History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic


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Seite 64 - When they were assembled, the cardinal, standing upon the uppermost step, or halfpace, before the quire, and all the nobles, prelates, and governors of the city at the foot of the stairs, made a speech to them, letting them know that they were assembled in that consecrated place to sing unto God a new song. For that...
Seite 102 - Christian zeal in the illumination of a race of men whose minds, far from being wedded to any system of idolatry, were prepared by their extreme simplicity for the reception of pure and uncorrupted doctrine. The last consideration touched Isabella's heart most sensibly ; and the whole audience, kindled with various emotions by the speaker's eloquence, filled up the perspective with the gorgeous colouring of their own fancies, as ambition, or avarice, or devotional feeling predominated in their bosoms....
Seite 102 - John, under a superb canopy of state, awaiting his arrival. On his approach, they rose from their seats, and, extending their hands to him to salute, caused him to be seated before them.
Seite 102 - In the spring of 1493, while the court was still at Barcelona, letters were received from Christopher Columbus, announcing his return to Spain, and the successful achievement of his great enterprise, by the discovery of land beyond the western ocean. The delight and astonishment, raised by this intelligence, were proportioned to the skepticism, with which his project had been originally viewed.
Seite 102 - He experienced, however, the most honorable reception from the Portuguese monarch, John the Second, who did ample justice to the great qualities of Columbus, although he had failed to profit by them. ' After a brief delay, the admiral resumed his voyage, and crossing the bar of Saltes entered the harbor of Palos about noon on the i5th of March, 1493, being exactly seven months and eleven days since his departure from that port.
Seite 61 - ... rode up to the position occupied by Ferdinand on the banks of the Xenil. As the Moor approached the Spanish king, he would have thrown himself from his horse, and saluted his hand in token of homage, but Ferdinand hastily prevented him, embracing him with every mark of sympathy and regard. Abdallah then delivered up the keys of the Alhambra to his conqueror, saying, " They are thine, 0 king, since Allah so decrees it ; use thy success with clemency and moderation.
Seite 69 - And Hercules might blush to learn how far Beyond the limits he had vainly set, The dullest seaboat soon shall wing her way. Men shall descry another hemisphere...
Seite 359 - SVO., 10s. 6d. A VISIT TO ALGERIA. By the COUNT ST. MARIE. Post 8vo., 10s. 6d SCENES AND ADVENTURES IN SPAIN. By Poco MAS. 2 vols., 8vo., 28s. SCOTLAND: ITS FAITH AND ITS FEATURES. By the Rev. FRANCIS TRENCH. 2 vols., post 8vo., 21s.

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