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Entered according to the act of Congress, in the year one thousand eight

hundred and thirty-nine, by HILLIARD, GRAY, AND Co., in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.

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To the President of Congress. 11 July, 1781.

From Robert Morris to B. Franklin. 13 July.

Efforts to restore the Credit of the United States. - Ne-

cessity of foreign Aid.

To Robert Morris. 26 July.

To Robert Morris. 26 July.

Disposition of the Moneys raised in France. American

Banker in Paris.

To John Adams. 6 August.

To Charles W. F. Dumas. 6 August.

Expects little Aid from Holland.

To Charles W. F. Dumas. 10 August.

To William Carmichael. 24 August.

Congress refuse to accept Dr. Franklin's Resignation.

To William Nixon. 5 September.

Means of doing much Good with little Money.

To Robert Morris. 12 September.

Concerning the Payment of Bills drawn by Congress on

their Ministers in Europe.

To the President of Congress. 13 September.

Interview with Count de Vergennes. — - Appointed One of

the Commissioners for negotiating Peace.

To Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer. 13 September.

To Richard Bache. 13 September.

Loss of Dr. Franklin's Papers. — Galloway.

To Francis Hopkinson. 13 September.

Friends and Enemies.

From John Adams to B. Franklin. 4 October.

Commission for negotiating Peace.

To John Adams. 12 October. .

To Edmund Burke. 15 October.

Relative to General Burgoyne and Mr. Laurens.

From Robert R. Livingston to B. Franklin. 24 October.

Mr. Livingston appointed Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

To Thomas McKean. 5 November. .

American Prisoners in England. — Proposed Mediation not

agreed to by the British Cabinet. - Purchases of Goods in


To Messrs. Kornmann. 21 November.

Relative to a Claim of Relationship with Dr. Franklin.











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To Thomas Pownall. 23 November, 1781.


To John Adams. 26 November.


Capitulation of Lord Cornwallis, - General Greene.

From John Adams to B. Franklin. 26 November.


Proposed Treaty of Alliance between France, Holland, and

the United States.

From Robert R. Livingston to B. Franklin. 26 November. 96

Financial Difficulties of the United States. — Necessity of

further Assistance from France. — Preparations for another


From Robert Morris to B. Franklin. 5 December. . 102

Impolicy of the Purchases in Holland. — Disposition of the

American People towards the French.

To Mrs. C. Edes. 13 December.

Mr. Laurens's Imprisonment in the Tower.

To John Adams. 14 December.


Scheme of a Loan proposed by John de Neufville of Am-


From William Alexander to B. Franklin. 15 December. 111

To William Alexander. 15 December.


To David Hartley. 15 December.


To Charles W. F. Dumas. 19 December.


From Brissot de Warville to B. Franklin. 22 December.

Project of a Work on Legislation.

To Miss Martha Laurens. 29 December.


Account of the Means used for the Release of Mr. Laurens.

From Count de Vergennes to B. Franklin. 31 December. 117


From David Hartley to B. Franklin. 2 January.


History of the Proceedings for promoting a Negotiation of

Peace.- Lord North. — Propositions for a separate Treaty

between England and America.

From Professor Embser to B. Franklin. 6 January. 126

Bipontine Edition of the Classics.

From Robert R. Livingston to B. Franklin. 7 January. . 128

Suggestions respecting the general Terms of Peace. -

Boundaries. — Fisheries. - Loyalists.- Restoration of Rec-

ords and Papers.

To David Hartley. 15 January.


No Negotiations can be opened without the Concurrence

of France.- Commissioners authorized to treat.

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