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Master's use;' think which way thou mayít do most to pro mote the gospel, to save souls, as Christ bade Peter, IVhen thou art converted frengthen thy brethren, Luke xxii. 32. Why thus wouldst thou do in sincerity and truth, thon would it put all out of question, that thy faith were pot dead faith, but a living, working, juftifying, soul-faving faith.

3. Defpise not the day of small things, the breathings of faith are as much true faith as its full voice, when it faith, My beloved is mine and I am his. . 4. Srate thy condition, and see if thou dost not find such a temper of spirit as faith uscth to suit the soul with in such a condition; faith hath his change of raiments for gracious fouls; sometimes it acts the soul in joy and rejoicing, sometimes only in adherence and waiting : Thou fa;ft thou canst not find in thy soul such a persuasion of God's love, such an holy rejoicing in God, as the scripture expresseth, to be effects of true faith; why it may be it is a day of darkness in thy soul, and therefore examine the other way: Is not thy heart wrought into a fit temper to wait upon him who hides his face from thee, and to cling unto him that seems as if he would kill thee? This is true trial : First state thy condition, and look for faith's answe. rable workings to thy condition, as it is stated. And thus much of our wrestling with Satan as to his assaults in our youth, or the time of our converlion, or second period.

I cannot say but Satan in this time hath many more af. faults than I have numbred, or poslibly can number. As the Spirit's workings are various, so are Satan's couoterworkings; the Spirit humbles fome much, and comforts others as much: Some, it may be, had a false and counterfeit work before a true one, and others were never enlightned until lavingly; and this variery affords rise and occa• fion for several templations; I was never thus humbled, says ope; por I thus comforted, says another: I had some workings and enlightnings heretofore, says a third, and I was deceived then, and I may be so now also: And I had a sudden: violent work indeed, says a fourth, which cane is like a spring-tide, but now the tide is fallen, and my firft love is abated. Thus every several way of work

ipg lges open to several exceptions, and hath its several temptations; but the remedy is, that souls should look to the maio, and for the manner and measure of the work in every part and place of it, to leave it to the good pleasure of the spirit, who is a free ageat, and must not be limited by our reafooings. I fear I have been too tedious in this period, and therefore I shall add no more.

CHAP. IV. SECT. f. ' of the Devil's Afaults in our Manhood, or riper

Tears. : T ME third period, wherein Satan assaults or combats

1 with us, it is from our manhood, or riper years, until our death, or dying moment. And in prosecution * of this, as of the former, first learn we some of those

depths or wiles of Satan agaiost us. And second, practise

we those duties that concern us in our wrestling with him - in these respects :

1. For bis assaults in this period, I shall reduce them to in this method, viz. They are either persecutions, temptati

ons, or diabolical injections: So one of our worthies divid. di ed his fiery darts, his persecutions are by the world, his i temptations are by the Aesh, his injections are only and i immediately by himself: Satana tela dum certis ea cancel

lis includere moliebar, vifa fint mihi reduci polle ad perfecutiones, tentationes, et injectiones diabolicas. D. Arrog. smith, tactica facra.

SECT. II. Of Satan's Perfecution by the World. JIS persecutions are by the world, fo Christ tells the 1 church of Smyroa, The devil shall cast some of you, • jato prison, that ye may be tried, and ye shall have tri

* bulation ten days," Rev. ii. 10. The devil (hall do it; à but how should the devil do it, but by the aid of his in

Itrument the world? He is the God of this world, he i rules in the hearts of wicked men, he directs their thoughts, i wills and affections, and so he moves them, and carries

them to perfecute the children of God; and casts them iato prison.

This is ordinary after converfion; no footer is the change wrought, and the man brought truly home to



Chrift, but by this time be is become the drunkard's song, table-talk to those that fit in the gatr, mufic to great med at their feasts, a by word to the children of fools, more vile than the earth. Now is it that the feed of the fer pert discovers itself; the devil, and his angels, and his fans com: bive, to lay a loud of lying imputations, yaworthy ofages, and airy kiod of perfecutions upon bis faints. In this case the wecked are as prefiers, and the godly are as olives and grapes. And what can they expect from fuch men, but to be pressed and squeezed till the blood come out? But why is it that the wicked flaould be chos enraged againft the godiy ? Have they done them any wrong. Do they wish them aoy evil? Or would they oor beglad to do them good as, to their eternal welfare. No question of all this; but ungodly men are compelled by Satau to do what they do; the old ferpent hates Gad, and the holiness of God which shines in his faints with deadly hatred; he knows that he himfelf was cast out of heaven, and therefore be envies and vexes at the falvation of any. And as thus it is with Satan, fo ungodly mea (that are Satan's tools and inftruments whereby he works) have fucked up the old ferpenr's poison, and they fwell with it, and by it they are earaged against all godliness also, that as it is said of tygers, they enter into a rage upon the fcept of fragrant fpices; fo ungodly men, without any other reason, are in a rage at the blessed favour of godliness, wherefoever it is. “An on

just man is an abomination to the just, and he that is • upright in the way, is an abomination to the wicked,' Prov. xxix, 27.

I know not any that fear God, but in fome meafure af other they have felt this affault. Bleffed Mr. Bolton' could say, If Satan meet with a man that is already en tred je to a date of regeneracy, then he kands like a great red dragon in the way, and casts out of his mouth ftoods of perfecutio ou, vexations and oppofitions; that so he may orerwhelm and crufa kim before he come to any growth or strength in Chrift; and to this cnd be sets on foot and fire too, and whets with keen razor's many lewd and profane tongues, to scoff, disgrace, and discourage him ia his narrow, but bleffed passage to immortality. But how do they do it!


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Why; either by reproaches; tänders, exprobation of bis: former life, or by odious dames of hypocrite, fingularist, Poritan, a fellow of irregular conscience and ftirriog hus, mour, 'of a factious and contradictious spirit, and sucha like. Nor is it thus only at first entrance, but ever after; for so he goes on; Every faithful Christian knows by good

experiences that as he hall stir in a good causé, stand am: = gainst the corruptions of the place where he lives, or dil.

charge bis calling with conscience and faithfulsels, that

prefeatly he thall have the spirit of profancness to fly in e his face with brutish and implacable malice and insolency. - So true is that of the-apolike, ' At Antioch, at Iconium, sat Lyftra, I enduredipersecutions, yea, and all that will

live godly in Christ Jesus, shall suffer perfecution,' 2.Tima jä. 14, 1-2

. Ši BCT. III:

Ofirefiling with Saten as to this Afault.a 3 FN repelling these affäules: consider we the kinds of peca in 1 fecution where with Satan assaults; it is either in word or in deed.

1. Iftitibe only in word; as«tavots, jeers, reproaches in the consider these rules: . .

1. Take heed that we be not hindredia our ways on break off our profeffion of religion because of reproaches, 1 what tho there be filth cast in the way, shall we decline

our way ?: Tho'clouds do arife and darked the light of the

fun, does the fan cease-in-its.courfe because it is darknedla Ed No, no, ii goes on still, aodanon it breaksforth; [o fhould

wego op and say, I knew this way would be cloudy, L entred joto it upon thelé termas to be willing to suffer res. proaches; this is. Gadis ordinary way towards hiş people, and I expect yet greater-trials than these. .

?.2 Consider how is Godtand-Chaift repreachedidaily si consider how is the majefry; fovereignty and authority of cabinet God contemned in the world? How are the dreadful

threatnings of God, and the revelation of God's wrath. m, fcorned in the world? This made Luther to say, No man

is able to bear: so much contempt: as: Ghrift bears daily, 5 And Bolton to lay; If any meek spirit thould fit but ong s Hour:iö-the throne of God Almighty, and Abould lock

down upon the earth, as God doth continually, he would undoubtedly in the next hour ser all the world on fire, and not suffer his wrath to be pacified, or the fire to be quenched; be thou then for ever ashamed to take on, or to break patience for every trivial provocation. Oh what be our names to God's name? Or what are the reproaches of a creature, to the reproaches, dishonour, vilifying of God? :: 3. Consider the great mercy of God in concealiog the secret fios of our thoughts; there are none so innoceat, but if God shonld turn the inside outwards, and discover all the filth and baleness within the heart to the world, certaioly. it would make them ashamed of the fociety of men. Now if God conceal these, well may this quiet our hearts, when troubled for any reproach. It is a great work of nature to keep the filth of the body when it is in a man, from being unfavoury to others, so it is a great mercy of God to keep the filth of the foul, tho' it be uola. voury to God, from that unfavouriaess that it might be to men.

4. Consider what honour God hath put, and will put on us, besides the honour of reproach itself: For my part, faith Stillingfleet in his Irenicum, I think the ministers of the gospel would want one of the badges of honour belonging to their office, were they not thus reproachfully used. It is part of the state which belongs to the true mipisters of the gospel to be followed by such black mouthed lacqueys, who by their virulent speeches, are so far their friends as to keep them from that curse, Woe be unto you when all men Speak well of you. Hath not the Lord been pleased to bring us into the honourable estate of fons and daughters? Hath he not put his glory upon our fouls, and honoured us with that gear relation we have to Chrilt? Hath he not honoured us in the hearts of his lajots, men of precious fpirits, who know much of God's mind, who are able to judge wherein 'true excellency cop fifts? When Doeg 'reproached David with devouring, base words in Saul's court, yet David blessed himself in this, But I am like a green olive tree in the house of my God, Pfal. lii. 8. 9. d. Doeg Aourisheth in the court, and my name may be blasted there, but in the house of my God my name is pre


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