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I said, “ My sweet, forsooth I shall " For ever love


and no mo: “ Though others love, and leave withall,

“ Most certainly I do not so. I do you true love hecht,' “ By all thy beauties bright! “ Ye are so fair- be not my foe! “ Ye shall have sin an ye me slo 2 “ Thus through a sudden sight.”

“ That I you slay, that God forshield !

“ What have I done or said yoù till? “I was not wont weapons to wield

66 But am a woman-if ye will, “ That sorely fearis you, “ And ye not me I trow. “ Therefore, good sir, take in none ill, Shall never bairn gar brief the bill " At bidding me to bow.3

« Into this wood aye walk I shall,

“ Leading my life as woful wight; “ Here I forsake both bow'r and hall,

“ And all thir bygings 4 that are bright!

• Slay.

1 Promise.
3 I do not understand nese two lines.

These buildings. Rudd. Gloss.

« My bed is made full cold
" With beastis brim' and bold;
“ That gars me say, both day and night,
.“ Alas that ever the tongue should hecht
“ That heart thought not to hold !"

These words out through my heart so went,

That near I weeped for her woe,
But thereto would I not consent,

And said, that it should not be so ;
Into my armis swithe 2
Embraced I that blithe, 3
Saying, “ sweet-heart, of harmis ho! 4
« Fond 5 shall I never this forest fro
6 While ye me comfort kyth.6

Then kneeled I before that clear,

And meekly could her mercy crave.

· Fierce. Rudd. Gloss. • Quickly.

* " An interjection, commanding to desist or leave off.” Rudd. Gloss. " That can of wrath and malice never ho.

G. Doug. Virg. p. 148, 1.2.

6 Go.

6 Shew.

3 7 8

This use of the adjective was probably a Gallicism. As the French would say cette belle, this author employs That seemly & then, with sober cheer,

Me, of her goodliness, forgave,
It was no need, I wis,
To bid us other kiss ;
There might no hearts more joy receive,
Nor9 either could of other have.
Thus brought were we to bliss.

" that hend—that blithe-that clear-that seemly." Such was the usage of the times.

• Than,


Henry VIII.

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