mercy of
God as not able to pardon me, and out of desperate hor-
ror of fpirit to chufe trángling, or any thing, that I might
be put out of my present terrors, and koow the worst of
any condition: - And is there, or can there be any thing of
God's Spirit is fuch a dismal boodage as mine is?

This is Mr. Ford's objection, and I have knowo it the
real objection of many a fool; but he answers, No doubt
these fearful suggestions and injections proceed from the
priace of darkoers emanative, they are minted in hell, for
chey bear his image and superscription, but tlie Spirit of
God hathi ao haud is them divers times, dispositive, by
way of disposal and madagement; and that the poor soul
may easily see, is that he hath not utterly left him to him-
self, but hath preserved him many a time from executing
those horrid temptations, and gratifying Satad by
Aruction. Come ther, and bear up poor soul, thiok with
thyself, it the Spirit of God would have given thee over to
Satan; why not sooner? And if he hath preferred thee hi-
therto, why way he not longer ? Whilst thou livest under
the means of gráce, there is hope; he that is above ground
is in light of beaveo: see and ackdowlege the gracious
conduct of the holy Spirit hitherto, and do not by too long
adventuriag to parley wich Satán, drive the Holy Ghost
from thee.
S E c T

o Of Satan's Assaults upon forrow for fin. ' HE next work of the Spirit is forrow for jin; it is God's promife, I will take away the story heart out of your,


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fleja, and I will give you an heart of fielb, Ezek, xxxvi. 26. that is to say, a loft heart, a pliable heart; the Spirit of God works on the affections, and melts them into godly forrow for fia, which is all. one with an heart of fiesh here promised.

Now herein Satan counter-works, and either keeps the heart as long as he can from mourning for fia, or if that will not be, theo he labours might and main to keep the. conscience continually on the rack: And I shall speak to both these.

1. Satan is exceedingly, industrious to keep the heart refolutely stubborn and hard. Well he knows, that if once a poor soul bruised with the burden of fia, into tears of godly sorrow, and peniteat softness, Thall but fly into the. borom of Christ Jesus bleeding upon the cross, it will de. prive him of all right and interest unto that soul for ever, and therefore he labours to keep it as long a he can from maurning for sin; yea, such a stirrer is he against true sorrow, that indeed most know not what it meaņs; or if the heart begins to be wrought upon by the word, he rai. ses all possible opposition against its yielding: And oh the loathness of souls to leave Satan's service! Oh the with.. Itapdiọg of the word, ministry, motions of the Spirit; and all other means to lead souls out of hell into the glori, ous liberty of the sons of God! But above all, oh the hard. ness of meas hearts! Oh the difficulty of a minister's duty to prick a tony heart to the quick, to make a rock to weep: and tremble! either muft God bare his owo arm, and put to his own strength, power and efficacy, or it will never, be done.

2. And if indeed, God's merciful violence shall conquer souls, and they begin to melt kindly under sin, then Satan labours on the other. Gide, that such may be swallowed up with over-much forrow:. Was not this the case of the incestuous Corinthian? No question the sentence of excom. munication, and his delivering up to Såtan, 'wrought deep: ly upon him, so that Paul was faia to wrte in his second epifle, that they should release him of his censure, receive him into the church, and minister a word of comfort to him, left be were swallowed up with over-much forrow,

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o 2 Cor. ii. 7. This is another of Satan's depths; when gode go sorrow is once on foot in an afflicted soul, very prone E it is to feed still on tears: When the flood-gates of the

beart are but once opened, it is Satan's defire that they' ps! Thould run for ever; aod in this case what ado is there, fe and what a hard matter it is to be persuaded of God's mer. Ept cy and to apply the promises: Oh how the devil interpocibuses with all his cruel policy, and curfed contradiction! He

then objects, and urges to the utmost, heinoufaels of our 211 sos, the littleoefs of our forrow, together with the great

a disproportion betwixt our heinous fins and little fortow,' 2215 the number'of our lips, and fewness of our tears. : :

.:: Of the Duties that concern us in this Respect.

THE duties of wrestling must Mill be suitable to Satan's
I assaults. So then,

1. Tó that'assault of keeping the heart from mourning À for fin. Consider,' :: en 1. Thy heari hath been the fountain whence all the fil.. . 7 thy thoughts, raging passions, wicked purposes, rotten

speeches, rebellious actions have sprong and issued our, of then great reason halt thou to make that heart of thine 3 in fountain of godly forrow, of penitent tears, of mourning

and lameating, of bleeding, and bewailing over all thy

fios. 3 . 2. If Christ Jesus open a fountain of his own dear warm di heart's blood for fins and for uncleanness; surely thou art Se à cursed wretch, and cruel enemy to thy soul's comfort,

if thou dost not endeavour to keep open in thy heart a couộter-wall, as it were, of weeping over him whom thou hast pierced, and for those fins which have put the son of God to death? What? Mall the precious heart of God's own són fall arunder in his breast, like drops of water for thy fin's? And Thail not thy sinful heart groan and sigh as all? Thall it not mourn and melt for the infinite abomioati. ons of thine owo heart and life?" .

3If that heart of thine be not wounded, by the miniAry of the word, while it is called to day, it will and muft hereafter be filled with that horror which would built a thouland hearts to think upon it. This was Chrift's threat,


War With Devils.


be unto you that laugh now, for ye shall wail and weep,
uke vi. 25. There is a weeping of despair ia hell; There
hall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, Mat, xxü. 13. Ein
er therefore now make thy heart the subject of godly
row, or as fore as thy heart is in the body, it will here.
er become the object upon which the fierce wrath of

d and fiercelt torments in hell hall be exercised and ex
ecuted with extremity and everlastingpess."

4. In case of outward troubles, as loffes, crosses, dif
aces. death of triends, or the like, thou canft take on
extremely; and is not lip more grievous than any of these? If
all outward mileries require one tear, the least fin of the
foul may justly challenge a whole torrent; if the deach of
thy friend, or of thy fon deserve a ligh, well may the death

of thy foul challenge the lak drop of thy dearest beart blood.

5. A truly broken heart gets a title, right and interest to all the purchases of Christ's passion, all the promises of life, and all the pleasures in heaven; yea, in this way thoa fhalt bring down the great majesty of heaven, to dwell in

thy heart, as in a rayal throne, chair of estate, and feat of į eternity: ' Thus faith the high and lofty one, that inha .biteth.eternity, whose name is holy, I dwell in the hig

and holy place, with him also that is of an humble and 'contrite {pirit, to revive the spirits of the humble, and to revive the hearts of the contrite ones,! Ifa. lvii, 25:

6. God hath appointed especial sovereigo means to
sofrging of hearts : If thou sayest, what sovereiga

I answer,
2.1. The word ; . Is not my word like a fire, **

and like qq hammer that breaks the rock in piece
xxïï, 20. Ap hammer it is that breaks and thus
law break our hearts, by Thewing us the terrors
a fire it is that melts, and thus doth the golpes
hearts, by revealing to us the mercy of God in
Oh, wil a soul fay, Hath the great God in beavena
earth feat Chrilt into the world for me? 'hath he icra
gels (now devils] and many thousands of men to cha
me? whose heart will not melt that is warmed with
love of God?


Ts not my word like a fire, faith God,

caks the rock in pieces ?' Jer.

breaks and thus doth the
vlag us the terrors thereof;
s doth the gospel melt our
mercy of God in Chrift;

wat is warmed with this


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