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The text of this edition of Catullus is constituted upon the conviction that only codices Sangermanensis (G) and Oxoniensis (O) are of ultimate authority in determining the readings of the lost codex Veronensis (V), and that the readings of the other known MSS. (except T') that differ from those of G and O have the value of conjectural emendations merely.

In the Critical Appendix are exhibited in full the readings of G and 0, with the omission, however, of such as present only unimportant orthographical peculiarities. For the readings of G I have depended mainly upon the published collations of Baehrens, Ellis, and Schwabe (in his last edition), together with the photolithographic fac-simile of the MS. published at Paris in 1890. For the readings of 0 I have followed a collation and complete transcript of that MS. made by me in July, 1889, by the courtesy of the Librarian of the Bodleian. This collation was carefully compared on the spot with the collations of Ellis and Schwabe, and is therefore, I trust, reasonably free from error.

A fac-simile of a page of coilex 0, reduced one-third in size, follows this preface.

My especial thanks are due to the editors-in-chief of this Series for their unfailing kindness and invaluable criticisms, and to my friend and associate, Mr. Frank W. Nicolson, for his assistance in proof-reading and in the preparation of the Critical Appendix.

E. T. M. MIDDLETOWN, CONN. Jan. I, 1893

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