Tough yarns, by the Old Sailor


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Seite 162 - Glendower.—I can call spirits from the vasty deep. Hotspur.—Why, so can I; or so can any man : But will they come when you do call for them ?
Seite 145 - I am not much versed, corporal, said my Uncle Toby, in things of that kind; but I suppose God would not leave him without one, any more than thee or me.
Seite 228 - when they saw the waters of destruction approaching. No human voice could warn them of their danger, no hand could be outstretched to save. There seemed to be a momentary stillness in the storm, and a shuddering instinct crept through every spirit,—a horrible dread of they knew not what. Still onward rolled the
Seite 217 - down by me, love; come, sit thee down by me, And I will tell thee many a tale of the dangers of the sea,— Of the perils of the deep, love, when the stormy tempests roar, And the raging billows wildly dash upon the groaning shore. The skies are flaming red,
Seite 220 - nevertheless, I thought of the " red flag at the fore," and as the boat lightly skimmed the surface of the dark blue waters, a feeling of honest pride swelled in my little breast;—henceforth I was to be devoted to my king and country. The
Seite 237 - and was ordered to take charge of them to Ostend. There were about two thousand officers and men, most of them wounded and without a single application or dressing to the mangled parts ; yet their devotion to Napoleon was unabated, and with their stiffened limbs sore with laceration, and their bodies gashed and scored with
Seite 229 - crash, the yell, and the agonized contortions of that drowning man, are present to my mind in all their horrors. The wreck was cleared, the storm abated ; a jurymast was erected, and once more the stately frigate held her way upon the
Seite 196 - he spoke, A sea burst o'er them, and their cables broke ! Then, like a lion bounding from the toil, The ship shot through the billows' black recoil; Urged by the howling blast—all guidance gone— They shuddering felt her reeling, rushing on—
Seite 238 - The battle of Waterloo ended the war ; Buonaparte was despatched to St. Helena, and all prospects of promotion are over. My noble patron has accomplished the number of his days, and no " red flag at the fore'' will ever fall to my lot, unless indeed I include a certain
Seite 223 - quartermaster came down and inquired if Mr. Moriarty was below. A fine handsome young man, about two and twenty, immediately answered in the affirmative. " Here's a letter for you, sir," said the quartermaster, " with the Admiralty seal on the back, and a direction full of sheep-shanks and long splices

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