Supplementary Information Relative to New-Zealand: Comprising Despatches and Journals of the Company's Officers of the First Expedition, and the First Report of the Directors

John W. Parker, 1840 - 191 Seiten

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Seite 81 - All this is very surprising, when it is considered that five years ago nothing but the fern flourished here. Moreover, native workmanship, taught by the missionaries, has effected this change ; — the lesson of the missionary is the enchanter's wand.
Seite 193 - First Sundays at Church; or, Familiar Conversations on the Morning and Evening Services of the Church of England. By JE RIDDLE, MA Fcp.
Seite 118 - Above all, you will be especially careful that all the owners of any tract of land which you may purchase shall be approving parties to the bargain, and that each of them receives his due share of the purchase money.
Seite 62 - If, in the neighbourhood of the commercial and literary town of Glasgow, a race of cannibals has really existed, we may contemplate, in the period of the Scottish history, the opposite extremes of savage and civilised life.
Seite 194 - READINGS in ENGLISH PROSE LITERATURE Containing choice Specimens of the Works of the best English Writers, From LORD BACON to the Present Time. With ESSAYS on the PROGRESS of ENGLISH LITERATURE.
Seite 81 - ... When I looked at this whole scene I thought it admirable. It was not merely that England was brought vividly before my mind ; yet, as the evening drew to a close, the domestic sounds, the fields of corn, the distant undulating country with its trees, might well have been mistaken for our father-land.
Seite 128 - Ward, pp. 127, 128. The Colonel goes on to say, — ' Of the 99,990/. to be paid to the company by purchasers, 25 per cent, only, or 24,997/. 10s., will be reserved to meet the expenses of the company. The remainder, being 75 per cent., or 74,992^. 10s., will be laid out by the company for the exclusive benefit of the purchasers, in giving value to the land sold, by defraying the cost of emigration to this first and principal settlement.
Seite 194 - READINGS IN NATURAL THEOLOGY; Or, the Testimony of Nature to the Being, Perfections, and Government of God.
Seite 193 - FABLES and MORAL MAXIMS, in PROSE and VERSE. Selected by ANNE PARKER. With One Hundred Wood-Cuts. 3s. 6d.
Seite 21 - ... certainly have inquired, with a very interested curiosity, after the vulnerary herbs and surgical art of the country.

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