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· SECT. VIII. E of Satan's Temptations to Wantonnessi ajr Mefbolyluftis: IT is Satan which tempos. men for their incontinenay

1 Corvij And incontineaey is in the apotle's stile; turning fide after Satan, v Tim. V, 19. A dear carro fpondency and communion there is betwixt these two, the devil and freshly lufts; and hence as he is called the uns clean fpirit; Mat. X I. 'fo ane they called unclean luits, Eph. v. 5. or uncleagnefsitself in the abstract, Rom. i 24h Eph. iv. 10. 2 Pet. č. zo. Some call these lufts the devil's captains, that froite at the soul especially, Dearly beloved

I befeech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from flebily hora lufts which war againf the foul; 1 Pet. il. 11.

Queft. How dosh Satan dir up thela lufts, jo meas


So I. He obferves the temperature and complexion of fuciu

and such a man, and if it be sanguine, be takes the advant

tage thereofi, apd accordiogly tempts him to luft, incon voi tinency, and all voluptuous pleasures of the fileflt. Hence

the apostle was maneh afraid of his body, as probably being ** of such a temperature; I kerp vader my body, and bring

it into sobjection, left that by any means wheo I have "preached unto others, I myfelf fhould be a castaway; Cor. ix. 27. It is ap allusion to wrestlers, who fought for masteries, whes one did bean the other black agd blue about the face; fo was he fain to wreftle with his body,

to keep under his body, and to bring his body, by morti
e tying of his cargab lufts, into fubjcction. He names bot

Bis figbeing with the world and devib, to these bs potent
snemies, but with the body only because they could not
ealily hurt us, if this domeftical enemy, and home bred
adversary did not betray us; lufta.lie in the body like fire
in fint, and any tempiation will draw them out. This
Satap marks in the first place, that he may suitably fit his
temptations to the temperature and disposition of the body.

2. Sometimes he fers before such an one a taking object,
he presents and holds up a light or fpectacle suitable to his
tempor. Thus when David . walked upon the roof of
the king's houfe, he faw a woman washing herself, and
the woman was pery beautiful to look upon, and David

3. Satan

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the king

• sent, and enquired after the woman,' 2 Sam. xi. 2, 3. i make no question but Satan had an hand in this. Many a time such a wanton object is cast into the way by Satan's Night, and he needs do no more to overcome a lascivious mind, if he but fay, See yonder is a naked breast, a naked arm, a naked neck, and if such signs hang at the door, you may guess what immodesty is withia. This he koows is taking, and thus he overcomes thousands of men, by ftir. ring up their lufis even thro' their eyes.

3. Satan deals with a man a degree farther, he not one ly presents such and such an object, but he casts in, and injects the motion, he Itirs and moves the imagination, (surely that is the devil's room wherein he often doth appear) he works upon the imagination many an impreffion, and many a suggestion to this and that base lurt; in this respect may we all cry out, o wretched men that we are, who sball deliver us from this body of death! Rom. vii. 24. or from these carnal lufts, which are a death to us, or which threaten our spiritual death. A man, while un. blameable in his life, may yet have his imagination like a cage of unclean birds, and so in his soul become guilty before God. The apostle Peter speaks of some who had eyes full of adultery, (as it is in the original, full of the a. dulteress) and that ceafed not from fin, 2 Pet. ii. 14. The meaning is, that imagination set their eyes contioually upon the adulteress, so that they ceased oot from fin, even while she was absent; they might be restrained from the actings of fin,' and yet their hearts burned-in wardly with lults. And this is the meaning of the prophet, They bave made ready their hearts like an oven, Hof. vii. 6. That as the oven heated is ready to bake any thing put therein, fo was the heart of those wicked men prepared for any kind of oaughtiness, it lay in their heart aod imagination day and night. O the perpetual constant workings of Satan u. pon the imagination! We say of other parts of the soul, (as of the will and mind) that they are only subject to fio while we are awake, but the fancy or imagination is many times very lipful in the night time. How mady polluted and wicked dreams do men fall into at such a time, at which they tremble and abhor shemselves when once awaked,

4. Satan

4. Satan can do more than inject and suggest such thoughts, for he can mightily irritate and provoke; he cap stir up the heart to be willing to give entertainment to such a luit. A's Satán lood up and provoked David to number Ifrael, i Chron. xxi. i. fo I believe he flood up àod provoked David toly with Bathsheba; he did not on19 present the object, and move the imagination, but he provoked David, he never let him alone, but followed him, and solicited him to it. 'Tis true he could not force David to do evil, ihe will is never forced by Satan, dor cas it be, he uses no compulsions beyond a moral persuasioni

well set ohi, he hath no imperious efficacy over the will; - yet he can strongly Air the imagination, and that exceed

iagly provokes the will, that it gives consent: Add indeed if the soul be nacurally destitute of grace, it cannot with

stand the suggeslions and provocations of Satan, but anon s it yields. And this is the manner of Satan's firring up fleshly lusts in the minds and spirits of the foos of men.


Of Wrestling with Satan to overcome this Sini ; TF this be thy darling fin; if by the conftitution and 5 1 grain of thy body, or by finister education, or other,

wise, thy mind and heart run much this way, then wres. tle thus,

1. Avoid all occasions of lusts. The Jewith doctors thus charged their novices, That by no means they (hould i feed their eyes with staring on the generation of beasts, for

fear of provocations. It is our wisdom to check the beE gionings of temptations, to cast away the very first fancy

of luft, with indigoation. Surely if we give liberty, and

fo fall tó parly and talk with lusts, they will gain more and È more u pon us, and then be harder to resist. He walks

more evenly that fieth from temptations, and keeps at a diltance from that which would ensnare hiin, thao he that Suffers the 'bait to be near him, and at hand. David's woeful experience mjay tell what it is to give way to a 70dring lustful eye; and Joseph's resolution may tell what an advantage it is to fly away, and not to stand and parly with temptations. In this case he wreflles best with the devil, that turas liis back on the temptation. Flee youth

ful lufs, faith Paul to Timothy, 2 Tim. ü. 22. be calls on him got only to avoid, not only to run, but to fles from, or to make all post haste away from them, come rzat near the door of her house, Prov. v. 3. It was the speech of one, who tho' fick, yet would not have the temptation come nigh him, saying, Auferte ignem, adhuc enim paleos habeo, Take away the fire, for I have yet chaff within one.

2. Set a guard on the outward lenses. He that looketh on a woman to lust after her, faith Christ, he hath commitsed adultery with her already in his heart, Mat.v.28. There are stories of heathens, that they would not look upon ex cellent beauties, left they should have been ensaared ; i made a covenant with mine eyes, faith Job, why then fould I look upon a maid? Job xxxi. 1. the eye must be guarded, nor is that all, take heed also of leading thy ears to filthy talk, rotten speeches, wapton discourses, ribald foogs: It was the apoltle's charge, But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named do mong A you, as becometh faints, neither filihiness, nor fool

is talking, nor jefting, which are not convenient ; and let · 110 corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but

that which is good, to the use of edifying, that it may mi. nifter grace unto the hearers, Eph. V. 3, 5. and iv. 26, 30. Mark here how filthy speech is called corrupt, or rotten communication, like carrion in a ditch, which should cause all that pass by to stop their poses. Oh that any should delight to speak or bear such things! What! fay fome, may we not jest and be merry without all this but we answer, Have you no hopelter mirth than this will you feed upon that which is carrion and corrupt? will you make merry with that which God condemoeih, and threatneth to shut you out of his kingdom for? have you go. thing but filthidels, and the service of the devil, and be wrath of God to play with, and to make merry withal? Idle talk is the devil's miastrelle, and preparesh people to actual whoredoms, for thoughts and words are the preparatives to deeds. The same may we say of unchalte touchiogs, lascivious behaviours, luftful smilings, &c. why all tbefe must be avoided; a sparkle if it ly maketh a great fire; a little leaven doth run thro' the whole lump.

3. Ad

3. Act all thy affections of delire, and love, and joy on Jefus Chrift. Is not be thy bridegroom ? hath not be married thee to himself in holiness? and wilt thou espouse thyself to the devil his enemy, by the meditation of filthy and base lofts ? Oh what iodigpity is this to Jesus Christ? If there be any thiog of Christ in thee, turn the stream of thy desires and lustiogs in a spiritual mapper towards him; it is he that is thy husband, whose comeliness should be always in thine eye, and whose b auty should for ever inAame thine heart, whose love should draw out thine affections strongly, and whose converse should fill thy mind, and enlarge it all together; here is one that should lead thee captive body and soul. Nos for this exceileor One to be out-bid by lo base and harlotry love, for Jesus Christ to be cait off, as if not fair or worthy enough for a polIu ted creature, how should it but be deep in the heart of God, and of Jesus Chrift? Hark how the apoftle quelliQOs, Know ye not, that your bodies are the members of Chrift? Shall I then take the members of Christ and make

ther the members of an hariot? God forbid, i Cor. = vi. ig.

4. Avoid idleness, for that is the proper foil for these Weeds to grow in. Faocies of fioful lufts seldom offer themselves where the foul is bufied in some idrocent and virtuous employment. A man that diligently follows his particular calling háth something else to mind, but if he gives himfelf up to idleness, then Satan is busy with a bait:. As a ftanding pool, not having ang course of running, groweth filthy of itfelf, and full of toads and poisom vermine, fo the heart that is not taken up in fome hopeft calling, is a fit place for the devil wherein to breed, and to ingender lufts. What was the reason why the Sodomites grew fo filthy and unclean, but because hayibg the most fruitful and abundant country in the world, they grew rich, and gave themfelves to nothing else but to ease and delight? their nature was no worse than others, but their idleness did fo corrupt their hearts, as the devil had liber. iy to cart in, and they had leisure to put on all monstrous and voclean desires. s. Keep under thy body, and bring it into fubjection I 2

I Car

virtuous emplose the foul is bufied il lusts seldom ofere

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