The life of William Cobbett


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Seite 31 - which rises up out of a flat, in the form of a cone, and is planted with Scotch fir-trees. Here I used to take the eggs and young ones of crows and magpies. This hill was a famous object in the neighbourhood. It served as the superlative degree of height.
Seite 258 - The title was so odd, that my curiosity was excited. I had the threepence, but then I could have no supper. In I went, and got the little book, which I was so impatient to read, that I got over into a field at the upper corner of
Seite 32 - little nailed shoes, my pretty pigeons, that I used to feed out of my hands, the last kind words and tears of my gentle and tender-hearted and affectionate mother! I hastened back into the room. If I had looked a moment longer, I should have dropped.
Seite 260 - me wherever I went, and when I, at about twenty years old, lost it in a box that fell overboard in the Bay of Funday in North America; the loss gave me greater pain than I have ever felt at losing thousands of pounds.
Seite 89 - I found my little girl a servant of all work (and hard work it was), at five pounds a year, in the house of a Captain Brisac ; and, without hardly saying a word about the matter, she put into my hands, the whole of my hundred and fifty pounds unbroken.'
Seite 27 - of joining the reapers in harvest, driving the team, and holding the plough. We were all of us strong and laborious; and my father used to boast, that he had four boys, the eldest of whom was but fifteen years old, who did as much work as any three men in the parish of Farnham. Honest pride and happy days
Seite 31 - and from that hill I knew that I should look down into the beautiful and fertile vale of Farnham. My heart fluttered with impatience, mixed with a sort of fear, to see all the scenes of my childhood ; for I had learnt before, the death of my father and mother. There is a hill, not far from the town, called
Seite 329 - And, as the hare, whom hounds and horns pursue, Pants to the place from whence at first he flew,
Seite 25 - possessing experience and understanding, which never fails, in England, to give a man in a country-place some little weight with his neighbours. He was honest, industrious, and frugal; it was not, therefore, wonderful, that he should be situated in a good farm, and happy in a wife of his own rank, liked, beloved, and
Seite 88 - gay place, Woolwich, the house of her father and mother, necessarily visited by numerous persons not the most select, might become unpleasant to her, and I did not like, besides, that she should continue to work hard. I had saved a hundred andjifty guineas^ the earnings of my early hours, in writing for the

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