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IV. Rights of the Rector or Vicar considered. 1. That the Rector or Vicar of the Parish, in which the new Churches or Chapels shall be built, shall not nominate the Minister of the new Church or Chapel.

2. That the nomination shall be vested in the Proprietors of the new Churcles or Chapels, to be approved by the Bishop of the Diocese.

3. That this right of nomination shall be granted to the original subscribers for three nominations, three lives, or for a term of years.

4. That at the expiration of the term of years, or by the decease of the lives, or by the decease or change of nominees, the right of nomination shall revert to the Incumbent of the living for the time being

5. That during this suspension of the right of the Rector or Vicar to the nomination, he shall receive from the subscribers to the new Churches or Chapels a per-centage upon the sum which they shall obtain from the Trustees in proportion to its amount.

6. That when the right of nomination shall revert to the Rector or Vicar, the payment of this per-centage shall cease.

V. Of the Ministers of the new Churches or Chapels. 1. No person who has not graduated in one of the Universities of England, or at Trinity College, Dublin, shall be a nominee.

2. That the Bishop of the Diocese do institute the nominee to the new Church or Chapel in the same manner in which he institutes to all other benefices with cure of souls.

3. That such nomination shall not be a title for Holy Orders.

4. That the Ministers of the new Churches or Chapels are to be in all respects considered as beneficed Clergy under the Establishment, and as subject to Canonical obedience.

5. That the nominee may be a proprietor of a new Church or Chapel.

6. That the Minister, not a Proprietor, shall receive a stipend of not less than 3121. per annum, where the Proprietors have received 40001. from Government; and that he shall receive his stipend according to the number of Sundays upon which he actually performs the duty, or any part of the duty.

7. That any ecclesiastical preferment shall vacate the nomination to a Church or Chapel.

8. That the Minister so nominated shall not perform the marriage ceremony, baptize, nor administer the Sacrament in any private house or houses within the Parish, without the express permission of the Rector or Vicar of the Parish, under pain of being removed by the Bishop.

9. If a deputy be employed, he shall receive the proportion of the annual stipend for the duty of the week.

10. If a deputy be employed for a longer term than a month, he must be approved by the Bishop of the Diocese ; for which purpose he must apply in person to the Bishop of the Diocese for his sanction.

11. That the deputy shall be paid by the nominee.

VI. The Buildings.

1. That the new Churches or Chapels shall be subject to the Visitation of the Archdeacon, as the Parochial Churches, and repairs shall be directed by the Archdeacon, as in the case of Parochial Churches.

2. That one third part of the seats be free.

3. That the proprietors of the new Churches or Chapels shall not demand more than eighteen or twenty shillings per annum for each remaining sitting.

VII. Duty to be performed. 1. That the service of the Church of England shall be performed every Wednesday and Friday, as well as upon Sundays, Festivals, and Fasts.

2. That two sermons shall be preached every Sunday, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon or evening.

3. That the nominee shall not baptize, nor church women, nor perform the marriage ceremony, nor bury in the said subsidiary Churches or Chapels.

VIII. Chapel Wardens. 1. That a Chapel Warden, or Wardens, be appointed yearly at Easter by the Rector or Vicar of the Parish, in which any new Churches or Chapels are erected.

2. That the said Chapel Warden, or Wardens, shall be authorized to make presentments respecting the state of the building, and the regular performance of divine service.

3. That a sitting or sittings be provided in the new Churches or Chapels for the Chapel Warden or Wardens.

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