The Penny Cyclopaedia of the Society for the Diffussion of Useful Knowledge, Band 21

Charles Knight, 1841

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Seite 257 - That exudative and degenerative diseases of the nervous system, due to syphilis, are most liable to show themselves at the end of the third and the beginning of the fourth decade of life.
Seite 56 - An Act to redress the Misemployment of Lands, Goods, and Stocks of Money heretofore given to Charitable Uses.
Seite 15 - ... be given every two, three, or four hours, according to the urgency of the symptoms.
Seite 294 - ... so many and such good and lawful men of his bailiwick (as well within liberties as without) by whom the truth of the matter in the premises shall be the better known and inquired into.
Seite 295 - ... all persons under trial are authorised, at the time of their trial, to inspect, without fee or reward, all depositions (or copies thereof) which have been taken against them, and returned into the court before which such trial is had.
Seite 156 - In one place the caves are only to be approached by a perpendicular descent of many hundred feet by ladders of bamboo and rattan, over a sea rolling violently against the rocks. When the mouth of the cavern is attained, the perilous office of taking the nests must often be performed by torch-light, by penetrating into the recesses of the rock, where the slightest trip would be instantly fatal to the adventurers, who see nothing below them but the turbulent surf making its way into the chasms of the...
Seite 30 - Some one inquiring how he felt, he said: ' Calmer and calmer ; simple but memorable words, expressive of the mild heroism of the man. About six he sank into a deep sleep; once for a moment he looked up with a lively air, and said: ' Many things were growing plain and clear to him...
Seite 206 - Mr Selden was a person whom no character can flatter, or transmit in any expressions equal to his merit and virtue. He was of so stupendous learning in all kinds, and in all languages (as may appear in his excellent and transcendent writings), that a man would have thought he had been entirely conversant...
Seite 220 - ... lower jaw — which distinguishes genera presenting such wide differences in the most important of their vital organs. The larger of the two stomachs which formed the subjects of Professor Owen's examination was taken from a full-grown female Entellus Monkey (Semnopithecus Entellus, F.
Seite 298 - that where there are mutual debts between the plaintiff and defendant, or if either party sue or be sued as executor or administrator, where there are mutual debts between the testator or intestate, and either party, one debt may be set against the other...

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