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schools; to borrow money on the credit of the city; Pro-Provise.
vided, That no sum or sums of money be borrowed on a
greater interest than six per cent. per annum,—nor shall
the interest on the aggregate of all the sums borrowed,
and outstanding', ever exceed one half of the city revenue
arising from taxes assessed on real estate within this cor-

Sec. 12. To make regulations to prevent the introduc-To prevent distion of contagious diseases into the city, to make quarantine laws for that purpose, and enforce the same.

Sec. 13. To appropriate and provide for the paymentPay city debts. of the expenses and debis of the city.

Sec. 14. To establish hospitals, and make regulationsllospitals. for the government of the same; to make regulations to secure the general health of the inhabitants; to declare what shall be nuisances, and to prevent and remove the



Sec. 15. To provide the city with water, to dig wells, Water the city lay p'imp logs, and jipes, and crect pumps in the streets, for the extinguishment of fires, and convenience of the inhabitants,

Sec. 16. To open, alter, widen, extend, establish, Streets and al

'leys. grade, pave, or otherwise improve, and keep in repair, streets, avenues, lanes, and alleys; and to establish, erect, and keep in repair aquelucts and bridges. Sec. 17. To provide for the lighting of the streets, and

Lamp posts, erecting lamp-posts; and establish, support, and regulate,

right watches, night watches; to erect market-houses, establish marketsmirket houses and market places, and provide for the government and regulations thereof.

Sec. 18. To provide for erecting all needful buildings To erect buildfor the use of the city; ard for enclosing, improving, and regulating all public grounds belonging to the city.

Sec. 19. To license, tax, and regulate auctioneers, Auctioneers. merchants, and retailers, grocers and taverns, ordinaries, hawkers, pedlers, brokers, pawn-brokers, and money changers.

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Hacking Sec. 20. To license, tax, and regulate hacking, car

riages, wagons, carts, and drays; and fix the rates to be charged for the carriage of persons, and for wàyonage, cartage, and drayage of property; as also to license and

regulate porters, and fix the rates of porterage. Theatres. Sec. 21. To license, tax, and regulate theatricals, and

other exhibitions, shows, and amusements. Tippling hous SEC. 22. To tax, restrain, prohibit, and suppress tip

pling-houses, dram-shops, gaming houses, baudy and oth

er disorderly houses. Extinguish fires.

Sec. 23 To provide for the prevention and extinguishment of tires; to regulate the fixing of chimneys, and the flues thereof, and stove pipes, and to organize and establish fire companies.

Sec. 24. To regulate the storage of gunpowder, tar, pitch, ro:in, and other combustible materials.

Exc. 25. To regulate and order parapet walls, and other partition fences.

Sec. 26. To establish standard weights and measures, and regulate the weights and measures to be used in the

city, in all other cases not provided for by law. Moasuing of Sec. 27. To provide for the inspection and measuring

of lumber, and of her building materials, and for the measurement of all kinds of mechanical work.

Sec. 28. To provide for the inspection and weighing Weighing hay

of hay. lime, and stone coal, and measuu ing of charcoal, fire-wood and other fuel, to be sold or used within the

city. Inspection of

Sec. 29. "To provide for and regulate the inspection of tobacco, and of beef, pork, flour, meal ; also beer, and whiskey, brandy, and all oiher spirituous and fermented liquors.

Weights and measures.



As to bread.

Sec. 30. To regulate the weight, quality, and price of bread, sold and used in the city.

Sec. 31. To provide for taking the enumeration of the inhabi.ants of the city.


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Sec. 32. To fix the compensation of all city officers, Regulate foto, and regulate the fees of jurors, witnesses, and others, for services rendered, under this' or any city ordinance.

SEC. 33. The City Council shall have exclusive powerGaming. within the city by ordinance, to license, regulate, suppress, or restrain billiard tables, and from one to twenty pin-alleys, and every other description of gaming or gambling.

Sec. 34. The City Council shall have exclusive powerCity police. within the city by ordinance, to regulate the police of the city, to impose tines, forfeitures, and penalties, for the breach of any ordinance, and provide for the recovery of buch fines and forfeitures, and the enforcement of such Enforce the colpenalties, and to pass such ordinances as may be neces: sary and proper for carrying into effect and execution, the powers specitied in this act: Provided, That such ordinances are not repugnant to the Constituiion of the United States, or the laws of this Territory.

lection of fines

SEC. 35. All ordinances passed by the City Council, Ordinances to shall, within one month after they shall have been passed, be published. be published in some newspaper printed in said city, or certified copies thereof be posted up in three of the most public places in the city.

Sec. 36. All ordinances of the city may be proven by Ordinances, the seal of the corporation; and when published in how proven book or pamphlet form, purporting to be printed or published by the authority of the corporation, the same shall be received in evidence in all courts or places, without further proof.

Sec. 37. The Mayor and Aldermen shall be conser-Mayor and Al vators of the peace within the limits of the city, and shalldermen, powhave all the powers of Justices of the Peace therein, both in civil and criminal cases arising under the laws of the Territory. They shall, as Justices of the Peace, within the limits of said city, perform the same duties; be governed by the same laws; give the same bonds and securities as other Justices of the Peace, and be commissioned by the Gov as Justices of the Peace, in and for said city, by the Governor.




Mayor and al. Sec. 38. The Mayor and Aldermen shall have jurdermen, juris. diction of

isdiction in all cases arising under the ordinances of the corporation, and shall issue such process as may be necessary to carry said ordinances into execution and

effect. Appeals may be had from any decision or judgAppoals, how ment of said Mayor or Aldermen, arising under the ordi

nances of said city, to the Municipal Court, under such regulations as may be prescribed by ordinance, which court shall be composed of the Mayor as Chief Justice, and the Aldermen as Associate Justices; and from the final judgment of the Municipal Court, to the Probate Court of Millard county, in the same manner as appeals are taken from Justices of the Peace: Provided, The parties litigant shall have a right to a trial by a jury of twelve men, in all cases before the Municipal Court. The Municipal Court shall have power to grant writs of Habeas Corpus, and try the same in all cases arising under the ordinances of the City Council.

Sec. 39. The Municipal Court may sit on the first Municipal court Monday of every month, and the City Council, at such and council, times and places as may be prescribed by city ordinance;

special meetings of which may at any time be called by the Mayor or any two Aldermen.

Process direc

Sec. 40. All process issued by the Mayor, Aldermen, led to marshal.or Municipal Court, shall be directed to the Marshal, and

in the execution thereof, he shall be governed by the same laws as are, or may be prescribed for the direction and compensation of Constables in similar cases. The Marshal shall also perform such other duties as may be required of him under the ordinances of said city, and shall be the principal ministerial officer.

Duty of record

Sec. 41. It shall be the duty of the recorder, to make and keep accurate records of all ordinances made by the City Council, and of all their proceedings in their corporate capacity, which record, shall at all times be open to the inspection of the electors of said city, and shall per: form all other duties as may be required of him by the ordinances of the City Council, and shall serve as clerk of

the Municipal Court. Whon private SEC. 42. When it shall be necessary to take private

property for opening, widening, or altering any public

property is ta. ked.

street, lane, avenue, or alley, the corporation shall make a just compensation therefor, to the person whose property is so taken; and if the amount of such compensation' cannot be agreed upon, the Mayor shall cause the same to be ascertained by a jury of six disinterested men, who shall be inhabitants of the city.

Sec. 43. All jurors empannelled to enquire into the amount of benefits or damages, that shall happen to theDuty of Jurors• owners of property so proposed to be taken, shall first be sworn to that effect, and shall return to the Mayor their inquest in writing, signed by each juror.

Sec. 44. In case the Mayor shall, at any time, be Mayor, how guilty of any palpable omission of duty, or shall wilfully tried. or corruptly be guilty of oppression, malconduct, or partiality, in the discharge of the duties of his office, he shall be liable to indictment in the Probate Court of Millard county; and on convietion, he shall be liable to fine and imprisonment; and the court shall have power on the recommend of the jury to add to the judgment of the court, that he be removed from office. SEC. 45.

The City Council shall have power to pro Punishment of vide for the punishment of offenders and vagrants, by im-vagrants.. prisonment in the county or city jail, or by compelling them to labor on the streets, or other public works, until the same shall be fully paid; in all cases where such offenders or vagrants shall fail or refuse to pay the fines and forfeitures which may be recovered against them.

Sec. 46. The inhabitants of Fillmore city shall, from and after the next ensuing two years, from the first Mon-city exempt day in March next be exempt from working on any road orfrom working

roads, beyond the limits of said city. But all taxes de-the city. · voted to road purposes, shall, from and after said term of

two years, be collected and expended by, and under the direction of the supervisor of streets, within the limits of the city.

Sec. 47. This act is hereby declared to be a public act, and shall be in force from and after its passage.

Approved Feb. 13, 1852,

Inhabitants of

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