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CONTENTS, AUTHORS NAMES, &c. of the Publications

reviewed in this Volume.



354 358


of France,

360 ditaire & Stacceflive des Gaulois, des Address (a second) to the People of François, &c.

506 Great Britain, against the use of Birthright of Britons, the, West India Sugar,

Booth's Sermon on the Conimerce of (a short) to the Protestant the Human Species, &c. ut Clergy on the fundamental Corrup-Bowles's Deductions from First Princions of Christianity,

12o ciples applying to the Matter of LiAddresses (short) to the Children of bel, the Sunday Schools,

347 British Plutarch, the, Alley's Review of the Political Prin. Brez-La Flore des Insectophiles 517

ciples of the modern Whigs, 237 Brothers, the, a politico-polemical Anderfon's View of the Variations Eclogue,

iza which have been made in the Affairs Brown's Colony Commerce, 317

of the East India Company, &c. 287 Brulart's Leffons of a Governess to Annales de Chymie, concluded, 529 her Pupils,

117 Answer to the Second part of the Buff, or a Dissertation on Nakedness, Rights of Man,

230 Apology for Slavery,

103 Burton's Annihilation no Punishment, Appeal to the Candour and Justice but Contempt to che Wicked, &c. of the People of England, in Be

472 half of the West India Merchants and Planters,

ibid. Case of the Sugat Colonies, 117 to the Public on the general Caution (ten Minutes) from a plain Utility of Benefit Societies; 477 Man to bis Fellow Citizens, 229 Armstrong's Elay on the Contour of Character of a Christian Child,

348 the Coat of Norfolk, 398 Characters and Anccdotes collected in

the Reign of William Rufus, BARRISTER, the,

192 Charles 11. and George III. 359 Beauties of Hoyle and Paine, &c. 117 Charles II., fecret History of the Court Bell's (Dr.) Inquiry into the Causes and Reigti of,

25 which produce, and the Means of Charlesworth's Two Sermons on Pria preventing Diseases among British vate Prayer and Public Worship, Officers, Soldiers, &c. in the West

471 Indies,


Short Address on the Belinam's Examination of an Appeal proper Manner of employing the from the New to the Old Whigs, Lord's Day,

ibid. 225

Sermon on doing to all
A 2



ries for 1791,

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Mon as we wovid they thouid do plication for the Repeal of the Pe. unto us,

471 bai Laws against Antitrinitariars, Charlesworth's Two short Discourses

119 on the Lord's Supper and the Ex- Doddridge (Dr.), Letters to and from, 'ample of Christ,

Cheap Coals, or a Countermine to the Downman's (Dr.) Tragedies, 268

Minutter and his three City Mem- Duncan's (Dr.) Medical Commenta-

Christian's Dissertation, shewing that Duty of abstaining from the Use of
the House of Lords, in-Cases of Ju Weft India Produce,
dicature, are bound by precilely of the Overseers of the Poor, 355
the same Rules of Evidence as all
other Courts,

115 Christie's Letters on the Revolution Endis's Letters from America,

392 of France, and on the new Contti. Elegy written in a London Church. tution established by the National


232 Assembiy,

Ely na, a Novel,

429 Civic Sermons to the People,


Emily, or the Fatal Promise, 234 Clarendon's Account of the Debates Enfield's Hiftory of Philofophy, 147

on Mr. Wilberforce's Motion for an Engairy into the Extent of the Power Abolition of the Slave Trade, 107

of Juries on Trials for publishing Considerations on the Slave Trade,

feditious or other criminal Writings,

and Contumption of West Indian


into the Nature of Goverfion the Proclamation of ment and the Right of Representhe Governors of the Austrian Ne. tation,

335 therlands against France, 356 Epiltle (a second heroic) to Dr. PrieiConstitution du Corps Helvetique, 522


357 Contes & Poesis du C. Collier, Com.

(an heroic) co Tho. Paine, mandant-general des Croisades du

357 Bas Rhine,


Eveleigh's (Dr.) Sermons at Banıp-

tou's Lectures,

284 of the Revolution Extracts from the Evidence delivered Society, London, with the National

before a Committee of the House Assembly, &c.


of Commons, on the Part of the Cotton's (Dr.) various Pieces in Verte

Petitioners for the Abolition of the and Prole,

Slave Trade,

109 : Country Gentleman's Reasons for from Sermons preached at

K Voting against Wilberforce's Mo

abbey, 'tion to prohibit the Importation of Alrican Negrues into the Colonies, FAULKNOR's Rights of Man invaded,

229 Couítos (John), unparalleled Suffer- Florian's Gonzalve de Cordnve, 513 ings of,

33 Foot's Treatise of the Origin, TheoCoxe's Travels in Poland, Ruflia,

ry, and Cure of the Lues Venerca, Denmark, and Sweden, 299 and Obkrutions of the Urethra,

Explanation of the Catechism of the Church of England, 473

Defence of the Planters in the Crowns and Sceptres useless Baubles,

West Indies, 229

Forrest's Voyage from Calcutta to the Camberiand's Calvary, 121, 251

Mergui Archipelago,

169 Cursury Remarks on Paine's Rights 'Free vafonry,

33 of Man,

113 Cymon, a Dramatic Romance, &c.

GENTLEMAN'S Address 10 Youth,

346 De COLT LOGON'S Edition of Dr. Gisborne's Remarks on a late DeciWallis's Sermons,

60 fion of the House of Commons Dialogue between a Clergy man and a respecting the Abolition of the Lay Gentleman, on the late np Slave-Trade,


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6, 257





Gunning's (Mrs.) Anecdotes of the Kingsbury's Prayers for the Use of
Delborough Family,


347 - Virginius and Virginia, a Kniyhat's (Mrs.) Marcus Flaminius, 44 Poein, from che Roman History, 570 Krohia's Fetus extra Uterum Hifly

ria, &c. Hamilton's (Dr.) Observations on

Schrophulous Affections, &c. 187 Law's Sketch of some late ArrangeHardy's Vision from the Lord God

ments, and a View of the rising Almighty, &c.

Resources in Bengal,

49 Hastings's (Mr.) Speech in Westmin- Ledwich's Autiquities of Ireland, 394, fter Hall, June 2, 1791, 218

552 Hawker's Sermons on the Divinity of Lenoir’s Pratique de l'Orateur de FranChrit, 153 çois,

479 Hervey's Elementa Christiana,

347. Letter from Beelzebuh, addressed to Hill's Observaticus on the Politics of

a Christian Church in Edinburgh, France, History, political and personal of the

on the Point of Honour at Boroughs of Great Britain, toge Newmarket,

118 ther with the Cinque Ports, 227 - from Lady W-l-e *o Cap-, Debates, and Proceedings of


163 both Houses of Parliament of Great

to the farmers and Manufac. Britain, from 1743 to 1744,

turers of Grcat Britaiu and Ireland, -- of Rome irom the Founda

229 tion of the City to the Death of

to William Baker, esq. 230 M. Antonious,


to J. Boswell, esq. &c. 236 (the secret) of the Armed

to the righe. hon. Widiani Pitt, Neutrality,


on his Apostacy from the Cause of Holder's Discourses on various Suis.

a Parliamentary Reform, 333 jects, delivered in Barbadoes, 278

froni an Attorney at Law, conHoole's Rinaldo, a Poem, 241

cering imprudent testamentary Howard's Plan for tbe Relief of Per

Dispositions of Property, 354 sons afflicted with Cancer, 475 - to a Member of Parliament on Hudibras : Poeme ecrit dans les

the Conclusion of the War with Temps des Troubles d'Angleterre,

Tippo Sultaun,

470 492 Letters to the right hon. H. Dundas, Hunter's (Mrs.) Fitzroy, a Novel,

on his Inconsistency as the Minister

234 of India, Hymos for Public Worship, &c. 348

- from Paris, during the Sum.

mer of 1791, ILJAD of Homer, the First Book of

between the Bishop of Durthe, verbally rendered into English ham and Percival Stockdale, 357 Verse,

231 of the Countess de Barré, 359 Interim (the), or Thoughts on the

Life of Jane de St. Remy de Valois, Traffic of West Iudia Slaves,

Counters de la Motte, Into'eranse, fix Letters on,

Literary Bouquet, the, Invitation, the, a Poem, 231 Livre (ie) de la Nature, 237 Ireland's Hogarth illustrated, conclude Lloyd's Voyage of life, 452 ed, 70 Lord Mayor s Day, or City Pageantry,

232 JARMax's Concise View of Christi. Love's (Mr. C.) Qrange and wonderanity,

ful Predictions,

237 Jean's Sermon on Church Discipline,

239 MACLEOD'S Casus Principis, 17 Jockey Club, the, Part II. 238 Mallet's. Remarks on a Speech made John Bull's Opinion; or the Englifh tu the National Affenibiy by the Ca Ira,

231 Deputies from St. Domingo, Johnson (Dr.), Character of, 236 Maloue's Letter to Dr. Farmer, rela. Jones's Sermon on Duelling, 240

tive to the Edition of Shakspeare, published in 1790

113 "KINGSBURY'S" Recommendation of Marmoarel's Tales of an Erening, Family Religion,

53 Mar.




414 119





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